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12. 12. 12 or 00. 00. 00?

are A little more - and 2012 will consign to the past. And together with it and all that it brought in our restless life. With 2012 many predictions were connected. Global cataclysms, destructions, a doomsday, invasion of aliens are only part of the events programmed for concrete date of December.

too much everything were whispered by stars to astrologers and experts of circumstellar sciences. Here they also hurry, having shared such “important“ information, to make happy mankind.

How fans were disappointed to create panic, you should not wait for something special and catastrophic this year, and you should not prepare for something terrible.

Beautiful date 12. 12. 12 finishes the twelve years` game of figures begun with 01. 01. 01. More threefold combinations in the 21st century will not be. Someone waits from such coincidence of great happiness and good luck. Someone in fear does not know where to hide and with what products to stock up. And someone just waves a hand on forecasts and any prophecies, taking such original repetition of figures for an occasion to begin new life.

Perhaps, denial of any sense put in numbers is also the most right decision.
It is possible to be equally happy and equally unfortunate both on December 1, and on December 12, and it is absolutely unimportant how there will be a Moon and what side it will turn to other planets. The key of all our problems is hidden in us.
If to turn over history, turns out approximately here such picture in 11 days of the last 11 years:

01. 01. 01 - the planet lived the first day of the twenty first century rather quietly. At coast of Turkey the vessel sank, in the capital of Tajikistan there were two explosions, the large meteorite fell to the Pacific Ocean near the island of Tahiti.
02. 02. 02 - a definite purpose for a military strike of the USA - Iraq, it is restless in Afghanistan.
03. 03. 03 - there are dead as a result of an airstrike of the USA and Great Britain on the South of Iraq, in the north of Nigeria 80 people were missing.
04. 04. 04 - in Iraq Shiite revolt broke out, set off the grenade on the square in front of metro station in Tbilisi, in Japan there was an earthquake.
05. 05. 05 - the American device Opportunity got stuck in a sandy dune on Mars.
06. 06. 06 - superstitious people took for “number of an animal“ - 666 and fatal date caused fears, in Java Merapi volcano regained consciousness.
07. 07. 07 - act of terrorism in the market in Iraq, burns the wood in Turkey.
08. 08. 08 - Russia entered the Georgian - the South Ossetia conflict on side of South Ossetia, having begun operation on “coercion to the world“.
09. 09. 09 - in Mexico the fanatic tried to seize the passenger plane, there was an explosion on the rocket cruiser of the Black Sea fleet in Sevastopol, a flood in Turkey.
10. 10. 10 - act of terrorism at three schools of Pakistan, in the Baltic Sea burns with steam.
11. 11. 11 - terrorists captured the ferry in Turkey, disorders in Tripoli.

As you can see, news of those days not strongly differed from today`s chronicle of news. And neither stars, nor parade of planets, nor a power imbalance of the Universe can influence accident of thoughts in the head of separately taken person and change the course of events.

December 12, 2012. What will be this day? Let it will be kind!

Astrologers advise especially superstitious citizens this historical day to put on 12 things, to put in a pocket of 12 coins, to light 12 candles, to collect at one table of 12 friends, to drink 12 glasses of liquid, to eat 12 different dishes, to make 12 historical pictures with recorded date (12. 12. 12), 12 times to look back in the past, 12 times to smile, 12 times to kiss darling, to make 12 good deeds and to make 12 wishes.