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How it is correct to Russians to meet New year 2013 - year of the Snake?

of Times Russians do not think of themselves without something Chinese any more, it is necessary to meet year of the Snake by it on December 31, 2012, but not according to the Chinese calendar - on February 10, 2013. And let they continue to rejoice to protection of the next black and water being after the Dragon.

of Each creature - on couple!. It in the sense that the Snake possesses female character (year will pass under the sign of the Yin), and together with the Dragon (Yang) this merzkocheshuychaty tandem is very similar to a married couple. And not just on a family some, and on the real union of “adherents“ - both creatures black, with the doubled languages also nest in the marshland.

Of course not to sadden in public favourite holiday “meeting of New Year“, Russians are ready even to perceive “viper“ as almost forgotten “snowflake“ in the company with Father Frost and the Snow Maiden if only it was fashionable and modern. If only it was cheerful and joyful on New Year`s Eve.

And that was really cheerfully, joyfully, it is fashionable and modern, Russians should follow certain rules at a long-awaited meeting of year of the Chinese Snake.

the First Chinese - the Russian New Year`s rule: calm down

The matter is that year of the Black water snake will be year rather stable and in general a quiet situation in Russia. But not because life will become remarkable. Just many so were tired that they want to fade into the background, to curl up and not to move. Many so were tired directly and actively, and at times is unpromising to change the Russian reality that correct for them will be - before rushing on embrasures of new problems, to comprehend the previous experience.

Here and let there takes place celebration of New year without deliberate fun and strained pleasure, without hysterics and without depression. Let New year will be quiet. Even pacified … Let the laughter in response to really ridiculous, and because is heard as children rejoice - the adult it cannot be sad.

the Second Chinese - the Russian New Year`s rule: once again calm down

of the Dragon does not love bright and noisy holidays, does not love show and a facade. She prefers silence. And as in 2013 bright events will be much less, than 2012, and to Russians correct in cozy tranquility will work more on itself, than to arrange others private life under a storm of applause. To work more on circumstances which do not suit them, over the relations which are far from perfect, than to walk “on all Ivanovo“ seven days a week in an occasion and without it.

So once again calm down and begin to spend since new year a free time in development of own personality, in receiving new knowledge.

the Third Chinese - the Russian New Year`s rule: protect each other

the Black water snake who is Hotly loved by Russians - a being asocial, and therefore will provoke in every possible way to bad acts. So, for example, requirements to close people will repeatedly increase, some will begin to look for strenuously the hidden motives of acts and words of those who were trusted unconditionally earlier … The numerous conflicts from - for property and a private property will become “everyday occurrence“.

2013 will be the present moment of truth for lovers, for married couples, for the friendly relations. And in it there is nothing terrible - if at you relationship collapses some “very strong“, it will be an excellent indicator that they initially were not such strong.

Universal New Year`s Eve conclusion: it is warned - means it is prepared

Prepare for a meeting of New year with good mood! Prepare gifts, decorate the house, sew suits for a ball - a masquerade, stock up produktovo - a drinking component of a New Year`s feast … Send to

far away all false and thought up, artificial. Forgive all the offenders. Calm down … Once again calm down also ask forgiveness for all even if are not guilty of anything. Protect each other!