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Why aliens will arrive to Earth? (a plot for movies on a fashionable planetyansky subject)

of a dvetyshcha *** nadtsaty year, near future

in two research centers - in Russia and the USA - suddenly receive the sent signal, in which it is told about a fast arrival of mission planetyan to

, transfer is conducted in language of the natives accepting a signal - that is in the Russian center hear the message on devoutly Russian, in American - respectively in the American English

the voice from far-out mysterious planets broadcasts about ancient communication between two civilizations, time to people of Earth came to learn the truth and so on of

scientists of two countries cry with happiness, secret agents frown, deliberating how to be not to allow information leakage

meanwhile in the far Chinese province the young radio fan Zin Zi in nadtsaty time scrolls incidentally (?) the intercepted message (which, certainly, for it sounds on velikokitaysky) and the shivering hand presses on buttons of the sixth iPhone assembled by it with own hand in breaks between waterings of the rice field and monitoring of an air - he wants to tell surprising news to the best friend Zi Zinya (to that Zi Zinya whose three times removed uncle is necessary the grandnephew to the sister-in-law of the chairman of committee of the province)

in three hours know about news: scientists of the Russian Federation and the USA, security services of three countries and the far Chinese province in full strength, later even couple of hours news filters through the Great Wall and creeps away

scientific worldwide and SB of two countries which received the message try to deny everything, but the representative of the African continent interposes in the matter: resting on the fact that Africa in a certain scientific community is considered a civilization cradle, he insists on the right of reception of distinguished guests the piece of Earth on outlines reminding the primitive tool from a stone

the world quarrel begins: each country considers a duty and tede, the conflict accrues, hands of Supreme Commanders reach for red buttons, they are dragged by more soberminded colleagues

at last, the representative of Israel makes the offer bribing the rationality: to receive guests in the territory neutral for the present - in the Arctic
the public is excited, penguins of shocked

go to the North Pole squadrons of the ships and a squadron of planes: on building of a century bring materials and builders

of TV company of all countries conduct the round-the-clock broadcasting with building, and in a week to eyes of people of Earth the complex intended for a meeting of the distinguished guest appears: something like the Disneyland, twined garlands and artificial flowers (Mada of ying Chin), nearby in eternal ices mobile houses of worship ets vrastit the tourist`s complex calculated on 500 thousand people, various attractions, fast food points with Wi-Fi, dry closets with heating

tickets cannot be got: dealers bought up them directly at gate of printing houses and sell in five - eight times more expensively than
people sell apartments and buy tickets for themselves and the family: all believe that with an arrival planetyan there will come the Golden Age and all this routine and the domestic squabbles will sink into last

at last there comes day of X

from depths of space the silvery point which approaches the planet
of a television camera is shown do not tear off from it the lenses, seven billion viewers with bated breath watch how every second the point increases, and here it already entered the atmosphere of Earth, flashed a spark, then went out, below, is even lower - and here it, a long-awaited landing

over the Arctic rises a big cloud of steam - it was at the same time exhaled by 500 thousand viewers

the small UFO stood precisely in the middle of a red cross, ukazuyushchy to the place of a landing
the hatch opened, in it the high silhouette &ndash seemed; two and a half meters of height, snow-white skin, almond-shaped black eyes, harmony and grace
(there are meeting scenes - confetti, petards, parade of troops and all this here) at last the newcomer approached

the microphone and in the established silence told (in all languages of the world at once):

- people of Earth! I arrived with great mission of atonement here! thousands years ago our race from a far star neskazhukaky arrived here and made a number of experiments as a result of which you appeared - we created gomosapiyensa
you in his own image and all these millennia monitored your development, periodically throwing up any ideas your scientific
we hoped that you will be able to reach our level, but alas, the initial material - primitive monkeys - it was too primitive
we with a regret state a failure of experiment
I - the great-grandson in multinadtsaty degree of the chief project manager, and me mission is charged to wash away our guilt
forgive us, people of Earth!
and farewell!

with these words planetyanin makes seppuku, from an UFO the thin beam which is shaving off his head and spraying a body of a planetyanin in zero then the plate slams the hatch escapes and sharply soars up

from a big gray cloud over 500 000 heads which are thrown back in the sky up dense snow begins to go