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The Internet is excited by Earth scratch sounds: they became very similar to a sound of pipes of the Doomsday of

Inhabitants of different corners of the planet witnesses of the unusual natural phenomenon. On all planet the strange noise going from a planet subsoil is fixed. It is considered that the accruing rumble in the planet serves as a signal of fast change of poles of the earth. The International Academy of geological and tectonic problems considers that sounds foretell about fast change of geomagnetic poles of the earth. For the present nobody can tell as will be followed on so much global cataclysm. So far only the general model of change of poles is studied. The model shows that shift will occur almost instantly. However some consider that such sounds newcomers want to warn us about fast world accident. Allegedly there is it so, the mass of air contracts, and noise by means of the masses which break back is created to level pressure in air. Fluctuations these horizontal, and the rumble, is caused by fluctuations in the big mass of water.

To these earthquakes break off a terrestrial penalty. More often gaps are in a terrestrial penalty under water as water floods low located places. Sea water which seeks to fill new emptiness exerts a great influence on air masses in an upper atmosphere. Air to aspire in it from all directions, thereby creating a rumble. Mysterious noise was recorded in London: inhabitants heard it six such sounds in the middle of the night. For such noise there was no obstacle for windows of a double glazing, even plugs for ears did not help. The sound was similar to the fact that as if someone beats a drum or on a gnash of pipes. In Spain on March 24, 2011 there was the same sound anomaly which reminded London. The sound was similar to the jet engine of the plane, but also vibrating is 30 times stronger. This sound was heard also in America. The UNUSUAL RUMBLE reaching it is unknown from where, became in the last two years, one of the discussed subjects in mass media and a network of the Internet. The geography of emergence of this phenomenon is immense: Russia, Ukraine, Belgium, the USA, Australia, England, Azerbaijan, Canada, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Brazil, Hungary, Germany, Costa - Ric etc.

In Japan the mentioned noise was apprehended as a new signal to the next earthquake. From where this strange and awful sound who can tell with an accuracy undertakes. There is also one more strange version: the rumble is really similar to sounds of pipes. That`s all say that it is music of Trumpets of Jericho which foretells fast arrival of the Doomsday.

It seems that an earth rumble the phenomenon already widespread, but not absolutely studied. Sceptics just dump everything on “thunder peals“ and “building noise“. Supporters of the theory of plots assume what “Apocalypse sounds“ is a part of the project of NASA of “Blue Beam“. Scientists shrug shoulders, referring to the fact that the question is not studied and is not even designated. And many superstitious people are convinced that the sound, can be a harbinger of the forthcoming trouble.
Those who are well familiar with sacred books the Koran or the Bible connect these events by mentions of a doomsday where the Doomsday has to be followed by sounds of loud pipes from heaven.