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As well as why to compose fairy tales?

the Masterpieces of literary skill written by great storytellers of the world at various times do not lose the relevance and today. Stepped over fairy tales In centuries and got new sense. Something is in them special, simple and available. Perhaps, fairy tales for this purpose also thought up that anywhere - that evil was punished.

of the Fairy tale teach much, demonstrating solutions of complex challenges. Still they give special feeling of the power over a situation and self-checking understanding even when you feel absolutely helpless. Fairy tales free of charge distribute hope, are a certain catalyst of positive emotions and positive mood, incentive and a bright example, develop imagination, excite the imagination and trains memory.

Fairy tales are so popular that it is difficult to imagine the person who would not read fairy tales in the childhood and would not tell them to the children. Many of readers undertake also writing for skill. It would seem, it is so simple to compose the small fairy tale: “Once upon a time there was a girl...“ you Take

a life situation, you overturn it contrary to laws of the nature, you impregnate with an elixir of happiness and a droplet of warm-heartedness, you connect by a semantic thread, and the tale is ready.

If to consider five of rules of drawing up fairy tales , ready work will be instructive, interesting and original.

Rule first: happy end.
(As if the fairy tale how difficult and unpredictable would not be tests badly did not begin, the fairy tale has to end surely well.)

Rule second: justice celebration.
(The good will overcome by all means the evil. The talent, diligence, honesty, pure feelings and generous heart will receive the award.)

Rule third: exaggeration.
(The greatest possible and impossible description will help to strengthen impression of work.)

Rule fourth: collision of contrasts.
(The contrast image of heroes and their qualities will more brightly express a plot.)

Rule fifth: Powerful force of words and thoughts.
(The desire voiced by magic of words is always executed.)

Listed it will be necessary to add a condition of suddenness and surprise which will help to create effect of unpredictability to everything, will relieve the fairy tale of a dullness and will add to it a little mysteriousness.

That the fairy tale was not similar to the instruction on the solution of a situation or the biography, the hidden implication - the narration “between lines“ is used. Regardless of the put sense, the concept “skazkoterpiya“ has to be the cornerstone of the fairy tale.

Or we write everything that we say, consciously and unconsciously often finds reflection in real life. In order to avoid imposing of a negative image of life, character and style of behavior, the fairy tale has to bear good. In each fairy tale there is only a hint on the fact that it is the fairy tale, and in each fairy tale there is a small lesson of the fact that life of fine is done by ourselves.

It is unknown what we would be and that with us became if we did not read so many fairy tales in the childhood and did not trust in them. Even now, when we - big and adult, there is a wish to trust in miracles. And in this naivety there is something big, simple and good.

Remember the favourite fairy tale. For certain it formed the basis of your vital scenario …