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To what to be ready, contacting police?

In spite of the fact that in the majority of the countries law enforcement agencies are a support of civil society, and to be fair, Russia also concern to those, in our country to police quite double relation. Despite verbose criticism in law enforcement bodies if someone has a crime, then the call to police will become the first call. The criticism of society is stronger as the destiny protected most of residents of the country from commission concerning them illegal acts, but it is worth facing it and the opinion sharply changes. Nevertheless, there is not always a wish to contact police, and on it there is a variety of reasons. Unpleasantly “to wash the dirty linen in public“, it is unpleasant to communicate with employees, but if you call the police or you come to them, then you should be ready to all procedures which should be passed.

In - the first if you called the police on the house, be not ready that in five minutes to you will be knocked at a door. As a rule, only two changes are allocated for all area: under the leadership of the investigator and under the leadership of the investigator, one expert the operative on all without which any inspection of the scene cannot do. On average one call lasts of three o`clock indefinitely. Separate cases are a road accident with victims which take place especially long. Therefore if at you made theft, do not wait for quick response. If attacked you - a priority already higher, and, at least, the district police officer has to arrive to you.

The first and the main shortcoming of the person to which any damage is caused - the victim, this his opinion that from it it is only necessary to report about the happened crime and on it its duties come to an end. A certain part of crimes cannot be up to the end opened from - for similar opinions. Therefore before calling in police, at first learn about what waits for you. Many victims, having passed a certain stage, wish to withdraw the applications as over time the harm done from a crime grows dim before procedure of participation for criminal case. At once It is necessary to tell that the application cannot be withdrawn. Even if you in the protocol of interrogation write that any claims to the criminal, it is not very well known or not, you do not test, to decide what will be with criminal case further not to you, and the person conducting investigation. There are cases when the victim writes the application for the acquaintance that just to intimidate him, but you should not forget about responsibility according to Art. 306 of the criminal code of Russian Federation for obviously false denunciation. Then nobody will give your protocol of interrogation to you - it is materials of criminal case. You can ask to interrogate you in addition, but primary indications will be the main all the same.

We will sort all this on the example of theft. Let`s say at you opened the lock, came into the apartment and carried away the TV. Will arrive to you it is investigative - task force, will interrogate you, all your relatives who though by the way happened in your apartment, surely all neighbors. To find prints, many surfaces will be smeared with dactyloscopic powder. Further, you will be called for additional interrogations and acquaintance with results of examinations on the revealed traces. In case of especially malicious evasion from an appearance to the investigator, you will be brought forcibly. Then, an obligatory appearance and taking into account that many witnesses refuse to be, the meeting will be several times transferred to court. If the criminal within two months is not found, then business, most likely will be suspended. That is search of criminals will be made, but other actions for some time will be stopped.

More difficult the situation is if attacked you, especially when you also are familiar with these persons. Let`s say if there was a mutual fight, but you the first wrote the application, do not hurry to rejoice. Your data will be checked not worse, than data of the suspect, but it only in case in indications there are distinctions. If up to the end not clear who is right and who is guilty, gather the characterizing materials for both, and the decision whom to make responsible as it is worth opening criminal case on the person will be already made after that, he looks for on whom at once to shift the blame. If strangers - another matter. You will only be interrogated and to invite to an identification of specified persons. Also it is not forgotten about court.

Strangely enough, but it is difficult to look for not so much criminals, how many witnesses. People frankly refuse to participate in any investigative actions with it not connected as they consider that having put a list in the protocol, to you right there will make nearly accused. Lists on protocols are requirements of the higher management. They are necessary for confirmation of the fact of legality, and, as a rule, witnesses are necessary for production by survey of places and objects, and for several other investigative actions. The alleged witness has one more fear that it will be caused endlessly to the investigator. Usually, witnesses are called to the investigator only on affairs where drugs appear. With participation in surveys to cause the witness in addition is not present any necessity.

This article is written not in order that you did not call in police at all and in order that you understood all responsibility and were ready to performance of those duties which on you are imposed by the p. 4 of Art. 42 of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation. Solvability brakes a set of factors, and it is one of them. Until citizens and law enforcement agencies do not work in the uniform union, mutual antipathy will reign in the country. Therefore expecting the help, be ready to render it also.