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How peacefully to leave the guy?

Always envied people who are able to leave beautifully. So far it is impossible to me: my first young man and periodically calls now to remind how he hates me, and the second left as the real Russian man... having taken away everything that presented for a year of the relations. I talked with more - less successful girlfriends in this plan, analysed our mistakes and output five rules of peaceful parting.

1. Not to try to remain at once friends.

So, the main words are told, there is no way back. For certain at one of you or at both the hope everything is still live to return, last offenses are still fresh. In this situation to hope to remain friends at once - it is just ridiculous. Most likely it will end with unsuccessful attempt to restore the relations or the period of pseudo-companionship which will return you as a result besides from what ran. To tear so to tear - with the switched-off phone and without the subsequent showdowns in social networks.

2. Not to offend finally.

“When I neighed over your jokes, I pretended to be“, - in anger the hero of one American comedy to the friend shouts. And we so will not do, at least because in reply it is possible to hear a lot of unflattering truth (or a lie) about himself. And it is a huge stress and many hours in an office at the psychologist / on phone with the girlfriend / in a bakery.

3. Not to say about it scurrilous things behind the back. by

remembers a bearded joke...

At a lion the mobile phone calls, he takes the call.

- Yes, the darling, - the lion says, - I will be soon. What do I do? With a bull I drink beer. When we finish? And we already almost finished - I run in a couple of minutes. What to buy? Aha, well, surely. Of course, I will buy everything!

The lion puts down a reciever, and the bull laughs. Like, as it so, the wife called you, and you her: yes, already I run, I will buy all. You cannot slap, perhaps, on a table a fist: a pier, I am a man, and all!

- The brother, you do not confuse, - the lion answers. - You have a wife - a cow, and I have a lioness!

We - what we choose. It is improbable what the True Lady will begin to meet “a monocelled bandy-legged chmoshnik“, the truth?

4. Not to give its secrets. to

However, it would be unpleasant if the girlfriend Sveta learned your true opinion on her fish soup, the sister - about the one who actually broke her favourite vase, and the chief - the household nickname? About such small liberties it is worth being silent if not from Christian mercy then for pragmatical reasons - the compromising evidence will be on everyone.

5. Not to try to return.

Just like that people do not leave. For certain there was a serious reason: change, deception, disrespect, manhandling, boredom... Over time cracks only become deeper. Remember what induced you to make such serious choice, and go further.

So, the main thing that should be remembered, leaving (now I will tell something banal, you fasten) - the fact that life on it does not come to an end and tomorrow you should rake the consequence told and made today. This truth, simple to primitiveness, for some reason with big delay reaches many, and it is a pity. Anyway, it is more pleasant to have one more good acquaintance, than one more history from the category “all men are goats“...