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Surprise! How to prepare it, to issue also a tax?

What is a surprise? Barsik who ignored a tray in a toilet? The phone bill for the huge sum? Here so syurpriiiz … Or arrival to you on a visit the best friend whom 100 years did not see and who flew by one thousand kilometers to see you? The car which is tied up by a satin ribbon standing under a window in day of your birth? This surprise! What the surprise personally means to you?

Theoretically, any gift is a surprise. So would have to be. However vital realities are that that even more often gifts by holidays “are ordered“ (“Darling, and present me on birthday of wons that fur coat“ or “Darling, that phone would be quite successful gift …“). Or giving itself asks - what supposedly to present to you. Well there is a wish to please … there is a wish to please with the necessary thing, but not the next crystal vase … All this

, of course, it is remarkable - is practical, saves forces and time of giving, does not burden a mezzanine presented by unnecessary things … However behind all this practicality romanticism, expectation of a surprise, delight and surprise, gratitude for the spent time and for attention is at all lost … Also it becomes a little bit sad. There now to me - becomes as to you - I do not know.

Therefore we have with the husband an arrangement - I accept his position on an occasion of gifts for all holidays, except the most magic and is fantastic - dedmorozovy. That is we order each other gifts on birthdays, The Eighth of March and other, and we leave New year for surprises, expectations of a miracle and magic. In my life, of course, there was less romanticism, but family life - in general a continuous compromise … Generally, everything that it is necessary - to come off for New year. But I have not enough of it! Therefore I try to do, in process of the forces, small syurprizik out of holidays to diversify everyday life and to introduce in it a little game, intrigues, magic mood. Generally of course, comes the way of children therefore further the speech about surprises for children .

I am firmly convinced that for children the main thing is game . And psychologists absolutely agree with me. Well or I am with them. Therefore for children of any age (and by the way, adults in soul the same children!) I consider as an excellent surprise a small quest . It is what it is simple to think up and prepare, and so - why not to make pleasant to the child?

What is a quest? This adventure, game. There is an ultimate goal (for example - to find the gift hidden in the house), there are series of steps which need to be carried out that to find it. At each stage it is necessary to perform some operation (physical or intellectual, or creative). Having performed all tasks, the player reaches, at last, the desired hidden “treasure“. And still it is possible to argue that as a result will give it bigger pleasure - a gift or the game preceding it!

No additional material inputs are required! It is not necessary to buy specially a gift at all that to hide it. You sometimes and so buy something for the children (a chocolate, the machine, a doll, the handle, a notebook - yes all the same that!) . Also hide this.

Mentally draw a way which there can pass the child across the house to the place where the gift is hidden (it is possible to resemble also circles, aha!) designate places in which notes with tasks will be hidden (at the same time each note, except tasks to performance, has to contain also information on where the following note is hidden).

Probably, it sounds more difficult, than is actually. Believe, everything is extremely simple!

It is possible to write quests absolutely unpretentious, and it is possible more difficult - with tasks mathematical (if except “to play“ you pursue the aim to unostentatiously train at the child skills of addition - subtraction) or tasks in English … And even if your child protests against additional classes by mathematics and English, in a quest it will do all this and to derive pleasure! I speak as the local historian (as mother of it here of the son protesting usually).

Wash nearly 12 - the letka still with gratitude remembers what gifts and where it found in result of passing of quests! So the quest matters! Nothing goes to emptiness, children with gratitude accept our care of them, and in this case game and a surprise are our attention, care, joint interesting pastime, but money which is not simply spent for a gift.

I with pleasure share with you one of my quests (just that which with the English phrases).

Sheet 1 (lay in a hall and expected returns a baby from school):

If you came from school,
Undress quickly. wash
of the Hand, change clothes, Everything hang out
, drink waters.
A then go there,
Where food and where water.

Find the bear
Under the chair!

Sheet 2 (lay in kitchen under a chair, on a leaf the teddy bear sat):

of Oh, look - this is a bear!
of And It is under the chair!

And now your way
lies There where it is possible to have a rest.

In your room, on your bed,
of Please, find your sister’s hat.

Sheet 3 (lay in the nursery on the son`s bed in the Panamanian of the younger little sister):

of Oh, great! - this is a hat!
of Sasha puts it on her head.

Jump on the left leg to the vacuum cleaner,
the Right hand touch a nose,
grabble to a balcony,

of Find the ball there in the left corner.

Sheet 4 (lay in a drawing room in the left corner, near a big gymnastic ball about a balcony):

of Oh, You’ve done it! You’re the best!
of Please now read what to do next:

Leave the room, stand to it a back.
go straight, on the left and - stand.
Where the charlotte usually is concerned,
There for you and a gift will be.

The gift - the book - hid in an oven in kitchen.

Well, you will try to think up something similar? And yes - if rhymery not your fad, do not despair! It is not obligatory to put a quest into rhyme at all. Write with prose - it will be not less interesting to child to perform tasks! I write with verses only because so it is more interesting to me to write (and you see - it is not great poetic works, but unpretentious rhymed lines from the category “what I see, about that I sing“).

Create, think out, do surprises - and the world will be painted with bright paints, and you will shine magic mood!