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Elochno - tangerine mood or How to become the wizard?

A are closer and closer New year, already smells of tangerines and a fir-tree … If to stop at least for a minute (remember - “and let the whole world will wait“ , and it is possible even without yogurt), then you will surely feel DECEMBER - it is impregnated with magic!

No other month so intrigues with a miracle anticipation as New Year`s Eve December. Everything is simply impregnated with the fairy tale: flickering fires of the evening city, tinsel and Christmas balls, garlands … And even people some others - kinder, mysterious, New Year`s … Also there is a wish that so was always. Also there is a wish most to stay the wizard and to create a little fairy tale - for itself, for the family, for friends. Only as?

You remember - from “Cinderella“ - “ I am not a wizard, I only study “? It is possible to study though all life, but sometimes it is worth - trying staying a little everything the most real wizard. For example, to create magic mood to both itself, and others. For example, it is possible to wish a Happy New Year parents, relatives, friends and friends.

What here it? - you ask. And the fact that it is possible to congratulate them not by phone and not by e-mail, and not on social networks. And to sign the most real greeting cards for all family, to seal them in the most real New Year`s envelopes and to send by the most usual Russian mail. Once all quite so also congratulated each other on holidays, but it seems that it was so long ago! And now letters “in the old manner“ write unless our grandmothers, all others made friends with the computer long ago and strongly, the Internet and e-mail and lives without these benefits of a civilization do not imagine. And still there are chats, SMS, “schoolmates“ …

For this reason in our computer century very pleasantly, having glanced in a mailbox, unexpectedly to take out from there not only the account for utilities and the mountain of handbills, but also the most present letter - a small New Year`s miracle. And to feel this magic mood which can be transferred, having written touching lines the hand, but not having typed the text in a text editor. Both to ponostalgirovat and to like the coming holiday and to stay a little sentimental.

At the same time it is possible to derive inexpressible pleasure as from process of writing and sending congratulations, and from responses of pismopoluchatel. It is a pity if to write and send such letters annually - the surprise will not be a surprise any more, to good quickly get used … But if you did not take the ordinary handle in hand long ago and did not lower an envelope in usual (not electronic!) the mailbox - at you is chance to make such magic New Year`s surprise to the family, relatives, friends.

You still can be in time! Before New year mail begins to work in emergency mode and not all letters will be delivered to addressees in time. But it it does not matter! If the person receives a greeting card even in the middle of January - it will only prolong to him a holiday. The magic mood never happens inopportunely.

And that it is final to osyurprizit all - put in an envelope of a few confetti or spangles. Or small asterisks - snowflakes (now is on sale so much!). Or a few fir-tree needles (certainly, the presents smelling New year!) . And the envelope can be decorated (it your children or you can make at desire) - to smear empty seats with glue and to strew from above with the same spangles. And when glue will dry - to shake superfluous. The envelope will turn out so New Year`s as far as it is only possible to imagine. And when the recipient will open an envelope and will begin to get a card - from an envelope confetti, asterisks, snowflakes posypitsya (everything that you put there). Magic mood, an anticipation of New year and feeling of a miracle - here what you present to the person together with the greeting card.

And one more highlight: a retro - mail. If you kept New Year`s cards and/or envelopes of times of the USSR and you are not going to store them for descendants - use them for writing of New Year`s letters of congratulations. To receive such “hi from the childhood“ - not only the novogoyena - magically, but also it is fantastic - romantically. In this case, besides magic mood, also evening of nostalgic memories of celebration of New year in the childhood is guaranteed to the addressee.

Let`s create magic for our family! Let`s stay a few wizards!