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Classics. Is it boring? Part 1

For a long time people were eager for some bread and shows. And today requirements of public did not change. However, began to surprise the modern viewer oh as it is difficult. The public spoiled we, agree. And how the situation at the time of composers was - classics?

went to concerts of classical music Earlier as we today on fate, the priest or jazz concerts. And in those days there were stars and their fans. There were also serious passions - mordast - both in private life of stars, and on a scene.

Well and what talented showmen were composers - classics! It seems that secrets of all-powerful public relations were opened for them...

“Red priest“

So, great Antonio Vivaldi arranged the real show in the church in the middle of a mass. The matter is that at that time Antonio worked as the priest. “The red priest“ - so he was called then. But with a profession he was obviously mistaken.

It happened that during a big church holiday of Antonio suddenly thought up a hit. (Here that means to distract at work). Without deliberating, he leaves a workplace at an altar and in the face of the stupefied administration runs to write down the masterpiece. Of course, there was a terrible scandal. Inquisition suited court, but instead of sending Antonio to a fire, all treated with understanding to the genius. Sacred inquisition and understanding, whether well miracle? Vivaldi got off light. It only defrocked church.

The red priest disappeared - and the maestro of women`s conservatory of “Piyet“ appeared. Until the end of the life he continued to arrange the shows which became known in all Europe. Antonio wrote a huge number of masterpieces, nobody stirred the benefit it any more.

of Show down with!

Here shows should interested Georg Handel. He was even terribly irritated if something prevented execution of its works! But the excentric behavior of the composer was well very spectacular.

Conducting an orchestra, he could get into a fuss strongly from - for some hindrances. Despite of public, Handel began to throw furiously tools anywhere and in anyone then in rage left a scene. And the public very much was even happy, she received that why she came! Show worked well! Taming obstinate

the Singer Kuzzoni did not concede

to Handel in obstinacy of character. Somehow she declared that she wishes to sing the aria of the composer in own way. Kuzzoni had the nerve to insist on the, despite arrangements. Of course, Georg Handel exploded: “You a devil in a female appearance!“ - he heart-rendingly cried. - “And I am then Beelzebub, the prince of all devils“!

With these words he seized the frightened singer and dragged to a window, in all seriousness being going to throw out from it the lady who bothered to it. And if other musicians who hardly pulled out the victim from tenacious hands of the composer who knows than business did not appear in time would end. But the singer became silk. Sang obediently the aria as she was told, and broke a loud applause of public.

Well and who whom?

the case when Handel was invited Is known to

to act on a grandiose royal feast. Handel composed in view of that “Music for royal fireworks“. All was remarkable. The maestro conducted an orchestra, the public admired marvelous sounds. But here time for show came. In the sky fireworks of which in the music Handel so hasty sang blew up.

The fact that explosions of petards blocked sounds of its masterpiece - it were still florets. Berries began when some petards began to fall on a scene, vomiting fire and promising to burn everyone and everything here. Of course, panic began. The public rushed extensively. But Handel, though became green for rage, stubborn continued to conduct the scared orchestra. And how the composer did not explode that minute? What enchanting show!

Ingenious legs

Than ingenious Johann Sebastian Bach enticed public? Of course, the legs. I hurry to explain.

When people went to church where Bach worked as the organist, they spoke: “We go to look at the person with the flying legs“. Bach possessed high quality technology of game on body. With a huge speed fingers of his hands ran on keys. And that manufactured his legs! He so danced on the keyboard for legs that to the people looking at the sublime place of the organist, appear, that Johann legs as wings waves. This show!

One admirer began to admire skill of the composer. Having interrupted it, Bach with irritation answered: “Yes there is nothing surprising in my game. It is necessary to press only in due time the necessary keys, and all the rest will make body!“

But, to honor of admirers, attracted them not only the performer`s legs. They admired also ingenious music of the author. If someone suddenly during sounding of body wanted to be whispered about the, on it hurried to hush: “Do not prevent Bach to talk good luck“.

Here what majestic and noble Johann Sebastian Bach`s music is.

“Favourite Boga“

About ingenious little Mozart hooted all Europe. Also was from - for what! The father Volfanga, Leopold Mozart, in the best traditions of image makers advertized the son as a nature phenomenon. Posters urged not only fans of music to visit a concert, but also workers of brainwork - scientists, to come and personally to be convinced of the boy`s fenomenalnost.

And little Mozart really was miracle and made miracles. Played on a harpsichord at sight the most difficult works. And you want blindly blindfold? Too without problems. It easily could improve on the run the melody set by the audience or even straight off to compose a musical hit. Mozart kept such speed in writing of music throughout, alas, short life.

Amadeus (Latin sl. “beloved Bogom“) - so called Mozart. The genius modestly answered: “Oh, I Volfang is simple“.

Be continued.