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Whether it is possible to operate future?

I Burst into tears already at home. Seeing the surname of the list arrived below the line did not experience in general any emotions. Only easy bewilderment from the fact that the dream of study in this HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION and at this faculty was smashed about line between happy students and that who was this time not lucky.

Clouds of gloomy mood dissipated after a call with the message that someone took away the documents, and I can come and take the place among students. Only at first it is necessary to pay the contract. In general, training in the contract - a thing interesting, having both the pluses, and minuses. The main minus is the contract value growing every year. Let`s not hide that for some these sums are big and strike serious blow to the family budget. For this reason sometimes young people are forced to postpone desire to study in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION and to be engaged in “earning“ on the contract. Some do not refuse study, and combine it with work, in this situation quality and works, and studies often suffers. Happens and so that contract value is paid under certain conditions by any enterprise, and still it is possible to take the credit in bank. All these options are acceptable and take place in our ordinary life, but the most ideal, in my opinion, the possibility of receiving an educational grant, the money provided on a grant basis is. Only where to take it this grant?

Reflections of success
in the last days of July on billboards of the cities there is a useful information which is difficult for not noticing among different offers on discounts and sales. First of all these banners are remembered in happy eyes of youth and their joyful smiles. Very few people know that it is the models which are not simply skillfully picked up for shootings, and the most real, real winners of the program of educational grants and grants for gifted students from Fund of the Forum and Mekhr Nouri Fund. These programs existing in the country since 2005 at the initiative of the chairman of the board of trustees of Fund of the Forum Gulnara Karimova already captured more than 12000 people.
- From the Internet and advertizing on the city I learned about this program, - the student of 1 course of the Tashkent conservatory and the winner of “The program of educational grants“ Rishat Reshtov, &ndash tells; It became interesting to me whether I will be able to pass several stages and to win. For me it became one of checks of the knowledge and itself. Still it is not believed that I am a winner. It is very important for me as it fine will help, now I will be able to realize myself and I will be engaged only in the activity, without being distracted by thoughts of payment of the contract.

Implementation of hopes
the Idea of the project was born thanks to aspiration to help thousands of young men and girls on all with the country to reach the dream. For years of existence of the project 662 entrants got educational grants, and more than 700 people became owners of grants. These are only figures behind which destinies of many children which thanks to this project could achieve the dream and hopes that most eloquently confirms noble activity of Fund of the Forum and its ideological inspirer? I think that these Programs are an indicator that the people who created this public organization “support“ the future of the country which, as it is known behind youth, educated and progressively conceiving. In general, existence of this project motivates each of children, and the belief in us of Gulnara Karimova and all those who brought the contribution in existence of these programs gives strength to go forward and to achieve the objectives.
- This program - incredibly successful opportunity for young people who want to study, but cannot pay the training, - the student of 1 course of the Uzbek state university of world languages and the winner of “The program of educational grants“ Sofya Danilova, &ndash shares; for those who want to operate the life and seek to make the future happy. When read the list of those who became winners, having heard the surname, I was moved to tears. For me this program, actually, strong support. I, unfortunately, have no opportunity to pay the contract, and to study and get an education very much want. Now I will direct all the forces to training, but not to occupy myself with thoughts of how to pay study at university.

A way to good luck
Such as Sofya, winners of the program of educational grants, this year 137 people, 100 - programs of grants. Among them 87 people who prolonged payment of training and 10 students who will continue to get a grant - winners of last years. And if someone also knows what is a victory and implementation of dream, so it they. To get a grant - a little just to come and tell that you need it. It is necessary to explain and prove still why it have to be you. For this reason before hearing names of winners applicants of grant happiness pass several stages. The first is a filling of the questionnaire, and you should not forget that answers of the questionnaire give the permit in the following stage - interview. According to those who already passed selection in previous years, usually judges ask not those questions which they expected. For some reason there was such stereotype that when the person goes for interview there is a list of necessary questions which it is rather good to it to answer and interview will pass successfully. As for Programs, here questions can be the most various, for example, the jury can ask: “What you can offer the peers“, or, for example, can give any subject and ask to convince of its vital need here and now.
- I learned About the program of grants from the friend who already became a winner, - the student of University of world economy and diplomacy and the winner of the program of “Educational grants for gifted students“ Farrukh Islamov speaks. - On interview there were many different questions, however to me one task was remembered - me asked to prove in a minute that I am a leader. I hope that I convinced of it the commission. For me was surprise when I was called and reported that I became a winner. Hardly I will be able to describe emotions words now, but I will tell one, this grant for me - an opportunity to continue to study and develop on the specialty.