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Handwriting and personality: whether there is a communication?

Question this interesting and disputable. The graphology as science according to which on handwriting of the person it is allegedly possible to judge his character and even about appearance, for many years was not recognized and called the pseudoscientific theory. The pseudo science continues and to study the person in our times, periodically giving the interesting facts on the example of famous and not really famous people.

It is possible, in the near future instead of arranging to the person interview, it will be asked to write some text, will invite the expert who will classify the personality and will issue the summary.

Whether it will be right for all hundred percent? It is trusted hardly.

We will remember how beautifully we wrote capital letters in notebooks on calligraphy as removed correctly commas, watched an inclination, distance between letters. And where, tell, all this got to? Once you overload a hand with high-speed writing of a large number of texts, and from beauty there will be no trace left also. The hand will cease to obey and will forget habitual style, to unrecognizability handwriting will change.

What is handwriting, except a habit to write letters anyway? It appears, everything is not so simple: in an inclination of letters and their size, features of writing of hooks and tails character hides. We not just write what we think of, our soul is specularly reflected in paper. Life leaves a mark on the person. Also handwriting does not stand aside. As nobody else, handwriting can signal more brightly than others about that, how strongly we change also that happens to us so or not so.

For experiment write the letter “I“ and look at its height, length of a loop and an inclination. It is not just the last letter of the alphabet, in it demonstration hides. The letter speaks: “look at me“. This your self-expression, your independence, independence and indicator of as far as you are self-assured. Write this letter at different times when to you it is good and when to you it is bad, and compare. Differences will speak for themselves.

Of course, only the letter “I“ speaks about small. There are several signs according to which it is possible to draw some conclusions on the person. For example...

Pensiveness, easy grief and concern are reflected in a big first hook of the letter “x“, other than the second, or in a big first curve of the letter “f“.

writing of such letters can tell as “and“, “in“, ““, “m“, “at“, “t“ - their tails in that case usually hang below a line About persistence and commitment.

Curls at capital letters of “l“ and “m“ and a hook at the letter “with“ characterize the person flexible, courageous, capable of reckless acts.

Height and a form of letters matter too. Letters uneven, angular say that the person is rough, impudent and cruel.

Stubborn, but reserved people write small, squeezing and not scattering a letter on a line.

Enterprising and sociable, on the contrary, write widely.

Unfinished writing of vowels from above speaks about openness of the person, good nature and trustfulness. Sharp letters speak about the hidden slyness.

Why paid attention to a general view of handwriting at all times in general? It is simple and legible the written document says about as far as you are balanced, accurate, stress-resistant, inventive, intellectually developed and are talented.

At different times day handwriting can be a miscellaneous, depending on mood and a state of mind. The more the person was tired, the more largely he will write letters.

It is possible to correct handwriting as “easily“ as it is “easily“ possible to correct character. Each component of the letter will resist even to minor changes.

And in end there is a wish to tell a couple of words about the signature. There is an assumption that the signature is a short characteristic of past life of the person.

You want new destiny - change the signature.