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How to operate own time? Whether

Are familiar to you feeling of a regret on the fact that in days only 24 hours? Here if at least for two hours it is more? Especially there is not enough time when we long postponed some work, but the moment here came, to pull there are no opportunities any more, it is necessary to make in time and hi, sleepless nights!

There is also a reverse of the medal when time passes awfully slowly. Usually it in which you appear forcedly, and when there is no an opportunity to carry out the habitual way of life. As slowly there passes day in hospital where the only rescue from inaction is the dream!

But how now you dispose of your time? Do you have a content last afternoon? Whether you hurried him end or, on the contrary, delayed the withdrawal moment to a dream? Whether you managed to make everything that you wanted or still there was a heap of work? Or, on the contrary, you do not know, than tomorrow to occupy itself? Whether you postpone some important issues, for example, concerning the health, explaining it with the fact that you have on it no time?

If you want to manage to do everything that want, then this material for you! So, it is not the reservation and not for effect. Everything that you want in the life. Also remember the rule No. 1: You ate really want to make something, - at you is for this time irrespective of how many these desires.

Step 1.

We start drawing up the list of affairs which you want to carry out. In order that it was simpler, we will divide a sheet of paper thus:











Not urgent







Further we distribute affairs on degree of importance and urgency everyone in the column.

After such analysis, it will become clear to you at once that it is necessary to make the first stage.

Step 2.

Now when you were defined what you need to begin with, we make the plan for

tomorrow, week, month, year if it is necessary.


of W

of CP


of PT


of BCK

7. 00

7. 30

8. 30

9. 00

9. 30

10. 00

10. 30

11. 00

11. 30


Step 3.

At the end of every day it is necessary to analyse, today`s plan was how successfully implemented. Here too there is the rule.

Rule No. 2: If you did not manage to execute something, - you are not guilty of it! After the analysis of why you were not in time, you can introduce amendments in the further plan. The reasons can be different, but to us only what you can really operate is important. Therefore in the analysis it is the best of all to use an ancient prayer:

My God! Let`s us reason and a peace of mind

Accept what I not in forces to change,

Courage to change that I can to

I wisdom to distinguish one from another.

Well if you do not want, it is not necessary to pray

If you cannot affect the reason for which did not execute planned - means, do only what depends on you. If you several times you were not in time everything planned - it is not a reason for frustration too. Your unconscious all the same performs the necessary work, and soon you will manage everything!

As soon as you will have such plan, (written plan, in mind - will not work), you will notice how you will have free time also for another matters! You will find out that time has actually more, than there is enough!

Huge value can play the daily log in effective use of the time. It is good if within some training, you create the own similar tool. But nothing terrible will be if you get what already is in finished form.

Pass - research on a subject: Time as personal » resource;

Characterize your relation to it to important

to a personal resource as time

Ya always easily I subordinate to myself this &ndash resource; there is enough time on everything !


26. 7%

Ya are in a situation all the time that TIME FOR SOMETHING IMPORTANT should be FOUND at the expense of another matters


23. 3%

Ya live in the mode of a constant WORK INVOLVING ALL HANDS, the lack of time crushes me.



Come to a conclusion that I always and everything do with huge delay, time is missed by


16. 7%



3. 3%

Together with Yulia Vasyukova