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New Year`s table. How to make fish cake with predictions?

every day New year are closer and closer. So it is already time to think out the menu to a holiday table. You want to enjoy cake and thus to learn the future? I offer the recipe of our family - fish cake with predictions.

In New year all of us wait for a miracle and we want that our most intimate desires were granted. Possibly the fact that we want can appear on a leaflet of desires. Process of the choice of piece of cake very intriguing. Having made an incision a piece of fish cake, guests will pleasantly be surprised when they see the prediction wrapped in a silvery foil. You not only enjoy wonderful taste, but also will be puzzled future.
Prepares cake easily, but some time is required.

Here the recipe:

Cake consists of six cake layers. Them it will be necessary for preparation for us:

300 g of
margarine 3 tablespoons of the
flour 0,5 glasses of
milk 3
eggs the Pinch of

salt Small chopped margarine is mixed together with flour. Further we add 3 the shaken-up eggs. Then we strew with a pinch of salt and we pour milk. When dough is made, put it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Further it is necessary to bake 6 cake layers. To divide dough into six parts. To roll each piece in pancake 3 - 4 mm thick. We bake cake layers in an oven at a temperature of 180 degrees till ruddy color.


the Sardine in oil (canned food)
Onion of 1 piece
Carrots of 2 pieces
eggs 150 g of firm
cheese Mayonnaise 0,5l

Before cooking of a stuffing cook carrots, open canned food, grate cheese on a large grater, cook eggs and pickle onions. In a separate plate of canned food to knead a fork, to remove stones.

How to pickle onions?


1 teaspoon of
sugar 1 tablespoon of
vinegar Water

Onions are cut by thin rings, then we put in bank. Further we boil water with sugar. After boiling we add vinegar. Also we bring to boiling, but we do not boil. Then we fill in this mix in bank with onions and we put in the refrigerator. Onions are pickled not less than an hour.


mayonnaise and fish canned food will be necessary for b For first cake layer to us. At first we grease a cake layer with mayonnaise, then densely we cover with canned food.
the Second cake layer is greased with mayonnaise and becomes covered by marinated onions. Further it is again greased with mayonnaise. the Third cake layer
also we grease
with mayonnaise, then we strew with grated boiled carrots, and then we cover with mayonnaise. the Fourth cake layer we cover
with mayonnaise, we strew with chopped proteins, then again mayonnaise. the Fifth cake layer we strew
with grated cheese, from above we cover with mayonnaise. the Sixth cake layer we grease
with mayonnaise and we decorate with grated yolks.

How to create predictions?: to you paper, toothpicks and a foil will be necessary for

For creation of predictions. We cut out 12 strips approximately 1 - 2 cm wide from paper. On them we write a prediction. For example: “Long journey“, “Monetary profit“, “New acquaintances“, “Love“, “Unexpected meeting“, “New hobby“ etc. After you wrote predictions wind them on toothpicks and wrap a foil. “Vtykaniye“ of toothpicks needs to carry out after preparation of cake and so that it was visible the end of a toothpick.

Bon appetit and with coming New year!