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What to look in London at? Part 1

What the tourist can look in London at? And there is a wish to advise - all! Really, interesting so many that it is simply impossible to capture everything for several days. Therefore we will try not to miss at least the most known. we Will begin

with the fact that we will try to see the most known sights of the city, having just passed by them. Yes, quite right is well-known to all tourists the so-called “sightseeing tour“ included in each round acquired in travel agency. But if you travel independently then any guides with their teams “turn the heads on the left, and now to the right“ you do not need.

Therefore we will use services of very popular London company The Original London Sightseeing Tour .

This company specializes in acquaintance of city visitors with its main sights. Two floor buses with open top which move across London three to routes are for this purpose used: so-called. Yellow, Red and Blue routes. All buses are equipped individual with earphones on which information on passed places is broadcast (in Russian including).

The company offers the hop system - on & hop - off, i.e. you can go out of the bus in any place which was pleasant to you, examine it, and then get on the following bus of this company going along the route chosen by you again. An interval of the movement of buses - 15-20 minutes.

Moreover, the ticket is valid within a day, i.e., having bought, for example, the ticket at three o`clock in the afternoon today, you can and go by these buses till three o`clock p.m. tomorrow. The cost of the ticket is 24 pounds (children of a discount).

Besides, the ticket for the excursion bus grants the right and for a free pass boats across the Thames. You can use it at a trip to Greenwich.

After you swept on the city and obtained primary information on him, it is a high time to plan places for direct visit.

It is difficult to advise something concrete for everyone since it will be by all means interesting to the fan of painting in the London National Gallery (there is in the center, on the Trafalgar Square, a free entrance) here, and in its Military British museum, maybe, and you will not drag.

Nevertheless here standard at least 10 most interesting places of London:

1. Parliament with its well-known tower and hours “Big - Ben“.

2. Buckingham Palace, residence of Her Majesty.

3. Westminster Abbey - a tomb of the English Kings.

4. St Paul`s cathedral.

5. Tower (fortress and bridge of the same name nearby).

6. London National Gallery.

7. Victoria and Albert Museum (Museum of decorative arts).

8. National British Museum.

9. Wax museum of Madame Tussauds.

10. Survey wheel of “London Eye“.

The part of these places is quite available to visit during small pedestrian walk. Here, for example, such route.

You reach by the subway to station Westminster (Westminster), leave upward and get straight to the building of parliament and a tower with hours “Big - Ben“. On other side of the Thames there is a big wheel of “London Aye“, and a row - Westminster Abbey.

Having passed across the short small street of Bridge Str. aside from the Thames, you turn to the right on Whitehall Street and you go towards the Trafalgar Square (it is difficult to be mistaken - the column with a figure of the Admiral Nelson is visible from far away). At the left you will see horse guard - two guardsmen before an entrance to the yard of the former Royal stables. You enter this yard you go through Saint further. James Park to Buckingham Palace.

The set of any small living creatures which got used to people lives in this park and at all is afraid of nobody. Squirrels, for example, are easily fed from hands if they offer them something tasty.

In 15 - 20 minutes you already at the residence of Her Majesty. If carries, then and you will see changing of the guard.

You come back in the opposite direction down the street, parallel to your way in Park, and you get on a central square of London - it is the Trafalgar Square. There is also the London National Gallery.

On all this travel at you will leave literally two - three hours.

As for other interesting places in London, the issue with them is resolved simply. In whatever hotel you stopped, the porter`s rack always has a stand with a lot of advertizing leaflets in all interesting places. Here both museums, and attractions, and restaurants, and exhibitions, etc. You will choose that it is interesting to you, and forward. In booklets it is always specified how where to reach.

I will continue the story about what to look in London, in the following article at.