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Doomsday or how to be protected from information parasites of

We live in surprising time of information technologies when we have an opportunity to keep in contact with the world surrounding us not only at physical meetings with other people, but also through the Internet. So we learn a lot of things interesting to ourselves, however, not all information which is catching sight is useful to us. whether
Happened to mva that going down the street, you suddenly meet some lovely middle-aged woman who greets you and sets to you vopros:kak you treat afterlife, God; offers you some colourful magazines on religious subject? Whether the feeling of awkwardness after such meeting is familiar to you? If yes, that perhaps you met information parasite.
Now the Internet is literally filled up with messages on approach of the Doomsday, discussions, it is worth trusting in it or not. Such messages also represent information prazitizm, and sending them is conscious or not, are its carriers.
Any person has the system of beliefs which helps it to live in our surprisingly difficult world. Someone believes in God and adheres to Christian ideas, someone in Allah and is a Muslim etc. Even it is possible to call atheists believers - they believe in force of science and technologies. The people who are adherents of this or that religious idea gather, make the ceremonies according to traditions, discuss questions which disturb them. Will not come to mind to the Orthodox Christian to come to the temple to Buddhists to impose the ideas.
I only information parasite under the pretext of idea that in what I want in that and I trust will seek to capture by all means attention as it is possible the bigger number of people to impose discussion about that: whether there is God when the Doomsday, etc. comes. And we will be forced to listen to it and to see despite the fact that - we want it or not. For information parasite it is important to confuse us, to perturb unexpected questions and messages. Quite so this person, being itself being emotionally unbalanced personality. if not at the expense of your money, then due to your energy and your time to support the ideas and the main thing - value of as persons. He
did not learn to act with other resources simply. However, why - not at the expense of money? Nvernoye can be assumed safely that than more the websites with the corresponding subject open and being fond of the imposed discussions or coming to the meeting of religious sect, there are more subjects organizers and developers receive our money. But the main thing is that psychosis which is developed before our eyes.
What to do if you met a case of information parasitism?
If you have no desire to read information on the Doomsday, to participate in discussions about its approach that and you should not open even for the sake of boredom these websites or to read newspaper or journal articles. There is a lot of - and other information interesting you, isn`t that so?
If on the street unexpectedly approach you and ask to share the opinion on this subject, or start talking to you giving information with use of numbers 666 13 and can offer you color magazines absolutely free of charge, you can refuse communication, having just told There is no Thanks, Thanks it is not necessary to me etc. and just to pass by without paying more attention to this person. You should not enter disputes on God, Vera and other subjects, be not angry, you are not rude and do not threaten.
So three to argue, not to be rude, not to threaten the pravilayena - it you disarm information parasite of his main thing: opportunity to eat your mental energy.
If the person with whom you communicate, interested you as the interlocutor, then communicating with it track his speech: whether there are no hints on an opportunity in it certain clarifications or rescue due to disposal of something material: apartments, car or giving etc.? Or need of refusal of contacts with relatives, friends, relatives? Should you not refuse communication absolutely? Such representatives of religious sects can constitute serious danger for you. Be vigilant