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What to look in London at? Part 2

Everything, I hope, the phrase “Time across Greenwich“ is known. Yes, the London town Greenwich is known that here passes a zero meridian which divides the globe into two conditional half - the Western hemisphere and East. Exactly there is an ancient Royal Observatory in the territory of which this zero meridian is designated.

So you at visit of Observatory have a real chance to stand one leg in East hemisphere, and another - in Western.

It is possible to get to Greenwich in two ways. To reach BANK metro station and to change on a DLR subway branch. To move on a tunnel near the Thames to other river bank and to come to Cutty Sark stations. You will nearby see very solid building of the Sea Museum behind which there is a wonderful park. In the depth of this park on the hill there is also a building of the former Royal Observatory.

The second route - water. Small boats which will bring you to a pier of Greenwich depart from a big wheel of “London Eye“ (Cutty Sark metro station nearby). It will take about half an hour. By the way, if you have a ticket for the excursion The Original London Sightseeing Tour bus, then journey on the boat of for you free .

Yes, nearly forgot. If you are at a big wheel and are going on it to sweep, then consider that in cash desk it is possible to buy the ticket both for “London Eye“, and in the museum Madame Tussauds at once. It will be cheaper, than purchase of separate tickets. In total - the ticket to Madame Tussauds costs 28 pounds (for comparison: when I the first time got to London 15 years ago, the ticket cost 14 pounds - inflation, the sir), the ticket for a big wheel costs 18 pounds. The joint ticket will cost for you upon purchase in cash desk on the place 43 pounds. If you providently reserve and buy it on the Internet, then its price will be 34 pounds.

Pay attention that in London many discounts are, as a rule, offered if you buy the ticket to several places for visit at once. It really saves money!

I want to tell that in London it is almost impossible to get lost. Unless very much to want. Except usual indexes, on everyone more - less brisk intersection there are special boards with the map of the nearby area. On the card it is specified where you are now, the next interesnost and how many minutes to them to walk. The last has the actual practical value since in the same place also the next toilets are specified.

In other words, holding a London map and the subway map, problems with orientation do not arise.

Concerning the museums. Them in London several hundreds. What of them to visit, business of your taste and personal addictions. To me, for example, as it was very interesting to the man in the British Military Museum (British Imperial Museum) and the London Museum of Military Aircraft.

To someone, perhaps, Dungeon - the museum of tortures will be more entertaining. In this collection everything that thought up inventive mankind to torment the neighbor is collected. However, the well-known English sense of humour did not change organizers of this horrible exposition also here - tiny gilyotinka are fixed in a man`s toilet at each urinal on a wall.

Undoubtedly, it is worth glancing also in the National British Museum. It is one of the most known and big museums of the world. Its collection of the Egyptian mummies is simply unique. Though on me not the smaller impression was made by the hall of manuscripts where I staid minutes five over the page which is hastily pulled out from a notebook on which Sir Paul McCarthy (then, however, yet not “Sir“) in the morning with own hand wrote the text of the immortal hit “Yesterday“ which dreamed it.

The museums in London in the majority paid. However in some of them for one or two hours before closing begin to issue tickets free of charge.

List of the main free London museums:

1. Natural History Museum - is natural - the historical museum.

Address: Cromwell Road
South Kensington London SW7 5BD

2. Victoria and Albert Museum - Victoria and Albert`s Museum (The museum of decorative arts).

Address: Cromwell Road
South Kensington London SW7 2RL

3. National Portrait Gallery - National portrait gallery.

Address: St. Martin`s Place London WC2H 0HE

4. National Gallery - National gallery.

Address: Trafalgar Square London WC2N 5DN
Fax: 44 20 7747 2423

5. British Museum - the British museum.

Address: Well and finally I want to tell Great Russell Street
Near Tottenham Court Tube Station London WC1B 3DG

that in the central London practically each building is a sight. Just take a walk in its small streets, feel the atmosphere of the Victorian era, look at eternally hurrying Londoners and the multilingual tribe of tourists. All this will leave at you indelible impression which you will remember for a long time.