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The Internet - work for kopeks: to whom is it necessary?

Here came the next offer to earn additionally. Far off, in free time and not to prepare texts, and only to post in “cozy blozhik“. A blog subject near by - everything that occurs interesting at itself in the area. Here only payment … From 100 dollars for 30 posts. Already it is unclear. Whether it is possible to receive more than 100 dollars for 30 posts, and it is how more? And how these posts are estimated? There is no reality. However for the offered salary I was hooked by

. In the sense that long ago wanted to understand who needs cheap content in the RuNet? From where these “1 dollar for 1000 signs“ on the frilansersky websites and to that similar announcements? What does the customer want to receive for this money?

Let not the school student, but the student - the philologist nakropat something for the sake of a pack of “noodles“ and a bottle of beer (exactly leaves: 5 rubles on noodles, 25 rubles a floor - liter of a cheap pivasik - specially in shops looked at the range!) . Let there will be a text without mistakes (at least in spelling and grammar). But how this student on a hungry stomach and swelled up from examinations / parties (necessary to emphasize) the head will make the interesting fascinating story about your product or service?

Or such piece as maintaining forum / blog. God with it, with a moral aspect of the hidden vparivaniye. Well, you know, all these dobrosovetchik: “Address here to this firm, buy this phone, itself I use long ago“. Even at venerable runetovsky bloggers advertizing posts are visible far off and look is hefty ridiculously. Like sudden desire to replace windows (the third time during the season) and cunning twirled searches of the contractor by means of friends, the district police officer and a neighbour`s cat. And as all this looks performed by casual people and natural school students … Brr!

Over the text it is necessary to think. Let any businessman or the owner of the website will ask themselves: “For what sum I in general am ready to think?“ But here paradox: do not ask! And from here other paradox: will better pay 10 times on 10 kopeks, than once will give ruble! Perhaps in complexes business? At us owing to novelty of the market relations each businessman thinks himself Napoleon and Steve Jobs in one person. Also employs not contractors, but performers of own will. It is, however, already other subject, distracted.

It is possible to understand kopipaster. Even it is not a pity when your article is stolen. The product is paid, and the delivery loop in the searcher plays into the hands only. But when are ready to pay money (let small) for a hogwash, it looks strange and unclear. There is a wish even to believe in secret plot. Like, someone cunning pays any dregs to turn the Internet into the sheer garbage can and to make it unsuitable for dwelling.

I received explanations from the employer. It appears, they do not need the blogger, to them nuzhnytester who will write... Hm, so also specified in vacancy. Just there these testers will write a lot and for the sake of what in general to create now a new social network when even Facebook begins to lose profit on advertizing? Riddle.

In conclusion I will note that the invitation to vacancy was only a form spam - mailings to overtake for a traffic (not users, but only visitors) on a new sotssetka. Such method of a setup of a traffic becomes, unfortunately, popular, hammering with “garbage“ vacancies the websites on job search.