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How to be prepared by New year? Every day all are closer to lovely ladies on a note of

New year - the magic holiday which is tremblingly expected not only children, but also adults. For some reason the day before the keen desire of changes, and immediate steadily comes, and the passionate belief that here next year life will be absolutely new, another, will become better to live, will begin to live more cheerful!

many women on this wave of enthusiasm have so-called Zolushkin an attack: there is a desire to begin to work immediately, to do everything and at once, here and now. To scrub to gloss floors in the house, to wash all that is possible, to shake up all cases, to throw out unnecessary stuff, in passing to write down the twenty fifth recipe of Russian salad with some next exotic ingredient at the last minute overheard from the TV in a notebook, to make the New Year`s menu, to pick up to itself and members of household dresses for festive night … Ah and! And not to forget to go in intervals between all these affairs to work and to look in shops to buy food stocks and gifts under a fir-tree. Well, how, familiarly?

And so that did not go to waste all moral and physical efforts in this New Year`s Eve turmoil, I suggest to make the accurate action plan and to distribute all necessary affairs not the last days of December, and to be prepared for a holiday gradually.

First of all it is necessary to arrange clear-out in the house, having called to the aid all family. Now it is necessary to reach the most dark and dusty corners, guide model purity in all rooms, to wash in need of a curtain and other textiles, to spread out all things in the places and it is strict - to strictly order to members of household to support and keep such condition of the dwelling … well at least till a holiday. Believe, in few weeks, just on the eve of New year, you estimate this advance time - you at that time will need only to be tidied up and correct slightly an interior, having given it a festive luster. When the space is around in an order then the inner world is stabilized and organized, as it is required for further actions.

Try to concentrate and to think over carefully: what became unnecessary for this moment what it is better to leave in old year what “weak link“ prevents to move further? It can be old things (clothes, household appliances, furniture, etc.) and there can be also some burdensome relations or work, addictions or the bothered image. Define what lost for you the value and need, and find forces to say goodbye to it once and for all. It is not necessary to drag with itself on life the whole baggage of second-hand articles only out of a debt or nostalgia! Let all this will remain in the past, having made room for new things, friends, impressions, desires … in the light of it the following step - shopping will be actual

. New Year`s discounts and sales, holiday fairs - the best time to update the clothes or to buy something brand new for a household, to pick up gifts to the family. By the way, the list of gifts and their recipients needs to be made in advance, then there will be time without haste to find and pick up necessary, to properly issue everything and to pack.

Think over as you will look on holidays, and be engaged in the personal preparation. You descend to the stomatologist at last to cure the aching tooth long ago or just to make professional cleaning of an oral cavity. Pass at least several sessions of massage. Register previously in beauty shop until there the long turn was formed yet, and without hurrying put the skin and hair in order. On the eve of holidays will be at all not before.

Try not to transfer old incomplete affairs to new year, complete necessary, distribute debts if those are available, and and monetary, and in the form of outstanding promises. You do not keep negative memoirs and feelings in the heart, say goodbye to old offenses and be not engaged in excessive self-criticism concerning yourself. Let your some mistakes will remain in the past too, grant to yourself such right - to reconcile to them and to go on life further. Then in new year you will enter with light baggage, having opened yourself for all new.

Without excess turmoil decorate the house by New year and Christmas, put an elegant fir-tree, decorate rooms with garlands and tinsel, connect to it all family. In the evenings it is possible to make some unusual Christmas-tree decorations amicably (instructions on the Internet much!) and at the same time to think over the festive leisure - how to carry out a New Year`s Eve and the subsequent days off, where in what day to go not to sit for days in front of the TV. Let every day brings new entertainments and impressions!

Make in advance festive menu. And even if you meet New year not of the house, all the same your refrigerator has to be filled with festive vkusnyashka. Having returned from guests, hardly you will become on watch to a plate with big enthusiasm. It is simpler to warm something for the next day, to fill the prepared salads and to feed a family. Some semi-finished products can be prepared even one week prior to New year and to freeze. It very much will save time in holidays, will allow you to have a rest and fun more together with all. Connect all family to drawing up the list of dishes and do not forget to involve members of household and in preparation. New year our way is a champagne, tangerines and Russian salad with herring under a fur coat, plus the kind New Year`s movie. Without these attributes it is impossible to consider a holiday taken place in any way!

See off old year beautifully and with pleasure. Send cards to old friends to other cities and the countries, meet beloved girlfriends, arrange a hen night with a campaign in a sauna, with cheerful fortune-telling, you descend on a performance, in theater or on a concert. Just be glad to winter, having arranged a campaign in a winter forest, you descend the cheerful company on a skating rink. Eventually, arrange a small romantic dinner to the darling, on holidays at you will be less time to stay alone.

On the eve of a holiday do not forget to sleep properly to be freshen and well rested on New Year`s Eve. Think up for yourself three treasured desires to think on the midnight of clinking of glasses. And though “we again, will be deceived, nothing will be given“, we will trust in the best, to make new plans, to set the high purposes. And everything will be ho - ro - sho! By all means!