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How it is correct to do charity work?

now actively develop Charitable business in the CIS countries, adopting experience at the western fellows. The business purpose, of course, everywhere identical - the help in treatment payment. But, as it became clear, distribution of the raised funds strongly differs...

It in the developed countries businessmen get 5 - 10% of profit a year and rejoice, and at us such kopeks are interesting to nobody. And here it became very interesting to me how many means really reach patients.

I had to work in charity foundation never, but there is couple of acquaintances who worked as “ordinary volunteers“ quite recently and raised money to sick children. A lot of information from them did not manage to be beaten out, but I caught the main idea. Still looked for information on the Internet and understood that was not mistaken with the assumptions.

What I managed to learn from the acquaintances? Well as you already, probably, guessed, nothing good. According to them, sick children are reached by at most 25% of that money which managed to be collected. And where there are other 75%? It turns out that all the rest goes for payment of bonus system of workers - generally the administration and as profit of founders of fund. Yes, by the way, to ordinary volunteers pay real kopeks from these sums.

On the Internet a picture in general sad. Well, in - the first, many swindlers who under the guise of fund raising just put money in the pocket on others grief divorced. In - the second, cases when less than 15% of the funds raised by charity foundation were spent for real payment of accounts on treatment were noticed.

The publication in which the situation with one sick girl was described was still found. For treatment a certain sum, but when it was collected was necessary, the whip-round was not stopped, and users of the Network continued to transfer money not clear for what.

Well and what conclusion arises now? I think, it is obvious. No, it is not necessary to deny to sick people the assistance, but it is necessary to do charity work correctly. I think, you should not work with such charity foundations and to fill up pockets of millionaires. If from each ruble offered you only 25 kopeks reach the needing person, and 75% will remain in pockets of “philanthropists“ whether such charity is necessary to us?

Separately would like to tell about beggars on streets. Do not think that the money which you to them will throw will go to food, clothes or treatment. In most cases in each city there is “mafia“ which controls a whip-round bums therefore you will sponsor these people. To bums, of course, too gets, but, as a rule, for this money alcohol and cigarettes is bought, and the food and clothes is looked for on garbage cans.

And how then to execute the social debt and to help patients and the homeless? Everything is very simple. It is not necessary to go far to find the person needing the help. Begin searches with the relatives, perhaps, someone needs to improve living conditions or to help with treatment. For certain, everyone will have such relatives or acquaintances. It is possible to offer also in local church.

If you already well wealthy person are also able to afford to give the large sums on charity, then it is possible to buy some equipment in local hospital, to help schools and the state kindergartens. Everywhere problems with public financing therefore the choice is broad.

But do not forget to check on what your means - were spent for good causes or settled in someone`s pocket. You should not allow someone to earn from others grief, and I do not think that this money will go them for the good.