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Evanix Black Leopard. For what this weapon is called “a royal dvukhbalonny rifle“?

quite successful rifle of Evanix firm - Blizzard was a Primogenitor of “Leopard“. A receiver, the subbarrelled tank, a saundmoderator, i.e. all front of “A black leopard“ it is similar to “Blizzard“. The Korean engineers just added one more high-pressure tank, having arranged it in a butt.

It demanded also radical alteration with great dispatch - the trigger mechanism. Also it was possible! The weapon successful and well known turned out.

“Evanix Black Leopard - a powerful air rifle of RSR for hunting and bullet firing with a large number of shots. The real royal dvukhbalonny rifle“ (the description in the Internet - shop).

Plus to told above... A thick trunk - full illusion of the fire gun. Two tanks of a high pressure! 600th cube. cm while the standard (de facto) is about 200 “cubes“. The trunk disseminates bullets when firing in a dash from the machine on only 20 mm on distance in 100 m (in caliber 4. 5 mm, data of the producer). It is extremely small diameter for this caliber at such distance! The muffler integrated is put on a trunk, suppresses quite powerful shot in “òîêàáçûíü“, i.e. only work with great dispatch - the trigger mechanism is heard.

Well and ergonomics. At very high height!

Reference. the Terrible letters PCP - reduction of expression of Pre Charged Pneumatic, the weapon with a preliminary rating of air under big pressure. This pressure also pushes out a bullet from a trunk by production of a shot.


the Power of air rifles of Evanix firm, as well as at other Korean colleagues, is close to limit for this caliber. They “are dispersed“ “to the full extent“ as in South Korea there are no legislative restrictions for power of the released pneumatic weapon, as in Russia and the European Union. And at the same time on Black Leopard there is a small letter of “F“ in a pentagon that means a product with a power up to 7,5 J. Small deception for an entry into the European markets where it is possible to sell only such pneumatic weapon without license.

Two high-pressure tanks - “business cards“ of this rifle. About advantages of such design it is written above.

The rifle is very convenient. Everything is thought over to the smallest details. All owners highlight very convenient arrangement of the manometer (in the butt basis, directly under an eye), it is not necessary to twist a rifle to learn how many remained shots, squinted an eye down and all! The handle and tsevyyo, made of a natural tree, are convenient, covered with a laser notch, in hands do not slide. «B hands the screw lies on all 5. Believe, at me is what to compare to …“ - from forum of owners of a rifle.

The wardrobe trunk not of a so weapon look, attention of citizens and authorities does not attract.

Accuracy is very high. On assurance of the producer.

Drums for bullets are made of the titan, very strong, easy and corrosion-proof.
Huge plus of a rifle - the design of the mechanism which is sending in addition a bullet in a trunk does not allow to drive two bullets into a trunk. At the Swedish semiautomatic device of FX - Monsoon and the Korean rifles “Career“ (approximately the same price) a problem of two and more bullets in a trunk the most burning. And here engineers of Evanix appeared at height.

Saundmoderator completely suppresses a shot sound.

Appearance - terrible, memorable.

Shortcomings have some their

, but for a ruzhbayka at the cost more than $2000 … All statements from a forum of owners.

“Derevyakh (tsevyyo and the handle rolled into one) extremely fragile of - for peresushennost, easily bursts and breaks … Paint - too very UNSUCCESSFUL decision. Under it there is no impregnation, wood stain too. Very unpleasant covering, esthetes should wipe regularly with a damp rag“ . Treat … Who as. Someone removes “piece of wood“ and impregnates with oil, someone just covers paint with a thin varnish coat.

“… and inside … Koreans did not even find time to choose agnails after processing“. It is treated or the master by the armorer, or … generally, does not prevent to shoot.

“Sides of a box and a barabanchik sharp, at a dostavaniye of a barabanchik it is easily possible to be cut …“ . It is treated by very small nazhdachka.

“Shaky fastening of a handle, will come off quickly“ . Nobody writes that the handle really came off.

“A huge consumption of air on one shot“ . However with such volume of tanks it is not terrible.

The rifle is intended only for firing with external (optical or collimator) a sight. For someone it is a shortcoming.

The weight of a rifle is nearly 5 kilograms. It is rather heavy.

However, despite small flaws, the weapon turned out quite successful and “went to the people“, even despite a little “not national“ price - about $700 in America and $2000 in Russia.

The success of “A black leopard“ induced designers of Evanix firm to create even more powerful weapon according to the dvukhbalonny constructive scheme. This Evanix Monster AR weapon is called .

And it is valid the monster, that is a monster! 60 J in caliber 4. 5, 80 J in caliber 5. 5 mm. In Russia the power of any pneumatic weapon for hunting in general is limited by 25 J by law. It is considered that 25 J are quite enough for a hunting rifle. And here 60 J! Six charges. The total amount of tanks - 900 cubic see! It besides that even the volume of 400 “cubes“ is considered just huge! The plateau (quantity of shots with an identical speed of a bullet) - 80 shots, is a lot of! Small letters of “AR“ mean that the bullet is not sent in addition in a trunk before a shot, and is shot directly from a drum that provided additional comfort in firing - it is not necessary to pull every time before a shot the lever. Unlike one more creation of Evanix firm, the rifle Hunting Master AR 5 where the drum should be “pereshchyolkivat“ a thumb, Monster AR moves a drum with pools a special hook automatically (auto - loading). As far as I know, more any firm releasing the pneumatic weapon does not use such principle of a recharge.

Well to tell in conclusion? The Korean engineers managed to surprise the whole world again. And again in good sense. And precisely - they on it will not stop!