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Holidays together or What to occupy relatives with?

of Ur, holidays! On a visit there arrived old friends or relatives. The first three hours all are undoubtedly happy, long did not see, embraces - kisses - soups - tea drinking... So, learned, what about the uncle Vasya with whom there lives Lenka with the fifth floor that for the child at Mashka now from the third entrance and why Varvara Petrovna`s son became an alcoholic...

Silence. And ahead two more days in common - joyful accommodation! And that even three! What to do is farther?.

How to spend time together peacefully, cheerfully, positively? So that all enjoyed with each other and that after travel on houses there were good memories? It is especially actual on holidays when families gather. It will be a question not of big family collecting when 20 (more) people gather, then all break into small groups and... themselves entertained. I about family “The Five“. I am not a psychologist and I do not undertake to solve all family problems, and therefore I write about it from purely practical point of view: what to be engaged to people with different ideas of life and different interests in?

It is remembered when The Five of my grandmothers gathered (there were many sisters), after an invited dinner, the put tea drinking (and couples of glasses) they played cards. They could play in “Fool“ for hours and hours until violently somebody stops them. “Fool“ was often interrupted singing of songs, usually from old Soviet movies (all, probably, know about what I). Maps, songs and tea with candies were diluted, of course, with talk, but as nevertheless though somehow it is necessary to pay attention to “Fool“, usually especially serious talk was not started. And here jokes and funny things - from the As We Buried Stalin series or “And here in war - you remember, Dunka-...“ - it. It turns out, it seems to the people it is full, and all together are busy with something, and all are happy, well unless besides who was duped. It is not nostalgia on “the happy Soviet childhood“ at all (and if nostalgia - that just on the childhood). Here it is important that people were able to communicate.

And now as often happens? There arrived guests. Here time - phone rang out, SMS - came, on Facebook someone “zalaykat“, on twitter answered, and here it is still good to make the photo and to show all that all knew how we have “together“ a rest here, everyone on the phone / laptop / iPad / computer... And here such melancholy takes every time when I see such joint rest... No, on me it is better to play all night long “Fool“, and that is more cheerful.

Modern technologies kill personal contact, it is already noted more than once by experts, but our “youth“ often only this way and is able to communicate, and here that alive, eye to eye, here the people are lost, do not know where to put itself. But not in “Fool“ to play three days?

For example, it is possible to go for a walk, it is banal, but helps. In the big city it is always possible to descend somewhere. In Moscow, by the way, during winter vacation all museums, circuses, theaters, cafe, exhibitions are open... go I do not want! And a family it is interesting to go - it is possible to discuss what was seen together. It is especially useful if in a family children of school age. We, parents (and grandmothers - grandfathers), model for them a model of communication: what to do how to talk how to compromise (to solve, where to eat), how to state displeasure and to offend nobody (a performance awful), well and so on. Even it is simple to walk on park, to play with a dog, to drive with children on the sledge or skates, to play hockey or soccer - all this allows to be discharged of disagreements, from different views on life and just to enjoy something together. And on the sledge it is already not so important what favourite politician at the father-in-law or to what church the mother-in-law goes.

If you have children, let will show what they are ingenious: arrange an art exhibition if your child likes to draw or decorate (not important how this child draws, not everything to be Monet and Vasnetsov), but unless in art business? Though in it too. It is possible to hang out, expose this children`s “creativity“ on the apartment, to discuss, even “to buy“ something and to note, clear business - what exhibition without cocktails? I in general for house amateur performance - singing, dances, playing guitars or a flute, each to their own. The main thing to have a good time, not to think of work, phone, the TV and just to listen and hear each other. To laugh (“together with“, but not “over“) and to go to sleep happy.

If to you this amateur performance... it is not necessary, we will tell softly, play games. And not only cards (though it very much is even entertaining, not one “Fool“ is). I how many time noticed, adults always at first protest: we, such solid - serious, unless can manufacture some charades here? And when game begins, so solidity - gravity it vanished as if by magic. Board games are very popular in America, it is possible to find on any color and taste and in Russia too. It is possible to find games intellectual, detective and creative (just in charades, for example) that is only not present in shops now. And if still to add prizes... I, however, lazy, do not do prizes, but all family made keen to later - to the fished board games. One lost yesterday, and today it needs a match - a revenge! You look, and forgot who with whom on what since morning argued. And how many it is possible to learn new about each other!

It is possible to find some incredibly multistage dish and to prepare it for all together: one cleans, another cuts, the third kneads... A molding of pelmeni in this plan - well very rallying action. Here the main thing - to agree in advance who that does. And is much more tasty when all participated in cooking.

Generally, options it is full. The main thing, it to watch at each other (not literally, of course, though literally too will not prevent). For example, try not to turn on the TV, turn on better radio if you need a background. Turn on the music (the main thing that all agreed - what). Switch off the computer and remove far away phone, pay attention to living people near you, but not to pictures on the screen. Here then it will be rather family holiday. As in the childhood.