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Who such chivin? About breeds of dog of

As soon as the person in our modern world does not try to be original! Creates various currents, genres, styles in fashion, design features. All this concerned different sides of our life. Including pets. Whether heard you about design breeds of dog? It appears, happen also such … to

to the phrase “design breed“ attaches Today such significance: dogs of small breeds are equated to accessories, for example, to the handbags or footwear created by the famous designers. The whole industry works for fashionable jewelry, branded suits, bags - carryings for pets.

At the end 20 - go centuries the American specialists in selection for the first time purposefully crossed a thoroughbred poodle to other breeds of dog. Experiment was aimed at obtaining hypoallergenic breed, and also attempt to unite in it the best characteristics of various breeds. So for the first time the term appeared: “design breed of dog“.

That is actually design breeds are dogs at whom the father and mother of different breeds, unlike casual cultivation are in advance known. And their removal is directed to improvement of any qualities of an animal.

And nothing to me to know it if once, after tragic death of my favourite dog, me did not suggest to take “in kind hand“ a pretty doggie. The former hostess was in traveling eternally, and there was nobody to be engaged in an animal. The only thing that I recognized in date of transmission to me Fanny (so we called her) that brought her as a gift from Moscow and that it is rare breed “chak - Chuck“.

We with the husband then silently exchanged glances. Both knew that “chak - Chuck“ is a tasty dish, but not breed of a dog in any way.

The doggie was very pretty: small, pads short, the muzzle is similar with fox, ears with long wool at a raising and lowering are similar to fluttering of a butterfly. Ryzhenky, on a breast a white fluffy shirtfront and even more fluffy panties. We decided that it is some hybrid, not to understand whom with whom. However thoughts of Fanny`s origin did not abandon me.

I “rummaged“ a set of information with photos on small decorative dogs, but everything is vain. The only catch - a chihuahua. It is similar, but remotely.

And only absolutely incidentally ran into a photo of a dog who looks in accuracy as Fanny. It appeared, it is of a chivina . A hybrid of a chihuahua with a dachshund. It meant that our “miracle“ is any not “chak at all - Chuck“, and chivin.

The name of design breeds is received by addition of several words. They designate breeds which used when crossing. For example, shich - a hybrid shi - to a ts and a chihuahua; afador - a hybrid of the Afghan borzoi and Labrador - a retriever; morka or yorktiz - a hybrid of a maltese and a Yorkshire terrier; in this row and ours chivin, or a chikhuaksa - a hybrid of a chihuahua and a dachshund. There are also difficult hybrids from several thoroughbred breeds.

Not originality and novelty, and attempt to reduce hereditary problems with health which are suffered often by thoroughbred dogs was a main goal of selectors. However there is a problem: when carrying out similar experiments there is no full confidence that to puppies will pass only merits.

The professional film logical organizations do not welcome such experiments, calling them mockery at animals. However attempts to invent new breeds grow in a geometrical progression, and only the small part is registered as successful.

People differently treat similar “works“ of dog designers. But I had not to choose - it was necessary to help out to nobody an unnecessary animal. And we very much fell in love with our Fanny also for nice appearance, and for remarkable character - it is playful, very gentle and appeasable.

And what else is necessary for a decorative doggie?