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How to give to an interior a special cosiness? Winter of

in the Winter more than ever there is a wish in the house of some special cosiness and heat that after work it was possible to plunge with pleasure into rest and a pacification and to have a rest a body and soul. To create such situation absolutely easily. It is necessary only which - what to change - and winter melancholy will give way to cheerfulness and optimism.

is Told, the tsvetoterapiya is capable to work wonders. Look critically at the dwelling: what paints in it prevail? To improve mood and health, psychologists advise to use for a winter interior warm colors - yellow, golden, orange, red, terracotta, gentle shades brown and so on.

In winter months we very much lack a sunlight therefore yellow color will be as it is impossible by the way. It is associated with clear serene day therefore promotes improvement of mood and emergence of optimism. Orange color - the real antidepressant, it raises a vitality and helps to be stirred up and begin to work. What at us is associated with it first of all? Correctly, New Year`s tangerines! Here to you and festive mood instead of grief and melancholy! Red color possesses powerful power, it helps to cheer up, dispel fatigue too, but the main thing - not to go too far in it, otherwise cheerfulness will turn into irritation and aggression.

Any color has thousands of shades - will be enough for every taste. Choose those warm colors which to you to liking, add them to an interior to make it warm and cozy. Even if your dwelling is issued in cold tones, then it can add comfort, just using various accessories of bright warm coloring during a winter season.

For example, make changes to a textile decor of the room, change curtains, cloths, furniture covers and pillows. In the winter more organic not light fabrics, and on the contrary, heavy and warm - wool, a velvet, dense cotton and to that similar fabrics of which it is enough on sale in the most different variations on structure and coloring now look in an interior.

Dense curtains from such materials not only will decorate and will update an interior, but also will reliably block a way to streams of cool air from windows, will separate the room from street noise and vanity. However in sunny days surely since the morning plow up curtains and allow sunshine to fill your house to the brim.

Use in the winter soft fluffy covers just for decoration, they will gently shroud your body, promoting pleasant relaxation. And it is possible just to change clothes of cushions for new bright pillowcases (for example, with orange sunflowers!) to throw over a sofa or a bed extremely cheerful multi-colored plaid connected by the hands or an elegant fluffy cover from fur fabric - and already one it completely will change the most sad interior and will force you every time to smile, entering the room.

By the way, about needlework If you are able to knit - you have something to do in the long winter evenings. Create from a bright yarn plaids and pillows, rugs and napkins, socks and slippers - in such environment to you it will be warm and cozy in any cold weather! And fans of a patchwork can attach unnecessary rags of fabric, making surprising, unique textile products. All these unique bagatelles it is possible not only at itself in the apartment to use, but also to present to close people for New year or just like that - they need a cozy winter interior too.

In the winter on the street light day very short therefore shortage of a sunlight is compensated by light electric darkens early. Lighting very much influences at this time our health, pay attention and to this moment. The house needs to be filled with various light sources that there was no dark corner left. Actively involve for this purpose zone lighting, using various floor lamps and lamps, desk lamps and even wall garlands from cheerful orange bulbs. The last especially will be pleasant to children, they will create the unique magic atmosphere in a nursery. Get the beautiful candlesticks at any time fitting into color scale of your dwelling, buy large candles and periodically arrange a sit-round gathering by candlelight, treating a family and friends with fragrant tea and house pastries. Such evenings give unique feelings, for a long time loading all with great mood.

Will help to update and refresh a winter interior and correctly picked up small accessories like pictures and lovely knickknacks. At the same time it is desirable that pictures bore in themselves a positive charge in the form of a solar landscape or an appetizing still life from ripe summer fruit. Place on a foreground a couple of photos from pleasant travel or rest on sea coast, the souvenirs bought on a trip. It will fill you with warm memoirs and will always lighten mood.

Being engaged in transformations of the interior, consider that the coloring of furniture, walls and curtains are brighter, the more reserved have to be tone of small accessories in the room. And vice versa: the surrounding situation, the more brightly is quieter and nasyshchenny on color scale there can be accessories. All accessories, of course, have to be combined among themselves and look harmoniously on the general background.

As you can see, it is not so difficult to change the winter dwelling - to change only several details enough, and the house will be filled with the new atmosphere bearing unique heat and pleasure. I wish all flight of creative thought in improvement of an interior and cozy winter!