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Rise! How to learn to get up early?

the American politician Benjamin Franklin spoke that the one who gets up early wisely arrives. Who gets up early, has the best health and quicker gets wealth. In this statement reasonable is concluded a lot of.

Who gets up early, that arrives wisely

Let`s argue why it is more preferable to get up early in the morning.

Whether there will be a person - “owl“ to which it is better worked at night or in the second half of day, it is healthier if changes sharply the habits and will begin to get up early?

Personally I think that health at “owl“ will not increase. On the contrary, if it it becomes sharp that who gets up early, then will be irritable and disabled.

I consider myself as “owl“. It is heavy to get up very early to me therefore the subject of this article is very actual for me. But there have to be advantages at those who get up early if many wise people advise it.

I communicated to friends, asked those who get up early, and fans to have a sleep longer in the morning. Came to a conclusion that it is useful to get up early and those who get up early do right thing.

Here of advantage of early rise which I counted important:

• In the morning all sleep. And you get up. In the apartment it is quiet, silent. It is possible to do favorite things.

• There is an opportunity to observe sunrise, to enjoy singing of birds and a morning cool.

• It is possible, at last, after long promises to itself to come for morning jog. Or just to do exercises.

• Who gets up early, has an opportunity to accept a useful healthy breakfast. But not a cup of coffee with too high-calorie roll in a hurry at work as it is done by me. And if got up early, after a useful breakfast the fragrant cup of coffee behind reading the newspaper or magazine seems great pleasure.

• I always considered what to me is worked better at night. But when I became that who gets up early, I noticed that productivity is better in the morning provided that well slept.

• It is better to plan and set the purposes in the morning. Every morning it is useful to think over that it is necessary to make today that on a step to approach the purpose.

• At early rise it turns out to come to work before usual. It gives the chance to avoid traffic jams in rush hour.

So. I counted seven advantages. Remained things are easy. To turn from “owl“ into “lark“.

Again I look for the answer at friends to a question...

How to learn to become that who gets up early?

• Not to turn into “lark“ too quickly. Gradual approach will yield the best results. The first time we waken for fifteen minutes earlier, than usually. We consolidate result several days. Then we reduce time of a morning dream again, we will not reach the planned time of morning awakening yet.

• Gradually to develop a habit early to go to bed in the evening. Even if we do not want to sleep, then all the same we lay down and we read in a bed.

• We put an alarm clock in hard-to-reach spots, far away from a bed. We scoff at ourselves so that it was possible to switch off it, having only got on feet. It is checked. This counter works.

• We suppress a temptation to whisk back in a bed. On the contrary, we courageously overcome difficulties. We go to a toilet, we wash, we take a shower, we do a hair. By this moment finally we wake up.

• We plan to ourselves for morning very important issues. That there was a reason and motivation to get up early.

• It is heavy to overcome difficulties of life in the form of early awakening. Therefore we appoint to ourselves for it an award. It can be a chocolate to coffee or interesting reading, or still something good.

There are more ways of transformation into that who gets up early, I did not find. But began to rise earlier. It is not always easy. I do not give up already whole month. Most often early awakening very much is pleasant to me. I began to be in time more. Mood in the mornings - fine. More time remains on evening rest and reading books.

There is a wish to ask “owls“: how you think whether it is worth turning into those who get up early?