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Whether the song touches soul in our heartless time?

Here some cases from life experience of the author - the ordinary performer of very different songs which I know more than one thousand. Accompaniment, naturally, guitar as the most mobile tool. Should tell

that I began to sing earlier, than to speak. Mother worried - did not say till three years. Doctors “calmed“ her - wait, still the silly woman will call. However, having come in two and a half years to kindergarten, on a question of the teacher Aleksandra Nikolaevna (we her called Lisanikolavn subsequently) “That you are able?“ I is unexpected … started singing: “Peleletny birds in autumn conceal Etyat gauby“. And I sing still.

1959. An amateur performance competition in a summer camp near Voronezh. Davy`s song from the movie “Last Inch“ “In the far-away northern country, where long winter day …“, M. Sable and M. Weinberg. Gave an encore of nine times, and the prize was given for a triple encore.

Result: three prizes.

1964. In the ninth class on control on physics, having quickly performed a task, began to sing something as thought, about himself. It appeared, quite loudly. The teacher approached and asked: “You what you do, Ablesimov?“. I, having lifted up the head, again started singing: “To us the song helps to build and live …“, V. Lebedeva - the Red bunting and I. Dunayevsky.

Result: a call of parents in school.

1969. With friends went to the female hostel for a holiday. I could not dance because of temporary lameness on both legs. And here It appeared - my future wife. I had enough Yury Vizbor`s song “You one …“ for acquaintance which developed into gentle friendship and love. Since then 43 years also we while away loneliness together.

1970. A board of the TU plane, best in the world, - 104. We fly from Leningrad to construction crew to the Far East. Night. I sing to three stewardesses. Songs in view of that at me three:

- “The small lamp on a wing burns. All night long shake in a haze … Three stewardesses drink cognac …“, Yu. Vizbora;

- “And behind a board - you represent how blows. Here also Siberia goes to the horizon … And onboard the stewardess to lead us from Siberia to Moscow“, Yu. Vizbora;

- “Well please, well please, take me in the plane …“, V. Tushnova and A. Dulov;

Result: two booolshy packages of pork steaks - were eaten with all group.

1974. During study in postgraduate study of the Leningrad institute of nuclear physics during the holiday which began to be called “Scarlet sails“ now I sang on steps at the Admiralty sailorly songs. “Farewell, favourite city! We go to the sea tomorrow …“ A. Churkina and V. Solovyov - Gray-haired was the finishing chord.

Result: bottle of Napoleon cognac which cost 40 rubles in those days that in modern calculation makes 4000 rub. It was the only time - more I did not try it. And finishing because any more remembered nothing - regained consciousness at the Pulkovo airport, it was necessary to fly to Baikal to extra work.

2011. To the neighbor - the good, but strongly drinking person, sang N. Matveeva`s song:

“The artist`s brush finds tracks everywhere. to temptation of policemen of point-policemen, Unknown artists of Europe
I to
with paints on gloomy pavements“.

The neighbor has a little cry, very much thanked and soon froze at a threshold of own house. It turned out like an agonal parting word.