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Who gives gifts for New year?

Well, to whom are especially lucky those, gifts are brought by Father Frost. With own hand or in the company with the Snow Maiden. It is clear, that children in this regard are lucky more often than to adults. Whether the grandfather personally hands gifts whether puts under a fir-tree or leaves at an entrance door whether will organize a bag zabroska on a balcony - it is remembered for a long time, lighting with kind magic blinking vital footpaths among the gloomy everyday life happening sometimes. to

It is interesting that in representation of some kids Father Frost is the being who is strongly looking like god: he in any language reads both thoughts, and letters, and opportunities it are boundless, and the speed of teleportation is higher than sound speed. Honestly, the power Father Frost turns the sun for the summer, and winter - on a frost.

Preparation for Christmas or New year begins in advance. Alas, sometimes in not absolutely reasonable form. The children who are not differing in good behavior and good study in September receive the prevention from parents: there will be remarks or bad notes - do not wait for gifts from Father Frost, he - that knows who deserved them and who did not. Or an opposite situation when parents are put as a gift for own child and buy a thing, quite burdensome for the budget, and then lay down a condition: “Now you have to keep order on the table (or to collect toys), to obey parents, to make the bed“ etc. Thus the child begins to learn and master a charm torgovo - the monetary relations with parents as Ded`s intermediaries.

And focus is that parents all - are not Father Frost`s deputies. He solves to whom - how many how much and when. Likely, not without the aid of gnomes, but Father Frost independently defines how in the best way to dispose of the stocks and the estimate of expenses counted in the eksel. Though scientists of many countries try to comprehend laws of a Christmas and New Year`s podarkodareniye, the science, unfortunately, still could not answer questions of that yet:

- as the size and value of a gift is connected with school progress and diligence of the pupil;

- why neighbour`s Vaska who fights nearly an every day receives gifts too;

- as it turns out so that the gift was not and suddenly it appeared, the Grandfather has no keys!

- the window leaf was open?. so it is very narrow!

- who fills up Father Frost`s storerooms;

- whether it is impossible then when I grow up, to get a job Father Frost`s assistant?

- whether not hot to it in a fur coat in the African desert;

- why his beard of m - m - m. it seems artificial;

- and also why Father Frost gifts so seldom indulges mother and the father.

Yes, for any unknown reason under a fir-tree often there are no gifts for parents, and especially for the grandmother and the grandfather though who knows, maybe, Father Frost visits them to the registration address... It suggests the most acute children an idea of that, as parents behave insufficiently diligently, forget to make a bed and not always obey the chief at work.

There is an opinion that the rumor about Father Frost`s movement in sledge by air is a misinformation of the western intelligence agencies. It is based on the fact that the joint system of space defense of the USA and Canada really cooperates with Santa - Claus, already more than half a century providing to a cervine team a safe transfer in air space (for more details see org/). Our Father Frost, according to the Russian competent sources, though uses sometimes motor transport, generally goes on foot, and in the last decade - with use of the last achievements bio - and nanotechnologies.

So all these questions which, actually, are also known by Ded - Morozologiya demand further laborious researches. However soon it is not necessary to wait for results especially as the decision of parliament in the budget once again cut off article on financing of head enterprise of branch Niipromtrestmorozvizitkorporeyshn.

Many children do not want to lose faith in Father Frost. Not to compare to anything this ringing pleasure of the first January morning when the rebyatenok runs barefoot to an elegant fir-tree to find a surprise and tremblingly to develop brilliant packing of a gift. As the father told already adult and already: “I still wait that Father Frost will come for New year and will present a miracle. Only in recent years it for some reason cannot find my address in any way. But I trust...“ Preparation, an anticipation of a holiday give to

feeling of a miracle, hope, creative flight, unite adults and children, are followed by a powerful charge of positive emotions.

Father Frost teaches both children, and adults of wisdom, to unselfishness and generosity, fills life with magic and dreams. You do not trust? Risk to buy and try on a suit of Father Frost, and you will feel all these miracles at once - transformations, so to speak, on own skin. Just try.

All of us loved fairy tales, is bewitched listened to them, trusted, being fond of a plot, were surprised to fantastic metamorphoses, but over time grew up from them. And the belief left a bright mark and confidence in soul: miracles are possible. Kids with rich imagination and a childlike faith in magic grow up optimistical, open, self-assured people.

Whether the person who sooner or later will learn to distinguish myths and fairy tales from reality needs such belief? Of course! As well as any belief in general, belief in a miracle can become an important psychological resource of the person. It not only gives strength for overcoming of difficulties, but also helps to keep sincere health, improves physical feeling. The belief as a mood on a positive supports is moral and broadens the field of consciousness for a meeting with unusual and fine.

One of heroes ispano - the Mexican thriller claims: “ does not need to see to trust, but it is necessary to trust to see. Trust - and you will see “. That person who knows that miracles happen which is ready to a meeting with them is able both to notice and to see and to appreciate them in daily turmoil, in trifles of everyday life. You remember how the Owner in “An ordinary miracle“ told: “Let`s accept life such as it is. Rains rains, but happen both miracles, and surprising transformations...“