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Where the aggression wave bears?

Reflecting on energy of feelings and its manifestations, heard on radio news today. The car which driver did not like behavior on the road of the teenager on a motor scooter went on the city. Also he decided to carry out educational work among youth. The youth did not estimate a rush of the seventy-year-old uncle and, in response to razjyasnitelno - educational work, just spat to the old man in a face.

Furious “tutor“ in a rush of anger brought down the lad who somehow tried to grasp the car running into it, but... The guy did not survive...

Abuse of aggressive energy happens constantly. This fundamental energy, imperceptible, like the ghost, and unrestrained, like a raging sea, inflicts uncountable suffering. And people direct it both against people around, and against themselves. Well, aggression our everyday in forms infinitely various makes the life miserable. On an initial deep essence, aggression represents a blind impulse to self-affirmation, without any thought of consequences. In a word - elements.

However, having looked narrowly more attentively, we will find out that we deal with one of forms of natural energy which all types, all forces of nature - are neutral. Wind force, energy of the sun, atom, the rivers can cause accidents, and can prevent them. It can kill and can protect. Sadly, but the fact - we succeeded in restraint and use of physical energy more, than in control over energy of our own aggression and the direction of the last to the course, desirable for us.

And what relations with this type of emotional manifestation of at you? How you show the aggression? What form at it? How you cope with the aggressive energy? You have favourite channels of its branch? Whether you suppress the aggressive energy, or give vent to it?

What do you think of aggressive energy: you are afraid of it, you despise, you enjoy it, you reap its fruits? Or, perhaps, you in general in yourself do not perceive it? You consider that you are brought so up and good-natured what it is not peculiar to you?

Let`s look at it as on natural process, as on a wave which arises, accrues and directs in search of an exit forward. Further, at least, two options of response to this internal pressure are possible. In - the first, being frightened, confused or without wishing to change the ethical principles, the person suppresses it, causing thereby any frustration of a psychosomatic order. The second option consists that the wave finds a way out in the form of words and affairs, sometimes constructive, and sometimes - no.

No general rule for expression of aggression can be. We can discharge, for example, the aggression, without doing harm to other people. There is a simple and excellent method: to beat a pillow or an inflatable ball, to bang furiously a mattress a tennis racket, to tear to pieces newspapers, to write the rough letter to the person with whom we are angry (and not to send it, of course). Unfortunately, those who need application of similar receptions, consider these receptions ridiculous or unpresentable.

On the other hand, we can transform aggressive energy, having directed it to other object and having given it other form of manifestation. The wave of aggressive energy arises and directs forward, but now it is given other form and the direction. It is not suppressed, however in new manifestation aggressive energy becomes positive in compliance with a current of our life.

As one wise lady told: “Every time when I feel that in me the anger increases, I immediately direct this energy to reduction of the apartment in an order. And I have always very tidy apartment“. The student flying into a rage from low marks noticed that the rage disappears if he directs it to preparation for the following examination.

In these examples It should be noted two moments.

In - the first to transform the easiest with what we are rastozhdestvlena. For this purpose it is necessary to treat the anger, the aggressive impulses without condemnation. Inherently, it is healthy impulses because they proceed from our being. Any condemnation of our aggressive energiya is psychological ignorance and makes transformation them impossible.

In - the second, in aggressive energy there is something fine and in the depth of the vital. Unfortunately, many people treat it cautiously, mechanically associating it with violence. They mistakenly believe that, having concentrated on development of the superior qualities, they will get rid of aggression. As a rule, they manage to suppress it only.

By the way, underestimation of aggression and contempt for it do the person helpless and incapable to resist to the evil.

Ramakrishna, for example, told a parable about a spiteful snake.

Once she met the wise man and, having been surprised to his kindness, asked how to reach an enlightenment. The wise man advised it not to bite people any more, and she decided to live, without doing anybody harm. But as soon as people from the nearby village heard that the snake is not dangerous any more, they began to throw into it stones, to drag for a tail and in every possible way to scoff at it. It was necessary to a snake hardly. Fortunately, the wise man appeared in that district again and, having listened to complaints of a snake, told it: “My friend, I asked you not to do to people harm, but I did not speak to you that you on them did not hiss“. you do not do to

harm, “hissing“ on the bad person and showing that you can stand for yourself. You look only not to bite it. The evil consists not in a protivleniye to the evil, and in causing the reciprocal evil.

Energy of aggression is capable to hurt, but is also capable to become a driving force of that activity or the project to which you decide to direct it.

Use this energy for the advantage! It - just force, and positive or harmful it becomes how it is used.