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About what we knit? Oranienbaum - Oberurzel one thread of

C on November 28 till December 2 passed in small and very nice city of Oberurzel (Germany) a traditional Christmas fair. And everything was as always. Well, almost everything. No, all - this fair differed in one essential detail …

Why to us beautiful hands?


In the first seconds when snow gets between mittens and a sweater, it becomes very sick. Hunting to shout, but you understand what now also in a face will arrive, and so far you try to rise, the dog, from above someone`s soft back already falls upon you, then it is dark, then it is ridiculous, and then hands do not hurt any more. And you creep out from - under labradory thighs which time thanks to the Russian winter for the fact that it is the Russian. That in it there is so much white, and white always demands color and the invoice, white demands an ornament and heat. I rub a nose. I pull out small pieces of ice from sleeves. But suddenly again I fall … we work with

A in the rest of the time. We do not visit trainings on the effective growth and sales, we do not penetrate into subtleties of wholesale purchases and resales. We draw, we sew, we knit, we drag and again we draw. In the winter - of course, we work with wool more. Because there is nothing more magic and at the same time logical, than to create heat for itself and people around. For this purpose we were given the imagination and beautiful hands. We are women - as we can differently?

Oranienbaum - Oberurzel. 10 years together

Society of twinning communications “Kalinka“ are already the page of the chronicle in the history of St. Petersburg. Nearly 20 years (in 2013 - m we will felt to you cake, you want?) Marina Akhromova and her colleagues prove the ideas, projects and actions that the twinning is not a stone sign on entry into the city and even not resolutions on stamped papers of a format A - 4. It are people who are on friendly terms, find common interests, help each other and meet after many years of life in the different environment, speaking different languages. Small, but very proud Lomonosov - Oranienbaum is on friendly terms thanks to “Kalinka“ with the German Oberurzel and Oranienbaum, Mariehamn on Alansky islands, is on friendly terms with Chanakkale in Turkey, Framingam and Anakortes in America. In all these cities Oranienbaum has surprising friends, people who very seriously approach the social work and therefore when you come, being a detail of the twinning project, there is a feeling that here very much wait for you, and you do really important issue without which well just in any way. And whether it be the fair, sports meets or projects causing deep respect - connected with history of the Great Patriotic War is even not actions. This proof that the Babel tower was not, the planet tiny, and we - we think and we feel equally.

In 2013 - the m to the twinning relations of Lomonosov - Oranienbaum and Oberurzel is executed to year 10 years. It is already the baggage sometimes exceeding the put weight on emotions and experiences. To Marina Akhromova is what to tell about as far as “it is necessary“ to our city and the area how many disorders, disagreements and bureaucratic blots cost on these relations. But the main thing - all this is we. Friends, colleagues and allies whom and delegations - that you will not call. Eyes, smiles and ideas. Pies, the Russian soup on the German table, and mittens. Exchange of addresses and warm embraces.

of Rathaus: the meeting place, the place of Christmas

the Town hall in Oberurzel - the place for us unusual. Here it is possible just to come at any time, here in the evenings on floors light burns and obviously someone diligent works. Imagine it in your city administration. In a free lobby of the first floor - announcements of various actions, the coats of arms of twin-cities, exactly on the center - absolutely glass box with the porter. Well, the ramps and special toilets available to one and all residents - it is clear. And now present that on the eve of Christmas all first floor of Rathaus - and turns into a Christmas fair which works with 12 - ti one o`clock in the afternoon and to 21 - go hour! And if on Thursday, the first day of a fair, she is visited generally by locals, then by Sunday are already brought up curious of Frankfurt and nearby small towns. People, again the people, grandmothers in mobile chairs covered with motley ornamentarny plaids, old dachshunds in special high carts that to consider everything, Labradors with mongrels and Scottish shepherd`s with packages in teeth, children, their parents, their familiar and not really familiar - all this Christmas set a uniform multi-colored scarf moves on perimeter the administrator … town halls. In the big hall he selects to itself(himself) gifts traditional, and in small - twin-cities - looks for already fallen in love delicacy of the French, English and Russian cuisine. And here we step on the stage. Slightly confused, but we are not afraid.

On the right - a table of French. At the left - British. Exactly on the center - the biggest tables because organizers are warned: this year Marina Akhromova brings “the Rambovsky souvenir“ - gifts to Christmas from skilled workers of Lomonosov - Oranienbaum. Marina with the girlfriend and the long-term ally Rozvita has not a rest minutes - on the Christmas`s eve Germans wait for some traditional Russian pies, pies and it … as if to utter: va - truzh - a share Viv villadzh chiz, very tasty. Rustles samovarych. Well and vodka, of course! In order that the true German took a pile and wandered with it about a fair, prigublivy, and we all would screw up the face.

Well and here they - we. Rambovsky souvenir in full strength. While our visitors are surprised to abundance of the directions and the imagination of our skilled workers, I knit. The daughter smiles, Guten aben“ says to an old dachshund “and Stepanychem - almost three-meter dragon - a pokusatel swings a rambovsky endemic. Of course, we are tired in a day. But surprise and kind words of those who get acquainted with creativity of our skilled workers return us forces. Besides, we have several assistants, always ready to come to the rescue - all this the same Marina, this is Rozvita, Lucia, Evelyn and Volodya. We have remarkable Claus and Helen who will arrive for us exactly in 21 - 00 and will bring home where will give to drink tea, and then Helen will take away me to the cellar and my scoliosis will torment with exercises, without hearing excuses: it is impossible to argue with the physiotherapist.

For artists and handicraftsmen such experience is invaluable. To consider quantity and quality of works of the colleagues, to estimate percent of the Chinese and Indonesian souvenirs in usual little shops, to understand the phrase “Germans have everything therefore it is necessary for them unusual“, to see nested dolls in central souvenir Frankfurt and a flamingo in the fresh air in a zoo at minus two Celsius (oh, it about another, excuse) , to compare impressions with our local color (and here hand-made articles, perhaps?) and “well, handwork - it is expensive“, to see easy envy at a view of our coats in the opinion of mysterious persons with jingles on boots and in medieval cloth clothes, treskayushchy pretzels on the Floor space of ancient and such well-groomed Oberurzel … is very important stage in development of the most different communications. I tell absolutely sincere and is serious. To me it is thought that such experience is very important for “kraftvorker“. Exhibitions, the master - classes, meetings and markets, symposiums and the presentations - it is good. But it is far more useful with the ancient suitcase and the longest scarf in the district to collapse as in a snowdrift, in absolutely new environment, to be dissolved in it, having given the new movement to that environment and having become impregnated with ideas and thoughts most. Very much I recommend, colleagues.

the Woolen sphere

Ya thought recently: if to count all thread from which by us so much it is connected for our life in meters, it is possible to wind the planet. Such here communication. And it is impossible to break off this thread. Because the twinning is it and is, a motley warm thread. And therefore make here that: find where you live, society of twinning communications. For certain in each city there is such here unsinkable ideologist, such Marina Akhromova, as at us. Here also contact such society. And then - with same as you in the twin-city. Exchange experience, heat and ideas. You will laugh, but I believe that it here in the way it is possible to avoid the conflicts and cataclysms at the highest level too.

And now - to knit communications. Because behind a window already minus 10, and is a lot of white. Huge white canvas …