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The zombie, from where they it is?


of the Zombie - mythical archetypic (created by the general group of people on all earth to the mother) the character of modern mass culture. As a rule it is brisk in any fantastic or magic way a corpse of the person or dumb animals, that is animals. =)
Also it can be the living person completely lost control over itself, the body or submitting will someone else.

Figuratively the word can mean the person who is under strong influence something, as a rule, a virus by means of which the mother death pokosit the most part of the population of the earth, and that who did not get into the other world, sent to wander about the world in search of fresh flesh. About going it is not specified in many stories why dead persons began to eat suddenly all and to get out of graves.

From where they came?

the Concept of the zombie goes back to the West African religious cults of the voodoo, giving us ideas of the powerful sorcerers capable to revive the died people and to turn them into slavery. Modern archetype of the zombie - these are the unreasonable, but purposeful revived dead persons there are cannibals acting, as a rule, with big groups - in mass culture it was in many respects defined by George Romero`s movie “Night of living dead persons“.

The origin of the concept “zombie“ remains up to the end not clearly. It got to Haiti (the second-large island of group of the Big Antilles in Vest - India, in the Caribbean Sea.) through the slaves who are taken out at the beginning of the 18th century from the West African state Dahomey (modern Nigeria). The exact origin of the word is unknown still. According to one &ndash version; this distorted “nzamb“ that in the African language to a bow is meant by a “small deity“ or “soul of the dead person“. On another - this modified West African dialect “zhamb“ that “ghost“ means. There is also a theory according to which the word “zombie“ once called a huge black dragon from the African beliefs, the immemorial enemy of the sun, light and pleasure.

Modern culture

In the next years movies and books about the zombie were selected to

with the zombie in independent subgenres of horror films and literature of horrors, as a rule, telling about falling of a human civilization and attempts of small group of people to survive in an environment of a great number of the aggressive going dead persons.

The zombie the mania literally overflowed the whole world. The last most high grossing films and series on a straight line are connected with the zombie`s subject. Computer games on the zombie the subject can be chosen a huge number. Books dazzle with new interesting, fascinating stories in the world about which huge crowds of the going dead persons wander. Comics, toys, crept badly the smelling creations everywhere.

Than so people like the zombie subject? Fans even arrange mass fancy-dress processions under the guise of the zombie.

And the answer is very simple! In stories, movies, people not only worry about heroes, but also often reflect as they would arrive in the world full of cruelty and danger continually. They plunge into the invented world completely and without the rest, all stories are filled with a huge number of experiences, emotions, difficult events, the victims for the sake of darlings, close, native. World full of riddles, freedom of action.

Certainly the subject is very interesting to the zombie and carries away everything new and new admirers...