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How by means of the Russian bath to improve blood circulation? The firm of brooms does not knit!

This quite unpleasant feeling when eyes, figuratively speaking jump out on a forehead. At once everything begins around appears doubled, troitsya, and directly and there is a wish to pull together eyes from a forehead back in eye-sockets. But then, when already you come up from cold water of a font, you go and you are wrapped in the starched bed-sheet, you begin to feel newly as the born person. Blood runs on vessels and veins is similar to mighty Yenisei, surprising heat, and comes for it and a pacification.

I think, we felt similar euphoria once in the far childhood after mother bathed us in a font or a children`s tray, took out us, not very clever of lukewarm water, rubbed off a velvet polotenchik and laid in a crib. At that moment in deep infancy we were very happy with ourselves and the world after this procedure. And it seems to me that being already adults, coming up from cold water of the lake, or the pool where we jumped after a hot steam room, we are visited by the same feeling.

The bath not just gives pleasure of feeling of updating of a body, but also normalizes blood circulation, so, the person feels inflow of forces, cheerfulness, desire to pull up trees. Well, if not mountains then to dig up couple of beds at the dacha. Or priobnyat the wife so that stones began to creak. And the mistress if is, too. In the people say that the bath disperses clouds at heart and blood in a body. Means, it is more than nutrients and oxygen the brain comes to bodies and systems of an organism, and, receiving good feed, clears up. Are allocated also a portion of hormones of happiness. Blood from heat of a steam room is as if warmed up too, and heart trains more and more, doing a cardiac muscle elastic and elastic.

One my familiar American who had a rest at us at the dacha in Moscow area in 90 - e after visit of our modest then Russian bath and bathing in a flank with cold water became the sweet and joyful boy who chirps without interruption. And, in English and to it it was not so important that the majority of people around do not understand it. Just to it it was very good after a sweating room, and this person in usual life wearing a business suit and prudish small, the businessman after the Russian bath with vodka (at the end procedures) was made similar to the child. He took the brought pill, some of the States, for normalization of the movement of blood on vessels and veins. But after the Russian bath said that no tablets are necessary to it. He, of course, dissembled, but the bath really helps to improve blood circulation.

Only the bath has to be made intelligently. The sauna with its dry steam here not especially is quoted. The Russian bath with the real steam is necessary. To make the Russian bath which normalizes blood circulation lightens mood and drives excess fat, it is necessary to satisfy a number of conditions.

In - the first

, to
need firewood. It is possible to heat a bath and sticks from the filled-up fence, it is possible even to throw the pinned aspen, the cut fir-tree and scraps of boards in a flame. But all this will be not that! What tree is a symbol of Russia? Of course, our stroynyashka birch! Remember the most Russian fairy tale about Alyonushka. As she walked in the Russian woods and, having got tired, leaned the elbows on a birch and quietly grieved for the brother. A birch - our tree, and firewood for the RUSSIAN bath have to be birch. Only this way.

The matter is that birch firewood when burning has the highest level of a thermolysis and in order that it is good to be steamed and force blood to run more cheerfully on a body temperature in the Russian bath it is necessary to overtake for high. It is simple to get warm it is possible and sitting at a fireplace, and in a bath nevertheless it is necessary to be evaporated. It will be reddened as dairy porosenochek in an oven, speaking in images. Wet vapor of the Russian bath plus high temperature from burning of birch firewood will give excellent effect of improvement of blood circulation. And, of course, heat from a fire chamber where the tree burns, you will replace with nothing.

In - the second

is paramount a question with a broom. Or rather, with two of its types. The first - sweeping. It is necessary to take a whisk or a broom in hand and sweep out the sweating room which is absolutely not heated for the present, both a waiting room, and a porch. The bath does not suffer excess dirt and dust.

And the second broom without which the bath will be Nebanya is fir or birch brooms. We sweep with them nothing. Except, unless, the grown fat or thin little bodies of other visitors of a sweating room of both sexes. Brooms are prepared in advance, but if potters with process there is no wish, then it is admissible and to buy ready in a supermarket.

It is important correct to prepare this accessory for process. To okhazhivatsya by a dry broom it is useless and is sick, it is necessary to wet previously it in hot (not boiling!) to water of minutes well on twenty. If there is no hot water, is admissible and just to place a broom in a basin with water of room temperature for a softening, but for the term of already not less than an hour. When the fir or birch broom okhazhivatsya a body in a sweating room, capillaries extend, vessels is toned up and thanks to brooms blood runs dispute. Plus trains in general all blood system.

So, the real firewood and natural brooms are necessary. Gas? Well, now production of “Gazprom“ is brought to many houses and baths including. But the gas torch though is convenient in use, and purer in respect of operation, but any gas will not replace the real tree. A birch and only a birch for the Russian bath!

Well, Venichka are ready, the sweating room is hot heated, the waiting room is exempted from unnecessary dust, so it is possible to accept procedure of the Russian bath in full. Personally I recommend to drink before an entrance to a sweating room of green tea or a circle another of good Russian grain kvass.

For the correct blood circulation and the best breath in a sweating room surely it is necessary to tie the head with a towel or to buy a special bathing hat for such important issue. If it is absent, then I in general put on a usual winter knitted cap, the main thing that it was not synthetic and thin, but chistosherstyany and dense. The headdress in a bath carries out also protective function for hair which structure spoils from influence of high temperatures.

Time we started talking about breath, it is necessary to issue the warning: if with a dykhalka at the person not everything is all right (short wind, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, throat diseases) then wet vapor and not burning temperature is more useful. It is necessary to look for wet vapor and the sparing temperature in Turkey. It is optional to fly to Istanbul, now the Turkish baths are in many cities. There steam directly - creeps on a sweating room! But the Turkish baths all the same on the fan and in them you should not spend long time. The matter is that wet vapor does breath easy, but only the first 20 minutes from the beginning of procedure.

I personally had an opinion that nothing is better than a traditional Russian bath for blood circulation and sweating till thought up. But also the sauna has big plus: as one funnyman “spoke the hottest women are found in saunas“. But it is already absolutely other history.