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Dukhless. And you are real?

of Dukhless. What for the word such? Less - poor, small (in translation from English + Spirit = something, and is concrete, the person, without soul, unconscious, so, artificial.

How everything began?
Book “Dyxless. The story about the artificial person“ (the debut book of Sergey Minayev) for the first time was published in 2006. Then the book received a set of comments. Both positive, and negative.

So, in brief I will tell about the subject line of the book. The main character, he is a story-teller, works in russko - the French firm. It has all any ordinary man dreams of. Work, money, girls and once again money. In general, except this money of the hero interests nothing though such life begins to bother him. He cannot find to itself(himself) the place at all, does not know how to live further, does not meet her yet. Her name is Yulia, she is absolutely ordinary girl, the student, but with whom the hero feels on - special. Now his life turns over upside down.

In the book, as well as in the movie, the main character fights against the glamour which absorbed all his acquaintances and colleagues. After a release of the novel many critics started talking that one of new trends of 2006 is fight against a glamour. And the glamour begins to fight against a glamour.
At stars of domestic show - business became in 2006 - 2007 very popularly “to fight against a glamour“, many funds, movements were organized, many evenings and meetings are spent. Though sense in this “fight“ was only increase in own popularity, “fighters“ and remained glamourous.

And here, fall of this year, a story about “the artificial person“ blew up the country again. The movie “Dukhless“ (the psychological drama of Roman Prygunov) was released on October 4.
Responses also were various. But the most interesting remain the fact that in the first days of hire the movie collected 160 million! And it is an absolute record for the movie of a domestic production.

It is necessary to tell about game of the actor who played a leading role, Danila Kozlowski. He made Max`s image, and in the movie of the main character call Max., finished, and represent such person when you read the novel. It is ideal in every respect: highly paid work, the easy attitude towards girls, faultless style and a manner of negotiating - all this Danila displayed as well as possible.
In this regard, appeared a set of reviews that the movie opened thought of need of fight against a glamour better, and in general, was more successful than the book.
But also, it is necessary to tell that the movie which brought together such number of the viewers in the first days of a premiere was wanted to be shot from hire simply. The movie really turned out rather rigid and rectilinear. It is rather flavored with obscene language that is only costed by a monologue of the heroine Masha Kozhevnikova in the car, and a set of “bad“ scenes, but, in my opinion, the movie displays reality better, than any other. And the sense of the book in the movie is understood much easier.
Ya read Minayev`s novel and also looked forward to a release of the movie, he did not disappoint me at all, everything is displayed, as well as possible.

But in general, a picture is worth a thousand words. It is recommended to viewing to persons 18 years of age or over.