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What your Most Intimate Desire? (the fairy tale for adults)

... and this traveler told us one very old legend about the Country Where Desires Are granted.

Far - it is far when night and morning adjoin, this short moment there is that fantastic Country. The legend says that very few people managed to get there because the way was hard: miriarda of dreadful monsters trapped behind acute angles of the curling shadows; footpaths were confused and removed in the gloomy wood, in the rumbling city meat grinder; hundreds of the brightest temptations grabbed hand and the daredevil`s legs, seeking to drag away it in a viscous black hole of pleasures, traps and traps rapaciously showed the sharp teeth... But those units that managed to pass through tests and still to reach the Infinite Wall which surrounded the Illusive City and to find the Exit in it, said then that not it, and the answer to the question « was the most difficult test; What your most intimate desire, asking? which was set them by the Fairy of that Country. It could grant only one desire, only one, and then nevermore you managed to find a right way there...

We listened to an ancient legend, with bated breath. Reflections of a fire danced on persons, views were turned inside and it was clear that everyone thought of what his Most Intimate Desire.

There passed time - day? month? year? - but the thought of the far-away country did not abandon me. And once, in one of nights filled with horror and grotesque I stopped on the edge of a bottomless abyss. It was not farther than the road, and absolutely already close from me the rack of hungry demons hot breathed. Their leader was huge, devil fire burned down him from within, escaping from eyes and incinerating everything on the way and when he jumped on me, I rushed forward and stuck the claws directly into the blazing eyes. Dense ball we flew down, one short moment, and then everything grew dim. When I regained consciousness, saw the person of improbable beauty inclined over me and heard a question: What your Most Intimate Desire? And I answered immediately because only it was important for me: I want that at It everything was good.

The fairy long was silent. And then sighed and told: I cannot grant your desire. Only He can execute it.

Both there was dawn, and there was a morning.