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The schedule of day


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism, conclusion
in - important
d - banal, for children
z - informative
and - interesting
to - winged
of l - best
of N - not important
p - instructive
with - difficult for understanding
r - in a riddle, for reflection, on ingenuity and installation of the opinion
yu - humour

the Schedule of day new old sparing rigid optimum correct put value definition advantage to paint week of life of study harm daily good bad works to make the person of the school student of the child to establish to develop performed observed violation

zd the Schedule - an established order something, put.
pd the Schedule of day - is necessary.
and the Schedule of day favorably influences the person. But the free way of life which is not forcing the person is not less favorable.
zd the Tough schedule of day on a wall before a nose is necessary silly, lazy, impetuous, excessively fond, weak-willed, dependent, not collected, irresponsible, forgetful … for
zd Wise, reasonable, strong-willed, everywhere in time, capable to control itself, it is enough to have the approximate schedule of day and to correct it depending on conditions, a state of health, mood, weather, that week-day or day off, summer or winter …
zdp From rigid implementation of the schedule of day without a situation - can be more harm, than advantage. zdp as a dream and meal it is not desirable for
to correct Such elements of the schedule of day sharply and strongly.
zdpv should Carry out the schedule of day it is comprehended - relying on knowledge of an organism and psychology, considering a state of health and the planned purposes.
zdp Uniform the schedule of day for all does not exist, but there are general recommendations to which it is expedient to adhere.
zd the Schedule of day has to be closer to human nature.
zp In the schedule of day is important the correct sequence.
zp should be Included in the schedule of day the most important.
p the Schedule of day should not be too dense.
zd the Condensed schedule of day - the person tires and strains his mentality.
zd the Schedule of day depends on nature of activity of the person. zp it is better for
to plan More hard work for the first half of day.
zd the Main dream making schedules of day, meal and work.
zdp the Schedule of day should not be a lung, but also in, time feasible. zdp it is desirable for
to coordinate the Schedule of day to light time, as much as possible using it. zdp it is better for
to use Night time for a dream.
zdp is better to Work at natural lighting.
zd the Optimum schedule of day - for each person the.
zd the Optimum schedule of day can be established experimentally.
sr Children, maturing have to transfer the schedule of day from a wall to the head.
zd Understanding and feeling of advantage of the schedule of day - does its performance by more desired.
to the Schedule of day - the friend of health.
of stars the Correct schedule of day supports reason and clarity of mind of the person.
d the Schedule of day - cultivates patience and self-discipline …
zd Realization of the planned lesson schedule - builds up character.
zd the Schedule of day - develops diligence.
zd the Schedule of day - develops responsibility.
zd the Schedule of day - cultivates obligation.
zd the Schedule of day - eradicates obstinacy, disobedience.
zd the Schedule of day - tempers will.
zd the Schedule of day - cultivates persistence.
zd the Schedule of day - does the person more built.
zd the Schedule of day - fieriness grazes.
zd the Schedule of day promotes the correct organization of life.
zd the Schedule of day - is necessary that all necessary to manage to do.
zd the Schedule of actions - disciplines.
zd the Schedule of day - pledge of a healthy sleep.
z the Schedule of activity per day - promotes a practicality.
z the Accurate schedule of day provides the necessary activity
z the Painted day - the guarantor of cheerfulness and freshness.
z the Person living according to the schedule of day is more organized in time.
z Quiet following to the schedule of day spares nervous system.
zp helps not to lose the schedule of day self-checking.
zpd to Implementation of the schedule of day is promoted by will.
and the Schedule of day - not only the plan to action, but also the program calculated on maintenance of health.
and Lack of the schedule of day can promote obesity.
in the person will join In in advance accurately certain actions quicker and it is easier to execute them.
zp the schedule of day does More effective combination of actions which can be carried out at the same time.
z the Favorable schedule of day keeps the person in a tone.
z the Rational schedule of day promotes saving of time.
zd the Ideal schedule of day improves health.
and the Schedule of day does the person more vigorous.
z Well thought up schedule of day provides sound sleep.
z Schedules of day can be a little, for example, everyday, output, holiday, winter, summer …
zp Having several schedules smooth transition from one to another is very important.
zpv Carrying out the schedule of day it is necessary to listen as the organism reacts to it if he obviously protests - it should be changed.
zp During a strong heat lunch time can be used as part of a dream, but it is necessary to pass to this schedule gradually.
zp the Share of the schedule of day has to be reasonable in the general space, both time, and activity.
to the Schedule of day - the enemy of laziness.
and the Schedule of day gets off - it is only worth relaxing.
to Observance of the schedule of day is reached for months, collapses - days.
zd to Observe schedules of day difficult only at first so far of people in it the habit exempting from need behind it to watch and control is involved and developed.
z is Easier reached execution of the schedule of day if to combine it with the appeared idea, interest, the purpose, benefit …
zp Nothing so beats out the person from the schedule of day - as holidays. z it is easier for
to pass to other schedule of a dream at a small
sleep debt.
z Need of the sparing schedule of day can arise practically at any even an insignificant disease.
to the Friend of the schedule of day - an alarm clock.
z the Schedule of day - interferes with development of thinking.
z to the Rezhimyashchy person is less need to philosophize, to logically think, count an opportunity and probability of future events … z the Continuous schedule of day does
of the civil person of the soldier.
z the Schedule of day well promotes education of workers of performers, employees of military units.
z Observing the schedule of day - is in tension.
z Than the schedule of day covers a big field of activity and amount of time - the more physical and nervous tension is more difficult to observe it.
z the Schedule of day interferes with development of an ingenuity.
z the Schedule of day does not develop ability of planning.
to the Schedule of day and freedom - are not on friendly terms.
to the Schedule of day - the enemy of hobbies.
and the Schedule of day and creativity - are badly compatible.
and it is necessary to Rise from the dawn.
and should Fill up in the winter after sunset.
and should Fill up in the summer with sunset and to fill up in hot lunch time.
and If mood bad it is necessary to go to bed earlier - to itself does not admit morning a bad state of mind.
yu the Schedule of day - necessary violence.
yu the Schedule of day - the enemy of the imagination.


pv With a dawn rose - got health.
pv With calling laid down - defects lulled.
pv the Person the child of the nature has to wake up with the sun - day for a fulfillment of the just affairs has to be enough for it.
pv With arrival of vicious darkness not to tempt itself - the person has to goes to bed.
z Tomorrow is a new day because the brain when the person sleeps finishes thinking about evening reflections.
z The more people thinks, receives information, impressions - the more difficult for it to fall asleep. z Than stronger and zagruzhenny at the person a brain - the more difficult for it to pass
to a dream.
p is wasteful to spend time for a dream in the afternoon days when it is not enough.
p will Better wake up with darkness - than with it not to fall asleep.
and Before interrupting a dream of the person - think how it is better to make it.
to the Dream - a life shadow.
p Laziness bad suffers from a dream. p Before going to bed ask
- what I made for day of good?
and the Dream - continuation of the concerning reality.
and Expression is “good night“ used often as a hint on
that the person was left alone and allowed to have a sleep.
and We, unfortunately, wake up on once less, than we fall asleep.
z the Dream is beyond the scope of consciousness.
yu At a dream the main enemy - an alarm clock.
yu to the Idler and the philosopher after a dream is more difficult to get up.
yu In a dream of people can see blindly.

The healthy sleep

of C Than is purer conscience and linen - that sound sleep.
p provides Correctly lived day quiet night.
p At honest people a dream is stronger.
pz That was better a dream - sleep when the sun sleeps.
p the Reasonable, healthy person does not allow interruption of a dream.
pz is the is best of all a healthy sleep is provided with rest, communication with the nature moderated by activity.
d Physical work - the guarantor of sound sleep.
z Brainwork - to a dream a hindrance.
zp the Dream is stronger at optimists.
p That was sound sleep, you should not make plans in the evening.
d Lonely people sleep more sensitively because in a dream a nickname -
that does not disturb them.
z If in a dream of the person awake the same sounds, it ceases to react
to them.
d That not to wake the person, it is not necessary to allow unusual
sounds for it.

A dream - awakening

z The at the person of business is more important also than them more, the before its organism wakens from a dream.
z can wake the Person very low sound - if he hears it for the first time, and even loud, but habitual sounds - it can not disturb.
z at the time of awakening reason of the person is obscured - over time clarity of mind returns to normal.
p the Person wakes up twice therefore serious communication should be begun when his consciousness becomes clear, and attention full.
z the Instinct of self-preservation works even then when the person sleeps.
z the Brain, checking a state of health in a dream, if necessary awakes the person and points to that body to which the maximum harm is done.
z the Nature to compel to treatment of the arisen fatal illness, awakens the person in a dream when nothing distracts it and indicates by pain it.
and the pain Awaking in a dream frightens, guards, is engraved in the memory stronger, than disturbing in the afternoon.
and Awakening in a dream is unpleasant that it did not repeat, the person during the day fights against his reasons.
z Reason sometimes awakes us at night to issue the answer to a question which concerned us the day before and on which we could not find
the answer.
z If a brain, working at night, finds very important or
urgent information which the owner tried unsuccessfully on -
shine brightly in the awake state, it can, hurrying to transfer her,
of the person to wake.
z If a brain, having found very valuable information, working at night, cannot wake the person or it is not so important or urgent, it gives it when awakening.
pv To the thoughts which appeared right after awakening and especially
if it came prematurely, the person has to belong with special attention.


vpl It is impossible to have a rest well - after badly made work.
vp Rest cannot bring such pleasure as work.
pl Rest can be anything - but only not inaction.
p Passively it is necessary to have a rest so much only to restore SI -
ly, but not to weaken itself.
pv Rest is necessary to the person, first of all, to take care of
kp Having a rest, you should not forget about business, working - about rest.
of ides Change of occupations - already rest.
p Without effort - rest does not happen.
p Rest - is desired occupation.
ivp One and too occupation in one case can be work, in the friend - rest.
d Rest can become physical and brainwork if they alternating.
d Rest is favourite work.
d the Real rest happens only after work.
in Not the tired organism - has a rest without pleasure.
vd the Main goal of rest has to be improvement of an organism.
vd Long rest - weakens, work without rest - strains.
and the nastiest rest - inaction.
vd Rest should not increase those loadings from which a forehead -
should have a rest to a century.
p Rest has to develop mind of the person, but not disconnect and the more so to dull.
p the Person cannot normally have a rest if it on it presses freight
of the postponed important and urgent issues which are not allowed disputable and
of doubtful questions.
p to People, perhaps, should not look for special feelings and shows
at least because through quite short term in memory it is
it is erased.
p to Very serious person for carrying out leisure is better to have
of the thoughtless, fun-loving friend.
yu That was health, it is necessary to have a rest and to have a rest - health is necessary.


and Well cultivated field - is more beautiful than the most beautiful girl.
and the Person leads the purpose to activity.
and the Poor - is moved by need, the rich - ideas, aspiration to popularity, enrichment.
and Lyubov to people lies through love to creation.
p Got without effort not so valuable, joyful and stored.
p it is possible to do Without theory - without practice is not present.
and the Person has to work to have an opportunity to have a rest. And to have a rest to manage to work fully.
p Work - the best medicine.
and Job search - already work. p the Working spirit, a situation, obligations between the worker
and the employer make active
the worker. In a house situation many people cannot induce to do themselves and shares they are
which works.
and Work at home - for the people who are brought together, being self-controlled.
p Work at home can be combined successfully with housework,
education of children, education, treatment, strengthening of health, protection of housing …
and Working at home, the person can significantly influence its conditions.
p Look not for work - and the chief.
and to be considered as the valuable expert, sometimes is enough on - to be pleasant to
to the chief the human qualities.
and the expert`s Assessment by the chief is individual and can be far
from truth.
z the Poor and good workman can trade places at
change of the chief. z If the subordinate and the chief suit
one another as people, they mistakenly consider as each other more valuable from the professional point of view.
and sometimes the good expert seems to the Chief bad because does not carry out his whim.
p the Person has to seek for such work where there is less administration and subordinates.
and the Genius is first of all work.
and Talent without effort - anything.
p In highly paid working structures at positions, not
demanding a high intelligence, work persons of keen intellect. Production benefits
from it, people - grow dull.
yu That the person wanted to work - it it is necessary to force to have a rest.
yu Demanding a responsible attitude to work from subordinates, the owner emphasizes its importance - and absolutely forgets about it, appointing for it payment.

Work darling compelled by

pvzl the Person should not be the hostage at unloved, and even unhealthy business, only, in order that will live - it is lower than human dignity. Having risen spiritually, having moderated requirements, having developed abilities, having expanded knowledge, having calculated forces and opportunities and having found interest - everyone is capable to have favourite work.
p Favourite work - is better than rest.
and Work is not lovely - so far will not fall in love with her.
pz Desired work gets married creativity, dependent - from it it is far.
p Favourite work is easy, unloved - is difficult.
z If work increases the importance of the person - it can become
to darling.
and Favourite work - pleasure.
pv Working from - for money, the person, living economically, has to look for that
business in which it will be able to be engaged with pleasure.
z the Person receiving money for interesting, desired work - is disinterested.
z the People who are engaged in favourite work are more sincere, ches - and are benevolent
of a tna.
p Mentality of the person who is working for money, carrying out not -
favourite work, collapses. z One are poor in
from lack of abilities, others - from desire
to do only favorite thing, the third - because that equally - are stuffy
to wealth …
and Favourite business extends life twice.
pv Being engaged in unloved work, the person does not live.
p the Compelled work - slavery.
p Favourite work brings bigger pleasure than rest.
and the one who seeks for work on a holiday - has no everyday life.
and Compliments turn unloved work into darling.
z Not desired work in old age - is terrible.
kp Is better with favourite matter in poverty - than with unloved in wealth.
z Lyubov to work first of all relies on its importance.
pzv Hobby - the best diseases and sincere wounds medicine.
yu Wings grow during favourite work, or after unloved.
yu is the most difficult to find a congenial employment to the idler. yu Only the bad chief is capable to provide to
the normal organization of unloved work.

Work - the relation

and Work has to bring first of all pleasure.
and If work brings only money - it is slavery.
and Some people begin to work only for hunger and absolute emptiness in a purse.
and Is bad work if it is joyful only in end.
p to the Person is sense first of all not to chase money, and to develop.
d When the person does favorite thing - it worries less -
sya about the income.
and People attach special significance to any work - which do. and Many people of physical work perceive the people who are engaged in work intellectual - as idlers.
and perceive One work as earning money - others as service to mankind.
and the Main activity of the person in old age - maintenance of health.
p Even participating in collective work, the person has to have a feeling that he performs work one.
pd Work should not ruin health of the person - and whenever possible to improve it.
and Some people to force to work, it is necessary to expel from
of the house.
with What is postponed works pleasant more - the urgent work is more unpleasant.

Work performance

p they cannot well execute work are who muffledly spoke and which - as thought.
p Better business is argued - when the doctrine is put to it.
p Anticipation and reflection - the best assistants in work.
dp Performing work, it is necessary to remove stress, not to distract, not to think of the stranger, not to hurry, not to fuss, not to worry …
p Badly when you business adjusts - better when you conduct it.
to That work boiled - it is necessary to be angry with it.
of JV Delaya the work recognized as business of representatives of an opposite sex or professionals of people gets bigger respect for itself, independence, confidence and has satisfaction.
and Weak, lazy, diffident people on any trifles address professionals, handymen, representatives of an opposite sex - what humiliate themselves with, emphasizing the inability and dependence.
but will not manage to begin - to be right there work the reason to do it, as soon as possible.
to the Cunning worker - sweat from a forehead does not wipe.
z If work comes easily it speaks rather not about skilfulness of the worker, and about superficiality of its execution.
and Changes in work refresh interest in it.
d One of the main reasons why one well carry out
business, and others it is bad, that the first love the work, and the second are forced to work.
pv Work has to be not a burden - and desired creative process.
p has to seek to turn Any work of people into creativity.
p Made in advance can lead to mistakes, and even to
it will be to the term unnecessary. and Doing to
something to term, we are in constant tension, we are deprived by
of freedom, we risk not to be in time.
d Thoughts of the important or urgent work which is not made in time prevent to live and think. p Even if we something do
for the 100-th time - we have to be attentive so
, as in the first.
z The is more rare than people something does, the more time leaves on
preparation for work and process.

Works the result

and Results of work of the person is his face.
p Quality of a jug not always depends on clay - but always on the master.
p Work is capable to turn into the main vital pleasure. there is no
kpl Without effort - good.
p The more the person works - the more he can make dobra.
p the Idler - the potential sinner and the violator.
and If the person has a most part of time throughout all>
life leaves to earn on the most necessary - means,
it is imperfect for this society.
and The more often, more essentially are also more clearly visible results of work - the more in it belief and aspiration to be engaged in it.
p Badly made work - will not allow to have a rest well.
p If the person is not engaged in positive activity inaction and modern entertaining business push him on vicious and harmful.
and Any work - is self-education.
p Change of works - is capable will be continuous rest.
and One of awards for work - pleasure from the feeling made.
pzv If the person is not taught love - his activity is destructive. there is no
p Without effort the personality.
p Hard work father, laziness mother of diseases.
and Hard, long work is useful only to those - from whom
should expel a nonsense.

Works of property

and the First step - the most difficult. p Uniform work can tire with
stronger - than heavy.
p is A lot of and to work a little - is equally harmful.
and Work without rest strains - long rest weakens.
p Physical and brainwork, alternating - turn into rest.
and to Overcome work - that the mountain, the main thing - to reach its middle. p Work disturbs
defect, to the person will be risen.
and Work and defect - do not get on.
p Only after work happens the real rest
and Work, disciplines, distracts from gloomy thoughts, banishes boredom, lulls defects, distracts from temptations, expands knowledge, promotes studying of psychology, the circle of friends expands, increases the importance of the person, defines situation in society, gives lives sense, defines calling, significantly influences formation of outlook …
z Activity is generated either by desire - or need.
and Desired activity - is rest.
and Favourite work turns into hobby, creativity.
and Bezdelye - bores, work - banishes.
z Action - lulls thought.
p the Working person is less lonely - than the idler.
p Work - the best means in fight against seductive thoughts.
and the Person works for the future - and lives in the present.


pv the Person has to organize so the life, so bring himself ideas, activity, passion - that the food in it burned down, but did not go out
z In food important quality, the range, balance, compatibility of products.
and the Nature through desire and disgust regulates the range and quantity of the vital food used by the person.
z Many very often used products or used in large numbers cease to be acquired well and can even cause poisoning.
z Woe from Wit in food in what silly is eaten only that the organism wishes - clever observes benefit which does not know that such quality and a variety.
z Taste of food depends on extent of hunger.
and the Gourmet in the city - it is ridiculous, products truly high quality can be only in the village.
and Tasty food lightens mood.
and About the person can be judged by what he eats.
p Food has to be medicine, and medicine - food.
z All natural food are medicine for
of this or that illness.
pv Should use not tasty, but the necessary products.
pzv Businessmen of the food industry in a pursuit of profit, deceiving language receptors, flavoring requirements so corrupted that it already really threatens human health and just obliges them to reflect and pass to useful products of our wise ancestors again. it is easier to define
and Quality of grapes, than wines.
and Natural products is more useful and more qualitative.
and Processing of products significantly reduces their quality.
p to Acquire goods and furthermore products, it is necessary to try at kind and decent people. p the Most conscientious cooking - when the person
for himself.
pz The is more various food, the probability of glut of an organism some food product is less. However, it belongs not only to food.
pz Food first of all has to be useful, balanced, and in the second - tasty. The more naturally is also fresher, the better.
is Very important the mode of meal and prevention of an overeating.
z In food is not so much important the volume of necessary products,
as their presence.
yu the Hungry stomach has more right to vote, than reason and feelings.
yu Some people - do not miss only at dinner.

Food harmful

z Modern business, using culinary traps for language, eyes and a nose - forces weak-willed and silly people to eat food hazardous to health.
z The is more harmful a food product to health - the less to it than requirements in its quality, as at supervisory authorities, and producers and even consumers.
p Should know an origin of food.
p is dangerous to trust cooking to not checked people.
z Very tasty, it is, as a rule, expensive food - it is harmful. pzv Processing, transportation, storage, realization lead
not only to rise in price of food, but also to deterioration in their quality. It is time to reflect, at last, that is - the
chips or home-made potato.
and the Dishonest, irresponsible, inept people who are growing up,
the making, storing food, are our diseases. It is necessary to possess information on an origin of products or to buy them at the large pro-thinned-out enterprises where it is impossible to conceal information of
on violations from big collective. It is quite good to make at least part of products
by family forces.
and Already harmful meat, grown up in industrial conditions, became directly - poison for the person.
and Meat, grown up in the fresh air, in the conditions which are brought closer to natural, less harmfully.
and Organism of animals gets poisoned with artificial sterns through a stomach and dirty air - through lungs.
and Harmful meat can partially be replaced with useful vegetable products.
and Seasoning hides shortcomings of dishes.
and Talk at dinner - an insult for the cook and not respect for a stomach.

Food qualitative

p the Healthy food - is more important than shows.
and Not so scary poisoning as ignorance of by what it is caused. p it is expedient to
to include New products in food on one - listening, to reaction of an organism.
p the Most qualitative products which are grown up and prepared by the hands.
p At an assessment of products should be trusted more intuition - than to reason.
p Is wise that who, buying dirty, ordinary-looking potatoes does not notice chips in the sparkling packing.
d Than is closer pets to an environment - the subjects
better quality than them to production.
d Livestock production is more qualitative than year during this period,
when is more qualitative, more naturally and is fresher than a forage.
z One of the main reasons of an exacerbation of diseases shows in the spring -
sya deterioration of food of a phytogenesis from - for long and low-quality storage.
vpz in the Spring sick people need to eat the products steadier against long storage, the livestock
products received when feeding animals by well remained sterns, food delivered from
of those countries where it is harvested in the winter.
vp During the spring period to sick people should exclude probability of poisoning with early vegetables, greens, potatoes.
p should be excluded From food not only low-quality, but also
doubtful products even if these doubts are proved by nothing.

Healthy nutrition

d Food - individually.
and Healthy nutrition - should study.
and it is necessary to eat what is useful that there is a wish. vp Tasty food give
to the enemy - itself eat useful.
p is easier to organize healthy nutrition to the one who prepares for himself.
p the Best cook - you are.
and One person is capable to connect better processes of preparation, influence, assimilation of food, to feel what food is required to an organism.
and In each reception an organism demands absolutely different food.
z to the Businessmen of culinary business caring for the income, and not thinking of human health worked well, using new technologies and culinary receptions to deceive language and to force silly and lazy people to consume their food, as a rule, more difficult in preparation in much bigger quantities, than it potrebno that leads to loss of health and obesity. z the Person who is not knowing cookery cannot understand and explain
what food is necessary to a stomach. It is only guided by the tastes perverted by a civilization, become hostile, language.
z the Mixed food can be estimated not language - and only mind.
z the Unnecessary and low-quality food mixed with qualitative or skillfully processed by language can mistakenly will be defined as suitable for the use.
z Healthy language is capable to define of quality only the natural, not mixed food.
d adds Healthy nutrition of health - wrong takes away it.
and is easy even to determine by an eye unaided by special knowledge that happy family which was lucky on the kind, careful, knowing cook.
and the Same necessary foodstuff coming to an organism in moderate quantity - balm, in superfluous - poison.
and When the excess quantity even of a necessary product comes to an organism - occurs poisoning.
and In culinary recipes, as a rule, compatibility of products and ways of preparation is better - than in those which we think out.

Food - cookery

and Cookery - continuous experiment.
of C Culinary specialists, humouring language - sometimes absolutely forget about
a stomach.
z Receptors of language are given to the person to distinguish natural
qualitative food from low-quality, necessary from unnecessary. with
We often, flavoring low-quality or unnecessary products or processing altering them, we deceive language and we eat incorrectly.
z That an organism could estimate correctly qualitative and necessary food, it has to be natural and unmixed.
z At the person eating artificial and furthermore failure of the natural mechanism regulating process of consumption necessary for an organism about -
of dukt and rejection unnecessary or that which it in this
the period is sated happens the mixed products.
p Eating artificial products, the person for control
has to pass information on food constantly through consciousness.
and correctly to organize food by artificial products, it is necessary to be the reasonable and knowing in this area person and it is rather good to know and feel the organism.
and the Low-quality food product, to whatever processing it
was exposed, will not become qualitative. It is possible izbavtsya only
from signs not of goodness.

Food - the overeating

of C In each excess dish with food - hides an illness.
p the Food has to restore strengths of the person - but not to take away them.
p without having been defined in number of food - do not start its reception.
to closer to kitchen - is fuller a stomach.
and From an overeating us are rescued by cheapskates and gluttons.
and Tasty food for people reserved. d Impetuous the tasty food declines
to a bigger overeating.
z Boiled food of people can, will eat twice more than crude, fried in three.
p is easier to keep from an overeating if before food to dampen ardor.
p not to eat superfluous, it is necessary to put at first before himself
products, having estimated their quantity, to clean superfluous and only then
to start meal.
and Often some people, especially suffer from it parents, consider that at others a small appetite, without understanding that it at them
p Is products which to an organism in general necessary, but adverse for separate bodies. Such products
should use no more than at least.
d The is more tasty food - the it is more difficult to keep from an overeating.
and After starvation is more difficult to keep from an overeating.


ivl If the person has an outstanding energy, it hurries him to find for it application, without giving a lot of time for thinking.
in the Person, without expecting inflow of new forces and free time,
beforehand has to plan for them application.
p Than is more reasonable, stronger than people will and predpriimchivy, the subjects
it is easier for it to use the physical potential in the necessary
of willows of People spends the energy more not because
to it should work, solve problems, to arrange the life.
Clean all this important - it will spend it on minor, and
that for something silly and unnecessary at all. vp If excess of physical energy of the person not to direct to
good deeds, it will be shown in bad.
from In youth activity of the person is expressed more - in love and aspiration will be fixed in labor market, in the middle age - in aspiration to moneymaking, the organization of housing and occupation of due situation in society, in old age - deduction of positions and aspiration to leave a mark.
z Activity is stimulated with desire and hope.
in the Person are made active by skillful criticism and a praise.
in Activity, caused by nervousness - the person ages and destroys his mentality.
can give in Nothing to the person such working capacity - as hobby.
z Concern releases reserve energy of the person.
in the Movement - life, inaction and overloads - death.
z Activity of the person is caused by need or interest.
z is Only capable to make active wisdom artificially the person.
in Passive and excessively active life weaken the person, affect his health.
and Need makes active the person better, than understanding of malignancy of passive life.
in the Person so has to construct the life that in it there was enough place for activity manifestation.
in Natural activity - is useful, the activity caused by civilization elements - can do much harm only to the person.
z Stay in nature causes at the person the natural necessity in manifestation of useful activity. as the zealous owner - on necessary and desired forces finds
from the Human body from a reserve that the person had no forces to do unwanted, he in a reserve hides them.
and Only the person obsessed with desire, overturned mountains as right there it without desire, has no forces, to shift a grain of sand.
also As if was not difficult a way home - the person of force on it finds, but once he crosses a threshold - forces leave it. and At the person without desire someone to listen to
there are no forces, on the statements which to it are desired, its organism takes forces from a reserve.
z The less the person has a reserve of forces - the less desires.
to the person has no forces, to drag on itself a decrepit old age - it spent them to constrain violent youth.
z Desired activity of the person depends on the size of his ideas.
z Essential activity to the person is capable to betray rivalry.
z makes active Envy of the person.
z the Huge number of human energy is capable to generate and consume passion.
and Big loadings exhausts forces no more - than inaction.
z In public becomes more active than people.
z is available For the person an activity reserve which joins unrequited love, jealousy, rage, envy, rivalry, offense, vanity, obstinacy, persistence,
danger …
sv In a provided family with the obvious leader resolving all main issues minor members, and especially children, even on
the level of intuition do not seek to participate in the solution of the main
tasks from - for small efficiency of the contribution and underestimated
of need for it.
in the Solution of minor tasks in a family discourages and humiliates.
z Activity of the person is in many respects obliged to emotions and feelings.
pz do Optimum physical activities the person stronger, insufficient and excessive - is weaker. and Uma without activity - to achieve nothing
, and nonsenses - and not to survive at all.
yu Silly activity only to the detriment.
yu At the person the greatest activity - during a lunch.
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in the Person are necessary all forms of activity: physical, intellectual, sexual.
vp Need for some - the only thing that can discipline and make active.
dv Labour activity enters the person over the years.
d the Person of physical work - is closer to the nature. d When at the person everything is good
- he relaxes, it is bad - becomes more active.
and Need and squandering - not the best stimulator of activity of the person.
dv Only the work caused by kind and desired rushes - yields good fruits.
in Activity of the person depends more on need, than on a physical state.
of N the Unclaimed athlete - stays idle, the weakling adjusted by a severe need - in the movement.
d Affairs are necessary that person to make active - but not to compel to wearisome work.
d in one - leads Manifestation by the person of activity to its easing in another.
d Expectation reduces vital activity of the person.
and Fear to lose - makes active.
and one person - has no forces, even to breathe, another does not know - how to extinguish its immeasurable surplus.
in If adults did not hesitate to behave in the physical movements as children - health at them would be better.
d are necessary for us people who cause in us activity.
and If the member of human community feels that he can make an essential contribution to the common important and necessary cause, it becomes more active, its abilities reveal.

A hobby

zd the Hobby - occupation as a hobby.
vd the Main goal of a hobby has to be improvement of a body and soul.
vp to the Hobby has to be under control to conscience.
zd the Useful hobby - takes away from sins, defects, temptations, addictions …
to the Person without hobby - that a fire without wind.
to Life without hobby - that sandwich without oil.
zp the Hobby depends on a spiritual and moral condition of the person, natural inclinations, living conditions …
of the personal computer of the Hobby seizes the person - if he is not self-controlled.
of the personal computer the Best hobby - work.
and the Hobby - does life brighter and fascinating.
and the Hobby increase interest in life.
vpl It is impossible to be given on the present to a hobby - after badly made work.
zd the Hobby - calms mentality.
zd Often getting a new hobby, we regret that we did not open it earlier, we strongly recommend it to others - but over time with bitterness and shame to it we cool down and is invisible in it need and interest.
pz the Hobby saves lives from aimlessness. zdp the Hobby helps
, transfers adversities, loneliness, an old age … z If at the man the ardent love to the bride after marriage is replaced by
with a hobby - the mistress is not necessary to it.
p the Hobby - the enemy of inaction.
and Sometimes, it is even a shame to remember - what once was fond of.
and the Hobby - can strongly change the person and his life.
to the Hobby - the guarantor of good mood.
d the Hobby - one of happiness components.
zdp the Hobby helps the person to develop, enjoy life, to brighten up leisure …
pv can Have a hobby and it is necessary - it is not necessary to bring to dependence on it.
p often minor puts Enthusiasm on the first place, and
the main thing at the same time suffers.
pz the Hobby can deprive of the person of health, prosperity, a family …
vp Before getting a hobby - learn opinion on it of those who have it.
p the Hobby has to develop mind of the person, but not disconnect and the more so to dull. p Take your time a new hobby - to accept
in seriousness.
zd To what suddenly became fascinating and expensive - the person can grow cold suddenly.
zdp Than legkomyslenny more impetuously than people belongs to a new hobby - that taste bitter a deposit more shame when it passes.
d the Hobby - the bridge fortunately.
zd the Hobby is capable to prolong life.
and the Hobby can make week-day a holiday.
and the Keen person - diseases does not notice.
kp People have to seek for employment from hobby - avoiding coercion.
p Whatever hobbies captured the person, he has to care for maintenance of full value of life.
in Keen on a hobby - does not think of prosperity.
in the Hobby increases working capacity.
and the Hobby on the one hand helps to transfer diseases - with another distracts from care about health.
p is afraid of the Hobby melancholy. p If quantity of a hobby to increase
, loss of some of them will be not so painful.
p Carried away - once mourns.
p the Hobby - broadens horizons.
p the Hobby - fatigue does not admit.
zd the Hobby - brings positive emotions.
to What person - such and a hobby.
zd the Hobby - takes away from sad thoughts.
zd does not know the Hobby - what it is age.
zd the Hobby - becomes frequent a field of activity.
p Combination of a hobby and profession - is desirable.
in the Hobby turned into a profession - can make the person happy.
z the Hobby is many-sided - it can be in the sphere of creativity, a collecting, active recreation …
p in search of a hobby - first of all should listen to soul.
zd Thirst for a hobby often vanishes.
p Before being fond the hobby demanding expensive purchases - at first is better to take them in hire.
z To a hobby most strongly pulls after unloved work.
z Fast transition from a hobby to unpleasant business - reduces depression to them.
z If the person from a hobby tries to gain income - it turns into work. p do not allow
that the hobby - caused haste and vanity.
p the Hobby should not dominate over the person.
z the Hobby which is bringing in the income is never able to allow the person to work.
p z distracts the Hobby from sexual concern.
and If the person has a hobby - any more you will not call it unfortunate.
kp That to the person will turn up - that it and will be fond.
z the Person often is fond of something, not so much from - for interest in the hobby how many for the reason that to it potrebno to be fond of something.
zd Bigger hobby subordinates to itself smaller.
zd the Hobby - obscures reason.
zd the Hobby - blinds.
zd the Hobby - excites.
z makes active the Hobby the person - releasing energy from a reserve.
z That an organism did not weaken and excessively did not wear out - the nature, as a rule, does not allow the person to be fond of something is long.
pzv Excessive hobby - can develop into fanaticism.
z Being fond, the person can lose hold on reality.
p Enthusiasm prevents to estimate a situation soberly.
p Is very strong something being fond, we lose all the rest.
z dulls with the Hobby requirements including negative.
pz strongly being fond of Something, the person weakens control over the actions.
z Hobby takes away the person from relatives, argues with a self-preservation instinct.
and the Hobby turn life into a holiday.
and the Hobby visits more often than full.
to the Hobby - derivative desires.
d Behind an attractive hobby - is not visible to gloomy reality.
d the Hobby distracts from a difficult life.
and the Hobby are similar to the owner.
zd the Choice of a hobby - depends on age.
pv It is necessary to be fond of that - that approves reason.
p the Hobby have to correspond to age, sex, financial position …
z Hobbies take away freedom.
and the Hobby - the best remedy for laziness.
pl the Hobby can be anything - but only not inaction.
vd the Hobby should not increase those loadings from which the person should have a rest.
and Hobby is extinguished - satiation.
and the Hobby is reflected in appearance of the person. p the Hobby haste and vanity are capable to ruin
p the Person has to be engaged constantly in replacement of useless hobbies - useful.
d the Hobby influences character of the person.
p From the hobby closing itself a family and the nature - is more than harm.
zp The is closer than a hobby to the nature - the better.
pzd the Civilization generated a set of unnecessary and vicious hobbies.
d the Hobby - is generated by desire, work - need.
and the Hobby eclipse need for food, a dream … and Through hobby of people can reach
bigger - than through will.
and Through a hobby it is possible to seize the person.
and the Hobby pushes everything the background.
to the Hobby - anesthetic.
zd Keen forgets as about sincere, and corporal wounds.
to Carried away pleasure does not leave.
zd the Hobby - brings pleasure.
zpv the Hobby is capable to distract the person from care of itself and relatives.
zpv Hobby should not be excessive.
to the Hobby - an illness.
p do not allow a hobby - to block thinking.
zp Carried away - loses control over time.
zd physical activities turns the Hobby into pleasure.
zd Hobby amplifies passion.
zd For the person it is peculiar to cool down to the hobbies over time.
zd Hobby is extinguished by requirement to a variety.
zd Hobby - is deceptive.
and Each slave to the hobbies.
p Excessive hobbies break the person from coils.
d the Hobby deprives of the person of rest. by
and the Hobby to one in power to make the person happy.
pv harmful hobbies neutralizes Growth of spirituality and morality.
z the Hobby turned into a profession becomes favourite work. p it is less relaxed to
to carry out Change of a profession, checking new activity as a hobby.
to Excessive hobby - causes satiation.
pzv Strong hobby breaks full value of life.
pzv the Hobby the single in power to take away the person from a family.
pzv the Hobby can muffle even the main instincts.
z to Hobby in power to weaken even love. yu From that what we want to be fond of
- some cannot get rid.
yu is good that not all hobbies are available to the person - he would do it!
yu the Hobby - a madness shadow.
yu the Hobby relieves the person of a somnolence.
yu choose the Profession - as the wife, a hobby - as the mistress.
yu is More than hobby at idlers. yu the hobbies we call
a hobby, others - nonsense.
yu the Latest hobby at all one - grandsons.

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