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Classics. Is it boring? Part 2

I Will agree with those who claim that fate - stars went at all and not from the king fate - N - Elvis Presley`s beater. The very first superstars were lit and brightly shone in a musical sky in the 19th century. Who were these heroes?

“Devil“ with a violin

Nicolo Paganini`s

by right was entitled the best violinist in the world. The violin in his hands got up improbable pieces. It played what, was considered, it was impossible to play. His temperament was not maintained by strings of the gentle tool. It is considered that Nicolo filed strings of the violin before performance. And all for the sake of show, and what!

When at a culmination point the string with the penetrating sound was torn, hearts of listeners broke too. Paganini, indifferently, masterly finished game on the remained strings. Having Somehow listened to it “A duet for two lovers“ (this work was executed on two strings), one lady reproached the maestro that it will be supposedly difficult to surpass to other musicians it. “Only also remains to them what to play on one string“, - she assumed. Nicolo was right there inspired with such idea and at the next concert already cut musical patterns on the deserted string. Well, any chances to competitors!

Podpilivaniye of strings was not the only thing to no - Hau of the composer. He also liked to fill with fear on the admirers. The concert hall at its request was shipped in darkness. This gloomy lighting strengthened impression of its ominous music. Effect was had by it on listeners tremendous. Both men, and women in large quantities fainted, without maintaining such tension. Marilyn Manson, envy!

And in shock value Nicolo just was not equal. Thin, pale and gloomy. Hooked nose, long fingers, the ruffled bush of hair, the burning black eyes. “To the devil it is similar“, - people around askanced at Paganini. This devil portrait successfully supplemented the developing black raincoat and the long scarf. With such picturesque appearance though go to screens of the Hollywood horror film now.

Paganini`s image gave rise to tall tales about it. Very many did not doubt that the musician sold soul to a devil, is a murderer of own wife and still heaps of the people. And so skillfully he learned to play, of course, in prison where still?

But such rumors only added to it popularity. “Paganini is the genius, and it is unimportant, an angel he or the demon“, - wrote newspapers. Whether at Nicolo today`s PR managers studied?

And than not Elvis?

the Hungarian composer Franz Liszt was the real superstar. He was considered as one of the best pianists of Europe of the time. Stars of those times got glory not just like that! It were masters of the highest class! But also Liszt understood that he for success of one talent will be a little. Therefore the composer turned the concerts into the bright, exciting public shows.

“You want shows? Here you are show!“

Ferenc`s Performance began

still before it sat down at the tool. Also it began with the fact that Liszt, hypnotizing public, slowly took off gloves, breaking off them on seams. This maneuver already brought public to the state close to ecstasy. Well, and masterly game of the musician just finished the viewer.

Liszt so vigorously hollowed on grand piano keys what at the tool strings were torn (whether at Poganini pulled down a trick?) . Following a plan, Liszt quickly changed for the spare grand piano which is already in advance prepared and expecting the turn on a scene. So many forces were put by the composer in the performance, such enormous energy was given that fainted for the company with public. In it Liszt, of course, surpassed Paganini.

Well, and the fan - club the composer could be proud of the really. The army of fans just threw the idol letters, begging to present a ringlet of the hair. Ferencz was even forced to get a dog and, shearing from her wool scraps, generously gave away to venerators.

Liszt`s fans quite often put up also fights between themselves. So, the countess Mari D`Aga was not ashamed to seize hair of the competitor George Sand, and that, in turn, too not a bast of a board. In a word, the countess got not less. Ferencz providently retired to the neighboring room and all in the upset feelings worried about an outcome of this duel.

And who after it will dare to declare that classics - it is boring?

“the Imagination and art - are inseparable “. (Franz Liszt).