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Who such leader?

are not just good to be the leader Presently, to be the leader - prestigiously. And what such person is if properly to think? What needs to be developed in itself to become the leader? Let`s consider distinctive features of leadership... by

At the leader coordinated feelings, thoughts and actions. Speaks, thinks, works - everything uniform.

Leaders have daily rituals which allow them to support their structure of life complete and harmonious.

The leader can answer, practically without reflecting, on a question concerning any events in his life: why so occurred why I need it how to decide that specifically to make - because it always has a strategy, or it very quickly develops it thanks to new knowledge.

The leader is constantly trained in new. Skill of fast reading, reading to five books a day is normally and it is quite mastered in the modern world.

The leader concentrates attention both on trifles, and on global things, is capable to create strategy, step-by-step algorithms for realization of the ideas. He can see both details, and a picture in general.

Congenital predisposition - at them is not present fears. Internal feeling - I can! At most of leaders one fear who it is expressed approximately so - if I do not make, I will not be able to see darling, I will not be able to give it joy, content, pleasures any more, to give it what is necessary for happiness. I will not be able to make more than anything for the neighbor, for this world even if its world is limited by a family circle.

The leader uses touch channels of perception: sight, hearing, sense of smell, skin sensitivity (kinestetika). It develops the intuition as one their effective ways of interaction with the world.

The leader sees signs and hints from surrounding space because is in a condition of love, a stream. Its bodies of perception are on a limit, are most included.

The leader realizes strong and weaknesses, the tendencies and abilities, works on development of the talents.

The leader has no standard rules, he has creative thinking. The leader himself creates rules, harmoniously combining knowledge from regular training and practical experience.

The leader is able to make decisions on the basis of conscious values, sensory perception and intuition. One of the main values of the leader - to create, create in sequence: - world around!

Distinctive qualities of the leader - will power and ability to make decisions.

The leader constantly expands a sphere of influence by transfer of the ideas through all possible sources of information (friends, colleagues, mass media, the Internet etc.) . Has high communicative abilities.

The main conscious value for the leader is the Person - as unique unit of harmonious space.

The leader is open for world around, always speaks “yes“ to new opportunities and is ready to begin all over again even if failed. Readiness to risk - a distinctive feature of the leader. A reverse side of this quality - loyalty, patience and tolerance in relation to people around. The leader coordinates the desires with desires of people around, is able to agree and hear requirements of people around.

The leader keeps the body in full health, controls its operating state. Uses the body for realization of mission, the mission on the earth, will keep it as the temple and the unique place - storage of his soul.

The leader is capable to operate energiya and always finds additional sources of this energy. It can absorb “negative“ experience, emotions of other people (not leaders), transforms (directs) this energy for realization written down intentions.

The leader creates restrictions to himself and surrounding as additional motivation (self-motivation) to expand a sphere of influence on space, for creation new, yet not created.

The leader likes to work because he loves the work and enjoys both process, and results of the work. He realizes that Difficulties are a normal, natural process of creation new.

The leader works for 100% and has a rest for 100%. Effective technicians of relaxation - an integral part of daily intense life of the leader.

At the leader unextinguishable thirst to live , he practically all life harmoniously develops at the material and spiritual level.

Are born leaders, but does not become! All leaders have a genetic predisposition, the nature which allows them to reach and be the first.

Technologies of leadership can learn. If you by the nature not the leader, then they for you are effective within your mission.

There is also a reverse side of leadership...

The leader can feel internally lonely because he what is listed above, too difficult, hard, uncomfortablly, is painfully, is too energy-intensive for the average person. The few are capable to live in a leadership context. Leaders create every moment their lives directly here and now, own reality (new opportunities, ideas, material products, the benefit to themselves and people around) in order that all “consumers“ are not leaders, could exist and enjoy comfortably life, carry out the mission in this world.

The list of distinctive features of leadership, of course, can be filled up still. I will be glad if it is made by you.