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How to hold an aromatherapy session?

the Modern aromatherapy - one of effective ways of fight against daily stresses. You are tormented by sleeplessness, apathy, constant irritability or fatigue? All these indispositions are capable to cure wonderful properties of essential oils. “How to organize an aromatherapy session?“ - you ask. With pleasure I will answer!

All you need is for carrying out an aromatherapy in house conditions - it is an aromalampa, special candles and essential oils.

Candles and the aromalampa presenting itself a small vessel with deepening in the form of a bowl can be bought in special shop, souvenir department or a drugstore. It is better to stop the choice on glazed ceramics. Give preference only to natural essential oils which are on sale in drugstores. As a rule, the detailed instruction is attached to them, attentively study it before use.

Many of oils, such as oil of a sandalwood or oil of a tea tree, have an unpleasant or pungent smell. Proceeding from own experience, I can advise oils which differ not only curative properties, but also fine aroma...

The lavender is effective at depressions, sleeplessness, irritation, melancholy, hysteria, sensation of fear. It clears and pacifies spirit, the anger pacifies, takes off fatigue and helps to belong to the events more quietly. Disinfects air. Also the lavender is known as excellent means for scaring away of insects. Dissolve lavender oil in the ratio of 7 drops of oil on 1 tablespoon of ethyl alcohol (70 - 90%) or vodka. Use this mix against a moth by spraying of cases.

The lemon stabilizes mood, provides inflow of forces. Allows to adapt quickly and without serious consequences to new living conditions, to new people.

Orange takes off a depression, strong fatigue, calms.

Mint restores forces, eliminates nervous overexcitation, erases fatigue traces.

So, you chose oil, were convinced of absence of contraindications and you have all necessary for holding a session of an aromatherapy. Pour water in deepening of a lamp and add couple of drops of oil, light a candle and place it in an aromalampa. In a couple of minutes water will heat up and together with oil will begin to evaporate. Now just settle more conveniently - lean back on a back of a chair or you lay down on a bed, and inhale aroma. Do not allow boiling of water in an aromalampa, if necessary add water. Session time - 15 - 30 minutes. Oils can be combined. For example, mint is not bad combined with a lavender or orange.

To avoid undesirable consequences, do not forget about precautionary measures. The aromatherapy is undesirable during pregnancy, and also it is not recommended to patients with asthma or epilepsy. Avoid hit of oils in eyes and you do not apply them in pure form on skin. You store oils in the cool dark place.

Besides aromatization of the room, essential oils also use at massage, in bathtubs or saunas, for enrichment of cosmetics or for carrying out inhalations.