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How to strengthen nails, without addressing to expensive salons?

to Whom would not be desirable to have beautiful nails? Women are especially concerned by a question of healthy and well-groomed nails. Therefore a task how to strengthen nails most, without addressing to expensive salons, in house conditions, it is actual always.

the Food useful to nails

is important to eat the products containing vitamin A. It is a lot of it in carrots and a liver. Butter and greens contain this vitamin capable to strengthen our nails too.

To make our nails it is healthier, it is possible to use an oil concentrate of vitamin A. Day norm of 10 - 15 drops. This dose needs to be broken into three receptions.

Vitamin B is very important. It will help to revitalize and strengthen nails. Use more egg yolks, cabbage. It is a lot of this vitamin B beer yeast and the sprouted wheat grains.

In the winter there is usually not enough iodine, iron and calcium. The sea cabbage, spinach and mollusks will enrich our diet with iodine. Meat and red wine contains a lot of iron. Cottage cheese, cheese and eggs will help us to fill up calcium reserves.

It appears, to strengthen nails in house conditions very tasty. The natural yogurts containing qualitative protein are still useful to strengthening of nails. If we observe a post and our diet contains few vitamins, then it is recommended to accept the vitamin complexes which are surely containing calcium and D3 vitamin.

the Correct care of nails

needs to look after nails well. Not to use the liquids containing acetone for removal of a varnish and not to delete a varnish with mechanical methods. Cheap varnishes are unsafe for nails. Nails can turn yellow and exfoliate. Use a basis before drawing a varnish on nails. It is one more method to improve a nail plate. The basis protects nails from harmful effects of varnishes, strengthens nail plates and allows a varnish to keep longer. If you look at labels, then look for instructions on what means contains vitamins. Advantage for strengthening of nails will be more.

House procedures for strengthening of nails

Cannot go to expensive salons, and to make procedures for strengthening of nails in house conditions. It is easy to prepare solutions for trays. Especially as they will help also for mitigation of skin of hands.

The grass tray is very effective for for beauty and health of our nails. It is recommended to use various herbs at choice: plantain, celery, sage, nettle, camomile.

It is simple to do broth. To fill in one tablespoon of a grass with water liter, to boil five minutes. To allow broth to cool down up to the temperature of 40 degrees. To lower hands in warm solution and to hold 15 - 20 minutes. Not to wash a hand after a tray, and at once to grease with nutritious cream. Pay attention that sage it is necessary to take two tablespoons, and to boil a celery till 30 minutes.

The soda tray is very effective too. First of all, we take one glass of warm water, we add one tablespoon of soda, three drops of iodine and drops five glycerin there. We keep hands in this solution of 15 - 20 minutes. Then promakivay hands also we apply with a soft napkin nutritious cream.

It is very useful after trays, before going to bed to dip finger-tips into the kindled beeswax. Leave the stiffened wax for the night.

These procedures will help you to revitalize and strengthen nails.