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For one fitness is a healthy lifestyle, for others - pleasure, and for someone fitness is a favourite sport, for someone - a usual profession.
What all wait from fitness for and what from it is wanted? First of all, probably, precious health, acquisition of a sports figure and other pleasant moments. There was an opinion that fitness - it is simply fashionable. It is possible to be engaged in fitness where ugodno:v house conditions; in the small hall, or fitness - club. To do exercises, to ski, run, ride in the summer a bicycle in the winter - all this, it is possible to call fitness. we support by
by means of fitness ourselves in shape, we carry out active lifestyle, we support healthy nutrition that result gives us forces, excellent mood, a cheerfulness charge, fine health and a good health. Fitness was necessary for development and a survival of all mankind. Primitive people had to be in good shape because their activity demanded big physical activity always. people began to understand
In ancient civilizations that physical training is very connected for safe and good life. China propagandized philosophical doctrines of Confucius, defining diseases of physical activity. It led to development of gymnastics of Kongg Foo.
B too the period in India was developed Yoga.
In ancient civilizations was great demand for suitability in the military purposes. Physical development of the soldier showed its efficiency in army. The Persian Empire and Spartans were the best examples for other empires as they used physical development. In Sparta was considered that the woman can give rise the present war if it physically developed the man. Sparta was considered as the most physically developed society in the history. ancient Greeks, workers have to have physically developed
, it was very important for their, as well as mind development. Romans Spartans shared to a tezha views, as well as.
In the Middle Ages and the time of troubles, fitness endured revival as physical development was means of a survival. Many people at that time propagandized physical activity.
In Germany was entitled “the father of the German gymnastics“ Friedrich Yang. He considered that existence of physical development in the nation reduces vulnerability against attacks of other states. For one fitness is a healthy lifestyle, for others - pleasure, and for someone fitness is a favourite sport, for someone it is a usual profession.

Many famous people those centuries propagandized existence of physical development.
to Origin of modern fitness became three main reasons: the first - fight against anabolic steroids, the second - obesity of the American nation, the third - a huge number of mannish women on bodybuilding tournaments.
That is leaves, fitness was created as a useful sport. It is very useful to be engaged in fitness for health and to do it it is necessary not for someone, namely for itself because our health is a body of our Terrestrial happiness.