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How the companies of teenagers to have a good time in New year?

you agreed your children - teenagers met New year in the company? Then I offer cheerful entertaining games for teenagers at a party.

So, a long-awaited holiday already on a threshold! The most part of adult population will have fun on New Year`s Eve. Teenagers also rank as adult population of. They just dream to celebrate this holiday in a circle of the friends. You give up under arrangements of children, concede them the apartment - as the platform for a party at least before one o`clock in the morning.

And so that children cheerfully spent time (bothers to dance all the time, and they watch TV seldom), offer the young offsprings amusing games.

1. A pantomime

For a start can be played animals. Game is similar to forfeits. Each participant extends a sheet of paper on which the name of an animal whom it has to represent in a pantomime is written. The others, certainly, guess the one who to them is shown. That game caused cheerful emotions, it is necessary to pick up names of animals with bright distinctive characteristics. For example: a camel - humps, a kangaroo - a bag, a pig - the patch, a hedgehog - needles, a donkey - long ears and hoofs, etc. The main thing that the animal was represented only in gestures and the movements.

2. New Year`s gifts


small leaflets and on one write names of gifts, and on others - what should be made with each of them. For example:

a chandelier - I will suspend to a ceiling;
a cow - I will milk in the morning and in the evening;
a dog - I will force to bark at passersby;
a goldfish - I will let in an aquarium, let floats;
a bouquet of flowers - I will accurately put in a vase with water;
“Zaporozhets“ without muffler - I will attach the muffler and forward.

Leaflets should be rolled in tubules and to put in two different packages: in one - where names of a gift are written, in another - on what actions are written. Guests dip hands into that and other package and, to general fun, read what should be made with this or that gift.

3. The order of a song

In a hat small leaflets of paper on which the words connected with winter and New year are written (a fir-tree, an icicle, Father Frost, a frost etc.) are . Each participant in turn gets notes from a hat and sings the song in which the words written on its leaf occur!

The hat at us already is so...

4. A hat

practically all like to sing

of the Karaoke. And here it is possible to get chance to sing a karaoke in this game. Participants put on each other serially a hat, keeping saying:

I have a hat,
Here what hat,
Everyone Wants to receive this
To whom a hat will get -
of the Karaoke will sing!

On whom the hat remained, that also sings. By the way, the hat can be useful for expressional and artistic performance of the song.

5. Bon appetit

two or several couples Participate. A problem of each couple - quicker than the others to eat banana along with two ends, without touching by hands. The others observe and provide moral support. The complicated option - to do it blindfold.

6. The sweet tooth - the poltergeist

Undertakes a vase with sosatelny candies, for example, “Barberry“. Two most brave players compete. They begin to take in turn from a vase on candy, to put them in a mouth (it is not allowed to swallow) and after each candy to call the rival: “The sweet tooth - the poltergeist“. Who will push in a mouth of candies more and at the same time is legible (and it is not simple!) will tell the magic phrase, that also will win. It is necessary to tell that game takes place under cheerful shouts and whooping of the audience, and the sounds made by participants of game bring public into the complete delight!

Delivery of gifts will be a final chord of a holiday.

7. The hidden gifts

needs to buy

Before arrival of guests a certain quantity of original souvenirs. At table layout under a plate to each guest the note with the approximate description of that place where its gift is hided is put.

If the company well familiar among themselves, then game can be turned into the real performance. It will be better if the organizer of a party changes clothes in Father Frost (if it is the girl - in the Snow Maiden) and will direct searches of gifts.

And now the most interesting - where in good time to hide gifts. It as your imagination will prompt. There are options: in a mailbox, on the last floor of a staircase, in kitchen in one of cans from - under loose products, at an entrance under a bench and so on... Experience of my daughter shows that process of search of gifts in the most unexpected places causes a storm of emotions, laughter and cheerful vanity.

The meeting of New year with these games will take place cheerfully, on a positive and will leave remarkable memoirs at teenagers!