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When and how it is correct to speak with children about sex?

With the child`s growing each parent begin to wonder and ask a question whether it is necessary to begin to talk to the child about sex. Of course it is necessary and it is even necessary, and that it can will imitate bad and not best sexual examples. There is a question how to talk to it on this subject and not to be late. Be not afraid, it will not corrupt your son or the daughter, and on the contrary will influence education in the best way. They already a lot of things know at the age and even more, than adults. Your conversation as will not affect badly on his sexual education. As if you did not try to save the child from sex, it is not possible to make it, the child all the same leaves the house. Terribly sounds? You are not afraid to release children from under the control. Do not delay conversation, than earlier, it is more than chances at you to save it from bad possible consequences.

To the child till 5 years

of Parents very often frightens that the child shows curiosity to the genitals. Parents often disaccustom the children to it in the different ways. Forbid to study and touch the body, referring to the fact that it cannot be done, without explaining why. However all the same, early and whether late the kid learns all truth, and sex will be for it as that that indecent and forbidden. Consequences can be different: it will be difficult for women to reach an orgasm, men can have a premature ejaculation and many other things.
How to arrive? Always you tell to the child the truth, even lowering details. Children`s curiosity needs to be satisfied, let him know accurate information from the parents. It will be better to learn from you, than from doubtful resources.

To the child of 9 - 12 years

the age Will come when the child understands what is sex. But first of all he will be tries to learn everything about sex at you. We often frighten the children what to know to them still it early. He will try to learn all the same answers to the questions and it is not known that it can find.
In this situation act this way. Understand the fears what you are afraid of. Do not hesitate to answer questions, let him trust you. Tell about sex quietly, without ceremony and contempt. At this age you should not go deep into technology of sex, but answer all interesting questions of the child.

You in the house begin to notice age of 13 - 14 years

that one more adult child appears. Even if you do not want to realize it, but you will notice that girls at this age had periods, boys are in sex life actively interested.
Means time to tell the child about the relations and sex life came. It is necessary to tell the child about possible consequences of sex, namely about diseases sexually transmitted and premature pregnancy. But do not intimidate, and explain. Also do not hesitate, in same there is nothing shameful.