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Disappointment: let`s tell thanks to new freedom?

to me are pleasant to be disappointed, “time - a charm“ is all - navsy the return process about - a charovaniye. Let`s give standard definitions of this phenomenon. Let`s remember what happens to the person who is disappointed. Then we will make experiment: what if all - navsy to change a corner and to look at this process from other point of view?

1. As a rule, dictionaries define disappointment as negatively painted feeling, a dissatisfaction concerning something, not repaid; the category of disappointment falls under one of frustration forms.

In a condition of disappointment the person can reduce the achievements, to destroy created, to lose the direction - generally, to impute himself a set of not constructive states. The nonprofessional help which is given by the family by the principle “the best psychologist - the girlfriend with a vodka bottle“ is, as a rule, reduced to “chewing“ of what disappointed endured.

In some degree it is good - the person needs to be uttered and facilitate soul; but, in fact, by repeated reproduction there is a fixing of a disease state. Cycling of pain outdoors. Even later, when it will cease - time heals, - a casual reminder on an event: the word, music, a smell - will revive a negative again and again. Which can be pereproyetsirovan on other events subsequently.

2. we Will glance in etymology, we will take It is sensible - the word-formation New dictionary of Russian of Efremova.


1) ustar. Sorcery, magic;

2) pyrene. Bewitching, attractive force;

3) a state treated to action of such force.

Here! Before us literally scheme. It is possible to tell, business - process.

What occurs when we are disappointed? Just under the influence of something - some catalyst - conversation with somebody, an event, etc., - influence of charms dissipates. When we in the power of the present, we understand and we know that before us.

And what is charms - it is sorcery, hit in dependence on something that to us at all not Ljubo, but we owing to some circumstances, up to the manipulation done over us, “stuck“ to it and are fascinated.

Time - the charm is an air; disposal at most actions of what is not necessary.

It is impossible to be disappointed in true, real; the fact of disappointment indicates that we were in power something that it is not necessary for us.

The understanding of it is it not a wave of a magic wand which applies for disposal. It is difficult to understand the fact that the person so much time wished unnecessary, also, most likely, not he thought up the fact that it in general is necessary for it. The understanding of this fact is capable to shake internal balance. It is necessary to be rather strong person to accept it and safely to step forward.

Example from life, Alain: “I went and suddenly presented a human face which “held“ me, I absolutely precisely felt that everything that is connected with it, in me died. Catharsis moment; sudden enlightenment; flash of bright light; an electric discharge on all body; break; emptiness; and … I as if soared. Improbable ease. As if on each leg was on the ten-kilogram weight, and they are not here“.

The disappointment is a fine, positive state, freedom space for an entrance new, fresh. Also you should not be afraid of it.