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Corporate communication: The big boss watches you?

give Us numbers, will enter numbers into us... (c)
has nobody not a secret for a long time that modern technologies give, besides all of the known set of functions, also the hidden opportunities which we sometimes do not even guess, or we think that it “not about us“. And nevertheless, they always nearby. The danger which is most often trapping us in the modern world - phone tapping.
Let`s pay attention that in the modern world - from the president to the security guard in night shop - eleven-place number are assigned to each of us personal. It is number of our mobile phone, an irreplaceable thing in our modern life which follows with us everywhere and to which we trust all the secrets and secrets.
“All of us under a cap at Borman“ (c)
Recently even more often we receive at the work corporate this - cards for communication with the colleagues and the management (well and, of course, with the family, relatives and friends - and why and is not present, “the firm pays“). We, naturally, always positively accept this acquisition - we reduce a certain item of expenditure of which it is already full in our life. at the same time, we always forget
of One what hidden opportunities can be concealed in this small ustroyst, and are how far developed modern technologies, and we do not think that each our action, the step and the word can be taken by it “the little spy“. All of us of course know, or at least heard, about wiretap mobile, about that, it is how simple to intercept telephone conversation or SMS even if number is registered on you, and someone aimed to learn everything about you, and is constant to watch you. And if number corporate, and this - the card belongs on you - here your administration has an opportunity to control you is total. And in hands of your management - each word told or written by you. And now admit whose chief would not like to control you completely?
Here also turns out that ourselves with pleasure “swallow a bait“ and we come across a hook on which our chief holds us, and we can even not guess that it listens to our cellular.
“Each step secht a radar. In a subsoil of mines, and where water“ (c)
By the way, you know why communication has such name - “cellular“. Because all structure of a network it is possible to present in the form a huge sot (as in what bees carry honey), and in each small cell there is a tower, or the antenna - by means of it and the signal is transmitted and accepted, and exactly thanks to it it is always possible to learn where we are now, up to the street and the house. Here you will not tell the chief that drove off on a business meeting with the partner, or got stuck in a stopper - to check - that will be not difficult. Here such here total control and tracking.
I still: whether there is among us a person at whom phone would never “be buggy“, would refuse to obey and work? And, perhaps, someone instead of us operated it? Yes, it is possible too, and it is not even so difficult. So I advise
to reflect whether knows your management about each your word and a step, about what you do and what you think of.