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How Father Frost met Santa - Claus? 18+

In anticipation of new 2013 Santa - Claus arrived to our Father Frost for exchange of experience...

- Hi, Kolya, - Father Frost embraced the vis-a-vis. - I am glad you to see.

- In - the first, I not just Kolya, and Saint Kolya, - took offense Santa Claus. - Well, for you let will be so. You already prepared gifts for children?

- About children we will not be yet. Will wait a little. Give better in honor of arrival hryapny on small, on the Russian custom!

- You that, Ded! No alcohol! I can drink only Kok - Cola. At me with it the contract for fifty years.

- Oh well! Nobody learns. You incognito to us.

- To you differently it is impossible. In a moment as the foreign agent recognize.

- Yes... At us it quickly becomes. Well, with arrival! You will have a snack on a cucumber?

Santa - Claus and Father Frost clinked glasses and drank on the first shot glass. Persons them slightly reddened.

- Well how there, in the West, you rot slowly?

- Crisis zakolebat. It is necessary to cut deer soon if further so goes.

- They at you magic?

- Magic want to eat too. Elves here demand a salary. The labor union was organized... And at you as?

- At us all in the way! I now on state financing, - bragged Father Frost. - Here, the palace built state. However, on the project was twice more. I ask where a half more? Are silent, sterveets. And near the palace as if by magic the whole cottage settlement arose. Well, give on the second!

They drank on one. Father Frost zanyukhat vodka a crust of bread and Santa - to Claus stretched same.

- You understand, Kolya, we with you are demanded by society only one month. As soon as fir-trees fly on a garbage can, about us all forget at once. And that it is necessary to live - also in the summer. Here you in the summer what are you doing? of

- I Prepare gifts the next year. To deer of a horn I cut. I swear at elves.

- And I visited this year Seychelles. About surfing heard something? Super! And too at public expense. However, the whole delegation was coordinated to me. Mayor and lot of his deputies. Were interested as there, in Seychelles, prepare for New year. Experience was adopted at natives. Well, give, be!

- Well went, - Santa - Claus praised vodka. - And that this Coca already swells out me. The coal activated it is necessary to jam. And these children already got. Now give gadgets to them.

- And you, Kolya, marry. How many it is already possible to fly the bachelor on deer?

- Yes. Here recently slightly did not crash into pack of white cranes on training flight. And their main showed me.

- All right, - Father Frost was surprised. - Still nobody showed it to me. No, remembered. That New year on Kutuzovsk neither the Ambulance was passed, nor my sledge. Too some important passed. Yours showed all from a window.

- Give, Ded, pour still. And you - that are married or how? Heard that the granddaughter - that is.

- Yes, youth sins. And at once granddaughter. As so it turned out - I will not understand itself.

- Perhaps you in youth too Kok - to Stake of saws?

- In my youth this muck was not yet. Consumed a mead, I will not argue.

So they sat and remembered, sat and remembered And deer Santa - Claus with pleasure ate the Russian reindeer lichen. Several years except Kok - Cola and snickerses they did not see anything...

About New year remained very little. If only grandfathers managed to freshen the nip and returned to the direct duties! And that without them and a holiday not a holiday.