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Than the dream and dreams is important? All of us know

how the good dream is important. If in a night it was not succeeded to sleep properly, the next day, most likely, will bring one disappointments. Scientists established that the person who slept less than four hours at night will after that not be able to solve complex problems within five days.

greatly to feel, successfully to work and lead full-fledged life, the healthy sleep is necessary every night.

But what to do if it is impossible to fall asleep? If sleeplessness or you tortured, having fallen asleep, right there wake up - and so all night long?

Problems with a dream take not the last place in the list of symptoms of psychological and mental indispositions. In some especially sharp states, such as psychosis and maniacal frustration, people absolutely lose need for a dream and need the urgent help of the psychiatrist.

However most often usual sleeplessness and other problems of a dream are consequences of the wrong mode, nervous overloads and stresses which there is a lot of in life of the modern person. I want to give several simple, but effective councils, how to return myself a healthy sleep .

You go to bed, only if you strongly wanted to sleep. We read, we watch TV, we think, we dream - but not in a bed! The bed has to serve you only for a dream or sex. If it was not succeeded to fall asleep, you have to get up and go in the room to read or watch TV.

Before going to sleep, sit down for a couple of minutes and in brief write down everything that disturbs you. Just dump on paper of thought, experience, internal monologues which “are now scrolled“ at you in the head. Thereby you exempt the brain from an overload.

Already lying in a bed, imagine a gray foggy cloudlet. It quietly falls to you by the head, directly by the top, and from it on you the tranquility and ease condescends. To you it is good, thoughts dissipate; you feel how your person relaxes as tension leaves it … The matter is that face muscles carry on themselves all cares of real everyday life. The print of these cares is similar to the stiffened mask on our face, and by means of the imagined foggy cloudlet you gradually are exempted from it.

One more council for those who want to accustom himself to get up in the mornings earlier . Drink before going to bed water liter; in 6 - 8 hours by all means you will wake up as the bladder will be crowded and it is necessary to rise.

Whether you thought of why the dream is so important for the person? If we fall asleep only to give rest to a body why (or why) we dream dreams? What do they mean and they have a sense in general?

Secrets of a dream and dreams occupied imagination of people since the most ancient times. Historical chronicles, works of art, religious treatises, legends and fairy tales narrate to us about dreams which foretold significant events in life of the certain person or even the whole country. Was considered that prophetic dreams were sent by gods to warn people about what has to happen. Sometimes gods were expressed clearly, and is sometimes very foggy, and then priests or other professional interpreters of dreams came to the rescue.

Presently psychoanalysts are engaged in a dream and dreams. One of founders of analytical psychology K. G. Jung considered that to dreams it is necessary to treat as a x-ray picture of a psychological state of the person. “Dreams are reaction to our conscious position; in the same way the body reacts if we overeat or we undereat or somehow still we do it harm. Dreams are natural reaction of self-regulating mental system“ . In other words, the dream is a certain message from unconscious (a structural component of mentality of the person), it reflects the internal drama, the conflicts, feeling of the person in society, its potential. The dream always specifies a way to psychological health of the person and gives concrete advice for actions in absolutely concrete life situations.

Unconscious talks to us language of images and symbols and to understand a dream, it is necessary to know that dreams designate. Images of unconscious can bear various sense for different people. Therefore information on the person, about his reality is very important for the correct interpretation of a dream. The psychoanalyst, talking to the patient, finds out that he is associated at the person with this or that symbol, and, proceeding from it, “reads“ the message of its unconscious - in other words, explains its dream.

Some of symbols and images unconscious mean to all people approximately same. For example, death in a dream, the died relatives are a death of old flames and the birth new. It is possible to define sense of this image in a word: changes. It is always heavy to person to accept changes and therefore for his subconsciousness change is small death, as it is displayed in a dream.

If dreamed you that you are driving cars or other vehicle, it means that you direct yourself, own life. If driving someone another, is a sign that it, its values and priorities operate you.

The house - very capacious symbol. You dream “the internal house“, an overall picture of your internal state. You watch what in this house occurs, it is a key to reading of a dream.

Than more difficult now your life situation, especially the bright and confused images will be to you in a dream, and it will be hard to understand them. But business is worth it! I will repeat once again: the dream displays to you an overall picture of a situation and specifies a way to internal harmony, to resolution of conflict, to preservation of integrity of your personality, yours “I“.

Now it becomes clear why the dream is so important it is already useful to the person. Filling up, our body has a rest, and the mentality conducts tireless work: analyzes everything that happened to us in the afternoon, our physical and emotional state. Our unconscious we receive messages in a dream, stated by language of symbols and images. Unconscious reports how to keep the personality (ego), to reach internal harmony.

If the person endures serious crisis, is overflowed with emotions, its ego feels that they is not able to cope with a huge amount of conflict emotional material. This material can confuse, fill it or even to dement. It is inadmissible. Therefore the person will not be able to fall asleep, will not calm down at least a little yet; lack of a dream in this case is a protective reaction of mentality.