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How to arrange a sure-fire lottery? Whether

Are among you fans of a lottery? You remember - “sprint“, “6 of 36“, “7 of 49“... Only do not say that you do not like to win - all the same I will not believe! All like to win. To lose - nobody. For this reason not all people love lotteries - the chance to win is small.

A if were won by all? What - that? You do not consider it necessary to pay money for paper tickets on which it is possible to win only the prize standing less, than you pay for the ticket? Logically. But what if you received the lottery ticket free of charge? Does not happen? As if not so!

You want to surprise and amuse the colleagues, friends, schoolmates? I suggest to arrange for them a New Year`s lottery ! It is, certainly, about sure-fire lottery . It is simple and inexpensive performed by, but it is very cheerful and unusual.

You remember as in “The blonde round the corner“ - “you take everything that is in the house...“ And I do not joke. You take all what to throw out the hand is not raised (because good things! new, necessary... here only for some reason yet were never useful to you), or just that superfluous (necessary, used, but these erasers or handles, or cups, or... - you have just a dime a dozen). You put all this in a package. You write down names. And further you begin to create - to think out to these objects other names, intricate. Thought up? Then it is necessary to compose quatrains for each subject.

I will give an example. Let`s say you found houses... well, say, eraser. New, beautiful, unusual. Or the most usual, greyish such. But surely new. It is good!

The eraser is what? It what does? Erases, correctly. Erases... and still the washing machine erases. By the way, and than an eraser - not the washing machine? Very much even washing machine. And we write down. Name of the lottery ticket: washing machine . Some participant of your sure-fire lottery is fated to extend a piece of paper with this inscription. To extend and then to suffer in guesses of half-evening... what is it to it actually fell intermittently? Really indeed washing machine?

Further we think out a rhyme. Small and unpretentious. For example, such:

The washing machine - the reliable device,
It exempts from labor expenses.

That`s all.

So, we will sum up.

* Step 1: we collect everything that you have in the house superfluous, but surely new, unused.

* Step 2: we think out to all this names, it is desirable cool and ambiguous.

* Step 3: we write names on separate leaves.

* Step 4: we displace each leaf in a tubule or we put many times (that it was not visible what is written inside).

* Step 5: we write the list of prizes with poetic texts (is printed) to itself.

As everything occurs during the holiday:

- you declare that as a New Year`s surprise prepared for all a sure-fire lottery;

- you distribute tickets, and you want - though sell, I, for example, at a wedding of the brother earned by sale of tickets to him with the bride from a taxi from restaurant home;

- when guests already tipsy, you begin draw of prizes: you call “lot“ which extended a piece of paper with this name of lot responds, you read a rhyme and award to the lucky his prize.

What happens to attendees further it is already even not laughter...

Such lottery is good in any case, whether it be birthday, New year, on March 8 or a wedding. It is simple to carry out it, the equipment is not required therefore where you celebrated a holiday - outdoors, in the house, at school, in rest house, on a visit or at office - the lottery can be carried out everywhere.

I saw off it at a wedding the brother at restaurant, at the wedding of the house, on birthday of the son (when to it only a year was executed! the truth, both prizes, and texts were corresponding), on a New Year`s office party at office and on New Year`s morning performance at the son in the 4th class. And everywhere the lottery made deafening success.

Here some more examples of “lottery“ rhymes.

The device for fight against caries (toothbrush):

to You, the friend, without wasting words
We give a brush for teeth.

Very practical bagatelle (cellophane package):

Is more practical than a prize is not present,
Than a cellophane package.

Doctor of a body (plaster): If in which - what places the body ached with

That, overcoming fear, to this place of a body
Without doubt cool stick you a plaster!

Pocket flame thrower (lighter):

Oh, you were lucky! Here, Take
a pocket flame thrower!

An elastic band (an elastic band for hair):

That hair did not climb in a nose, I Give to
an elastic band for hair.

Sticks - zazhigalochka (Bengal lights): Sparks we will present

to you bright, sparkling! If them to light
, then stars silvery splash!

Multipurpose means (medical bandage): It is possible to find

for this purpose a heap of applications to you:
to Tie someone to a chair or to braid a braid,
Can be played a mummy …
generally, it is possible to BANDAGE!

Almost jeweler bagatelle (egg): to

to You got already
Egg, almost Faberge.

Soft paper (toilet paper):

This white paper to all of us is vital
I alone with itself - both is useful, and is necessary.

Scarf (handkerchief):

Sometimes from a nose flows, but not beer, not water …
I such scarf for a nose is useful to you always!

Dishwasher (scouring sponge):

If you like to wash the dishes,
Better than a gift cannot be!

A pressing from apples (apple juice of 0,2 l): to

to you got not a sock,
A of the most tasty apples juice!

Almost pumping station (chewing gum): Who will take

tickets a pack, That will receive
... just chewing gum!

The device for weight loss (jump rope):

Almost all was confused by a demon - excessive weight got into a body.
If is not a pity for legs - the jump rope will help out!

The rest, I am sure, you can think up. And business will remain for small - to realize all this in practice. To those who will risk - I wish good luck and cheerful pastime!