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Whether the black cat is guilty? Superstitions - causes and effects of

B the British encyclopedia surely declared to 1910: “In the near future the civilization will be exempted from the last ghost of superstitions“. Whether this prediction in our XXI century was executed? Whether we are free from their power? by

In V. Dahl`s dictionary gives such definition to superstitions: “Sui, or in vain … it is vain, in vain, without advantage“. “ Superstition - wrong, empty … and false belief in something, belief in the reason and consequences, but where no causal relationship is traced“.

Customs long ago the forgotten past?

Which of us is not aware of

that to scatter salt means to draw to the own harm misfortune. And why superstitious people in such situation hurry to throw a salt pinch for the left shoulder? What sources of this custom?

Still in the ancient time people, having noticed the preserving properties of salt, considered it as a symbol of life and happiness. And it cost very much. Respectively, if inadvertently scattered salt, this is a demon confused. And as it as was considered, was conveniently attached behind the left shoulder of the person, there and threw salt in hope to banish dirty.

If someone sneezed, we, of course, chorus will wish to such person: “Good luck“. You are convinced that it only politeness manifestation? Here not. Long ago there is a belief that, sneezing, the person vychikhivat the soul. And the words “be healthy“ stop in some way this process.

Well, and wedding and funeral ceremonies just teem with superstitions. What is necessary for the bride that her marriage became happy? Everything is very simple. It is necessary to decorate a wedding dress with something surely new, something taken from others and something surely blue. If not to execute something, not to see a century of happiness. And why there are so much unhappy marriages only today?

Why in the past put on mourning clothes a funeral? These clothes were like a camouflage or masking. So people tried to become imperceptible for the evil spirits trapping them on cemeteries. In Africa black natives were covered with white paint so that their mother native did not learn. And in other countries of the weeper dressed up in clothes of unusual flowers to confuse the same spirits. There is what cunning! These and similar customs continue to be improved and now. We can already see how place mobile phones, hair dryers and boxes of chocolates in a coffin. Technical progress is available! And all this behind they are to cajole someone and to bribe.

And what is done by many students, going to examinations? Arm not only cribs, but also mascots. Various ritual actions, something it seems to spit, knock not on a tree, not on a forehead, is considered just necessary for successful passing an examination. There is a sign that at examination it is necessary to write only with one handle. Also it is not necessary to wash, be cut and have a shave, probably, to frighten off from itself evil spirits in the person of teachers. Everyone for certain will remember about ten more similar “recipes of success“.

Birthday cake came to us directly since the birth of Artemis. The first fans presented it the cake decorated with candles.

The British encyclopedia contains such data: “Most of people admit that they at heart trust in a couple of the signs contradicting any logic“.

of Superstition or nevertheless common sense?

Why people do not refuse superstitions in ours scientifically developed a century? Why continue to run away from black cats? To knock on a tree? Are upset when the mirror breaks? Spit through a shoulder?

1. Some explain such attachment with the fact that supposedly it at us congenital. But whether so it? The facts show that the person has no congenital habit to knock on a tree. People study this custom.

2. The second reason consists in religious beliefs. So, still ancient hanane and Greeks of life to themselves did not think without fortunetellers, predictors and magicians. And Babylonians who were known as hazardous players greedy peered into interiors of animals in hope to see the answer to a question known for all: to be or not to be. Thus they asked gods for the help.

3. The person was always interested future. And always this future scarecrow. “People need to be believed that there are forces protecting them before known and unknown“.

4. One more reason. Many, though recognize absence of common sense in superstitions, adhere to them. Why? And so, just in case. “Perhaps, they will also not bring any benefit, but also will not prevent“, - they argue.

5. For some superstitions is an occasion to accuse another of the failures. And thus to throw off consequences of the actions on others shoulders.

6. Superstitions give to the person of confidence in the face of danger. “The belief in something supernatural deeply took roots in our culture because too our world became unpredictable“.

“Superstitions will be hardy until the person does surely not face to the future“ (encyclopedia World Book).