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Tamara Hanum - the founder of national Uzbek ballet theater

Tamara Hanum (Tamara Artyomovna Petrosyan) (16 on March (29), 1906, Fergana - On June 30, 1991, Tashkent) - outstanding Soviet Uzbek dancer, singer, choreographer. The organizer musically - drama theaters in Samarkand, Kokand...
Reformed performing style of the Uzbek female dance and for the first time presented the Uzbek female dance on a professional scene.
Created national Uzbek ballet theater.
On a scene since 1919.
B 1925 graduated from the central theater, technical school in Moscow.
Honoured actress of the USSR.

In 1943 to it, the first Soviet actress, gave the military rank of the captain of the Soviet Army. In the order it is told “For an exclusive lot of work among staff of troops. Having shown the skill and high art, Tamara Hanum managed to lift fighting spirit and to inspire fighters and commanders“.

Studied folklore of the people of other federal republics and foreign countries, entered their songs and dances into the repertoire, created a genre pesenno - a dancing miniature.

Admired Tamara Hanum`s art - Dolores Ibarruri, Raj Kapoor, Jawaharlal Nehru...
C to it Charlie Chaplin, Aram Khachaturian, Galina Ulanova, Pablo Picasso corresponded...


Rakhimova Gavkhar Artyomovna (Petrosyan Goar Artyomovna) (1911) - head of the Uzbek State philharmonic hall.
B created 1968 the Khorezm Lazgi ensemble.
Honoured actress of Uzbekistan.

In Khwarezm Gavkhar Rakhimova worked six times, every time created ensembles, working as the soloist, the ballet master there. Collected ancient Khorezm songs, dances, deeply studied both culture and art of Khwarezm. Wrote down at the oldest experts on the Khorezm art of a makoma (song) who were executed on different national holidays.
during war of 1941 - 1945 of Gavkhar with the actors acted with concerts in Belarus, Ukraine, in Western Europe... The concert crew finished the way on April 29, 1945. In total on the account Gavkhar Rakhimovy during war more than 1200 concerts. Together with it Asya Kasparova, Lizakhon Petrosova, Raima Hakimova, Roza Baklanova and others acted.

Sister of the honored actress of the USSR Tamara Hanum (Tamara Artyomovna Petrosyan)