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How to get rid of stresses of

psychotherapists have one of favourite jokes. Two psychotherapists after the unlucky working day, and one, beginning meet, asks skilled: “And how you relax after such hard work?“, what that answers: “And I do not strain“.

Therefore the most effective and reliable way to get rid of stresses is to cease to be anxious and worry for nothing. You ask: “Why for nothing?“. Because all fears and other experiences do not concern the present moment. They are sent or to the past when something already occurred, and all of you will not be able equally to change anything, or in the future when still nothing occurred, and you do not know that will occur and whether will occur in general. And in that, and you other case you cannot affect events, nothing depends on you. So why then to worry?

Therefore, in every week there are two days about which we should not worry. Two days which have to remain free from tension and fears.
One of these days is with all its mistakes and fears, with all mental and spiritual sufferings YESTERDAY. Yesterday is out of our control. Even for all money existing in the world it is impossible to return yesterday. We will not burn to cancel any act made by us, we will not be able to take back pronounced words.

Other day about which we should not worry is TOMORROW, with all the fears and burdens, big promises and insignificant achievements. TOMORROW also does not give in to our direct control.
So, remains only one day - TODAY! Each person is able to solve problems only of one day. We despair because we pull on ourselves weight of these two vechnost - YESTERDAY and TOMORROW.


With it you will be helped by the following installations:

1. Only today I will live this day well. I will not seek to solve all my problems at once. I can do something during 24 - x hours, but I would be afraid to do something when would know that it I should carry out all my remained life
2. Only today I will be happy. Most of people are happy so how afford
3. Only today in the behavior I will be guided by reality, but not to arrive according to own prejudices, I will reconcile with my present provision, without trying to remake everything in own way
4. Only today I will strengthen own mind, I will learn and I will make something useful, I will read something that demands efforts, demands thinking and concentration
5. Only today I will not see in anybody shortcomings and I will not correct anybody or to remake except myself
6. Only for today I made the program. I, maybe, will not execute everything, but I will try and I will struggle with two enemies: haste and indecision
7. Only today I will move away from everything for half an hour to stay with myself alone and to have a rest. At this time I will better try to understand my life and that needs to be made for its improvement
8. Only today I will not be afraid and I will enjoy what is fine, and I will believe that everything given by me to the world will return to me

Together with Yulia Vasyukova