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Whether the child should impose a profession of parents?

When a family get children, there is a set of questions of their future, but parents a little pogodya when children grow up face them, begin to think, reach for independence. One of such questions is future choice of profession of the child.

Of course, all easily and just when your kid collects leaves from trees for future “cash desk“ of the children`s imagined little shop. There he can try on on himself a set of roles. But everything is much more difficult when the teenager graduates from school and the choice of profession for it becomes not game, but serious test any more. Perhaps, it already decided on the future and for itself(himself) solved all, here and “rushes at full speed“ in the chosen higher education institution. Here - that in many families disagreements between parents and their children will also read.

It is unconditional, good when parents completely trust and support the choice of the child to become, for example, the fireman. And why is also not present? Here they not only that will support, but also, as they say, than will be able - will help. Well, and if your for a long time matured “kid“ decided to be just that fireman, and you try to direct it on the feet, for example, of the massage therapist, here it is necessary to think whether it is worth it...

It is not surprising that all (and if not all, then very many) teenagers are rebels. Such here rebels battling for justice. Therefore the first that will be made by your insurgent, having heard your opinion on its choice, it will try to restore that justice. To place points over ³ . Also you will hear something like: “How so? You chose to yourself a profession and built the life as wanted. Why I cannot make it too? “

If you are adjusted categorically too, try to listen to the teenager and to understand why it stopped on such choice that on it pushed him. Perhaps, simply “the soul“ lies, what is more often, or he best of all understands this sphere. Well unless for the sake of interests of the child it will not want to recede?

Believe if the teenager is already ready in this way, then it will be extremely difficult to overpersuade him in something. He will not begin to listen to pustoslovny arguments, it seems “we wish well to you only“ or “you will be disaccustomed, but will not find work and all life will sweep streets with the diploma in a pocket“. In that case, tell all subtleties and nuances about the profession better, and and it is necessary to tell all truth, with all merits and demerits, but not to paint everything in pink paints. On it your mission also has to end.

Think, the choice of profession is all subsequent human life. Here both circle of contacts, and experience, and life. It is the first step in adulthood which everyone has to do independently, only listening to your councils.

If you make a choice for it, it can affect not only its future, but also character and commitment. And if your choice at all is not perceived by your offspring, it can leave a big mark on its existence, up to depressions and an eternal dissatisfaction with the status in society what you will be accused of.

Everything is more important - that work was, first of all, darling and if it is that, then there will be everything: both success, and earnings, and desire to try to obtain something.